Crayola 16 Construction Paper Crayons

Crayola 16 Construction Paper Crayons

Construction Paper Crayons allow the flexibility to color on a variety of paper types, including craft paper, paper bags, cardboard, light-colored and dark-colored construction paper. Opaque, bright-colored crayons provide complete, brilliant coverage for outstanding project results. Crayons provide true color, no piling, no buildup or no erasing of crayon layers. Point and barrel are strong, durable and long-lasting. Crayons are double-wrapped for added strength with the color name on the label. Certified AP nontoxic crayons are designed for children ages 4 and up. General Information Manufacturer: Crayola, LLC Manufacturer Part Number: 525817 Manufacturer Website Address: Product Name: 16 Construction Paper Crayons Packaged Quantity: 16/Pack Product Information Wax Color: Assorted Features: Durable,Long Lasting,Non-toxic Miscellaneous Certifications & Standards: AP

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Comments / reviews:
Work well on colored paper.

These are very much like the gel crayons that are no longer available.

These crayons are bright and vibrant!

Super fast shipping! Perfect!

Best crayons ever - I have two saved still from a pack I bought like seven years ago because they color on your paper with professional quality. I am so excited to finally get more again. (They aren't easy to find always)

Like Crayolas used to be, before they changed the formula to protect kids who might eat them---How many kids were harmed from eating crayons? Not as many as are frustrated because today's sticks of wax won't actually color.

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Product DescriptionWhether for practice, teaching or quiet time activities, Mom's trust Crayola for fun, safe art materials. Mom's can now ensure best results when they pair Crayola paper with Crayola art materials. Construction Paper is a must-have for all home and school project drawers. 60
Product DescriptionCrayola Create & Carry is the 2-in-1 art storage case and lap desk that contains a variety of cool Crayola art tools! Includes 16 Construction Paper Crayons, 8 washable Gel-FX Markers, 8 classic Fine Line Markers, 12 Short Colored Pencils and 30 sheets of Construction Paper. This
Crayola® Crayons provide true color, no piling, build up, or erasing of crayon layers — good lay down. Tip and barrel strong, durable, long lasting and economical. Double-wrapped for added strength with the color name on the label. Multicultural regular size crayons measure 3-5/8" x 5/16"
Say goodbye to crayon sharpening and paper peeling. When tips wear down, just twist to expose more crayon. Crayons are more durable with better color transfer than regular crayons. Clear plastic barrels make it easy to see how much crayon is left. Package of eight includes red, yellow, blue,
Product DescriptionCrayola Creativity Tub The Creativity Tub brings together the best of Crayola art products in one container. Crayons, chalk, colored pencils, construction paper and more! Over 80 pieces for many days of creative play and oodles of colorful projects!.From the ManufacturerThe
Crayolareg; Crayons provide true color, no piling, build up, or erasing of crayon layers mdash; good lay down. Tip and barrel strong, durable, long lasting and economical. Double-wrapped for added strength with the color name on the label. So Bigreg; crayons measure 5 x 9/16 so theyre easier for
Product DescriptionCrayons make vivid colors on construction paper. They're designed to give consistent color, too. AP nontoxic. Standard size.From the ManufacturerCrayola 400ct. Regular Size Construction Paper
Product DescriptionOpaque, bright colors provide complete brilliant coverage on all types of paper, including craft paper, paper bags, cardboard, and light and dark-colored construction paper. Convenient for classroom and group use.From the ManufacturerCrayola 160ct Large Construction Paper Crayons
Product DescriptionThe world's finest and most asked for crayons. Crayola crayons provide true color, smooth laydown and durability. The brilliant colors blend easily and do not smudge. Large size 4 x 7/16, paper-wrapped crayons are easy for little hands to grip and control. Single color refill
Product DescriptionSmooth, creamy laydown of bright, vivid, opaque color that blends to a true secondary color. Jumbo-sized stick designed for children-longer lasting, strong, durable and hexagonal so it doesn't roll off desks. Tapered point is ideal for detail drawing. Each oil pastel has color