Color My Heart Pendant Necklace Craft Kit

Color My Heart Pendant Necklace Craft Kit

HearthSong Exclusive - Six hearts of transparent poly-resin come ready to decorate with special paints in six colors, fine-tipped brush, craft stick, and permanent marker. Kit includes six yards of lustrous, rainbow-hued rayon cording. For ages 5 and up. Size: Each heart measures 1-1/2”; includes 6 hearts.ATTENTION: This is an exclusive HearthSong product that is only available from us. Please be sure to choose HearthSong as the seller to guarantee you are receiving a product that has been both properly constructed and thoroughly tested to meet all U.S. child safety regulations. No other sellers are authorized to offer this unique product on Amazon, and HearthSong-provided warranties will be invalid for purchases through unauthorized sellers.

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Comments / reviews:
Nice quallity and unique. Hard to find unusual Christmas gifts but this fit the bill! A 5 year old made the necklaces with her mother and gave them as gifts to her friends. Price was reasonable.

My daughter got these as a Christmas gift and was excited to make them. Unfortunately three of the paints were completely dried out, cute craft but make sure to have back up paint. I emailed my complaint and their response was fast and they offered a replacement or refund.

My 11 year old daughter loved it!

Christmas gift for granddaughter. Haven't seen the finished product yet but she was looking forward to designing necklaces.

After the excitement of opening Christmas presents, my granddaughters--age 6 & 16-- enjoyed the quiet activity of coloring their hearts. I wish the paint dried more quickly, because the 6-year old had trouble waiting until one color dried before applying another.

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