Crayola 12 Ct Washable Markers

Crayola 12 Ct Washable Markers

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Variety Pack Washable Waterbased Markers

By Crayola, LLC

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I bought this for my nephew with a coloring book. Great item as he thought markers meant he was a big boy, but the washable aspect made his parents feel safe with letting him have markers. Can't go wrong wit them, good product. Also, if they start to dry out, just put a droplet of water in the cap when you close them next.

These markers are great! Adults and kids have used them and everyone is pleased with the result. They give just the right amount if ink at a time, even after a lot of writing or use. They don't dry out if being used and lids aren't clicked on all the wat. They wash off very easily from hands and surfaces. The colors are vivid and cheerful and it includes a few extra colors like light blue abd peach. My daughter (4yo) loves these!

Crayola markers are the only ones I've found to actually be washable. We've had some random markers that claim to be washable, but I swear they must have been permanent markers. Those got thrown away or hidden. I'm mostly comfortable leaving these on the table for my 2 year old.

Washable markers are such a relief around the house. If it gets on the table or couch or floor, no problem it wipes right up. And you don't notice the difference - the color and use is great on paper. Thank goodness for washable art supplies! My son started using this size when he was about 3, and still loves then 2 years later.

Perfect for toddlers who love to draw on EVERYTHING in the house. Washes right off!

Great markers for the classrooms at school. I love that you can wash them marker out of clothing when they kids mark themselves.

Excellent. I can focus on cleaning up other messes-- I don't need to worry much about these. A damp rag swiped down the wall and *poof*, no mess. My 2yo loves them too.

Perfect for toddlers. Darker colors don't wash off hands quite as easily, but they do clean off of tables and other furniture well. This is a lifesaver when you have little people who don't always stay within the confines of the paper.

My son likes to draw pictures of people and this set is the ONLY set of markers with the peach-colored marker. I've seen this color in pip-squeaks, but not full-sized markers. Only in the set of 12 washable markers. He used the color up and I had to buy a new pack and Amazon was the ONLY place I could find it.

I love how well these markers wash off things!!!

Caution: they do soak into wood! We have a dining room table with a top that has been finished with tung oil. The ink has stained it. No worries for us, cause we can fix it with an orbital sander and a bit more oil. Poly finshes seem to repel the ink.

But back to the good-they wash off kids, clothes, parents, cats, etc. Plus they take a huge pounding and keep their points for longer than you would think!

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