Morvat 2-sided Tabletop Art Easel with Magnetic Chalkboard Magnetic Whiteboard, Includes: 4 Markers, 12 Chalk Sticks, 1 Chalk Holder, 12 Magnets, 1 Ruler, 2 Erasers - Board Size: 17”x15” - Color: Pink

Morvat 2-sided Tabletop Art Easel with Magnetic Chalkboard Magnetic Whiteboard, Includes: 4 Markers, 12 Chalk Sticks, 1 Chalk Holder, 12 Magnets, 1 Ruler, 2 Erasers - Board Size: 17”x15” - Color: Pink


Multiple Ways to Create

There’s no need to buy separate easels for your kid's different art projects; our two-sided dry erase board does it all! It has a blackboard for some chalk creativity and a whiteboard on the other side that works as both a dry erase easel. We have provided plenty of markers and chalk to last you quite a while.

Designed to Last

Experience the most durable children’s easel in action. Everything about our chalkboard is designed to last through countless art projects. We’ve used sturdy plastic for the frame, a high-quality chalkboard that creates a beautiful contrast with all kinds of chalk, and a dry erase board that wipes clean without leaving any stains behind. And there is virtually no set up. Ready to use right out of the box. No dealing with miniature parts or complex procedures.

Here’s what sets apart this free-standing easel for kids:

- Fold flat when not in use to conveniently save on space.

- Shipped with 12 magnets for fun right out the box.

- Beautiful vibrant colors encourage immediate kid interaction.

Items Included:

 1 Magnetic White Board

1 Dry Erase Board

12 pieces of chalk

(assorted colors)

4 Markers

2 Erasers

1 Chalk Cover

1 Ruler

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Comments / reviews:
This easel is great. As a therapist the kids love it and feel more engaged to participate. It is pretty safe and is both chalkboard and erase board so you get the best of both worlds.

My 4 year old loves playing with this easel. It's easy set up and easy to use. Erases easily too. It doesn't stain like some I have bought in the store in the past.

Both my kids love this, I planning buying 1 for my niece and nephew for Xmas. Great fun product for kids help a with homework and learning.

My kids love this easel. They make signs for their 'restaurant' draw andcolor on it all the time. Love it!

I got it fir my niece and she plays with it fir hours. I'm thinking of getting another one fir the car. Really happy. Well made

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