Gemmies - Sparkle Loom Fashion Kit

Gemmies - Sparkle Loom Fashion Kit

Introducing Gemmies Sparkle Loom! Girls can now weave their own Crystal Fashions using the new shaped Crystals and Colored Gem Rings. Gemmify your style, what will you make?.

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The Gemmies Sparkle Loom kit is an interesting concept. In the kit, you get a loom, a storage container, 3 templates, 150 crystals, 150 rings, a loom tool and a handy, dandy store it all case. The crystals come in all different colors and shapes. The rings come in 5 different colors. You use the rings to attach crystals. The case is approximately 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" and all the parts fit inside the case. On the outside of the case, is the loom base and it has detachable pieces that you arrange to make a project. You get 3 starter project cards. You tube videos are also available. This is a basic kit and you can add more packs for bigger projects. This may have the same appeal to girls that the bandz kit did. I know I had to purchase many bandz replacements quite a few times. I like that this is self-contained and you can store all of the equipment in the case.

My daughters were really excited for this. It was meant for my 7 year old, but in the end her 11 year old sister had to do everything for her. It is marketed as something to do with friends, but only one person can do it at a time. My daughter found it easier to make items with her hands instead of the tool.
The ring is uncomfortable to wear and itches. When attaching, it continually fell apart.
My 7 year old does think that the jewels are pretty, but the 11 year old thinks that there should be more than 3 options for items to make.
Enjoyable to an extent, but not a big winner

Gemmies are the new trend in loom-designed children's jewelry. Any young girl will enjoy fashioning her own bracelets using the included crystals and colored gem rings. They add sparkle and glitter to the fashions. The kit comes with everything you need to start making your own sparkling creations. This is a great gift for a daughter or niece.

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