ALEX Toys DIY Wear Layer and Sparkle Butterfly Headbands

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Layer and Sparkle Butterfly Headbands

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Layer & Sparkle Butterfly Headbands lets you create beautiful butterfly themed hair accessories. Little butterfly shaped clips can be decorated with stickers of shining, glittery, colorful shapes and wings. Attach the clips to headbands or use as a barrette. The kit comes with 1 pre-made clip to use as a shiny example. Includes 24 die cut butterflies, 24 butterfly Stickers, 29 glitter stickers, 6 headbands, 4 hair barrettes and instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

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Comments / reviews:
This Butterfly Headband set is a wonderful gift for any little girl. It looks amazing even for me a great grandmother who is looking for something new and different to give to her 7 year old great granddaughter who is coming for a visit. She will be so surprised and will want to rush into it and begin to make some beautiful butterfly headbands. She is coming for a visit this weekend and I will take some pictures of her as she is making up some great looking headbands. The butterflies are full of sparkly sequence to make any girl happy.

There are four headbands in the box so she will have fun making different color butterflies to go with different outfits she loves to wear. The directions look fairly easy as the butterflies are slipped onto the headband and the butterflies look like they are nestled in ones hair. I will add some pictures later but this will be a fun gift for any little girls who loves to dress up in bright colors and butterflies will look great on them.

My 7-year-old granddaughter loves this headbands craft kit. She's a very creative and artistic little kid, very feminine, loves all the "girly" things, and so this craft kit is right up her alley.

The packaging is absolutely eye-catching for kids in her age range, and the materials inside live up to expectations. The "projects" are easy to complete, the results are terrific, and she's so PROUD to be able to wear such pretty headbands that she made herself. Plus she LOVES butterflies, so the subject material is right on the money, too.

It really doesn't get any better than that, except for the fact that the pricing is very reasonable, too. Win-win-win.

Well done, ALEX Toys!

My kids love the Alex Toys craft collections and I love that it keeps the kids busy with creative design and a usable product at the end (headbands). My kids and their friends appreciate the ability to make one of a kind accessories to keep for themselves or gift to others.

This headband set comes with 6 headbands and 4 hair clips that can be decorated with butterflies and glitter stickers. The decorations on the final product are delicate and don’t withstand the abuse my 7-year-old applies over a week’s period. However, even when the decorations come off, you are still left with a basic headband, and you can start the decorating all over again. Like other thin headbands, these can break with too much pressure applied.

This craft kit has easy-to-follow instructions and is something your 6+ child can do without adult supervision.

This headband kit was a hit with my 7-year-old granddaughter, who enjoys arts and crafts. She’s been wearing headbands a lot lately, so the kit was a timely gift.

My wife and I like toys that involve the child rather than passive toys. We’ve given her colored pencil sets, paints, crayon sets, drawing paper, and paint brushes over the last few years, and she always embraces them and become absorbed. The headband kit was especially appreciated. She was thrilled to be able to make her very own band, using whatever objects she chose. The kit is definitely a way for a child to express her inner fashion designer.

Instructions are easy to follow, and once a child sees the glittery contents of the kit, she’ll be eager to get started. The kit is a nice rainy day activity, too.

Whether your daughter likes to wear headbands or barrettes, if she likes butterflies she'll enjoy making her own hair accessories with this ALEX DIY set. Creators start with a butterfly base and add stick-ons for colors and bling, then slide it onto one of six fabric-covered headband, each a different color, or one of the silver clips.

Since every piece is DIY, no two girls will ever wear exactly the same hairband, which helps them individualize while still blending in. The description says that this kit is for ages six and up, while the video I watched says eight and up, but with some guidance I think even little ones can enjoy this hair accessory kit. It's just right for a whimsical look without looking cheap. Recommended.

We have grandkids and we prefer to buy them gifts with a "DIY" component -- usually arts and crafts. Sets like this encourage imagination, promote inspiration, help with all kinds of motor and hands-on skills as the items are designed and put together. This Alex Toys headband kit is well designed to give a child at least an afternoon of activities -- and that is its purpose. We got this for a precocious 9 yr old and she really enjoyed putting the things together and wearing them.

There are 10 designs, with everything needed in the box. You get 6 headbands and 4 hair barrettes. There are 48 cutout butterflies and stickers, and 29 glitter stickers.

It's a lot of fun, and for less than $13 with Prime shipping, it's a good deal.


This one was a big hit. The glittery butterfly designs are captivating and really enticing for young girls. My six year old niece is not the best at crafts - not the most patient hands - but one look at the box and she couldn't wait to get started. This kit was easier to do than some others we've tried in the past, and that was helpful. It's not something she could figure out by herself though, she did need adult help to get her through. But boy did she have a blast!

I'm not sure how long the headbands will last, I don't expect them to go on for too long. But I think the point of this kit is to spend the time creating them, not necessarily to get a lasting product.

My daughters love a good craft kit but when all is said & done were usually left with some random take-away that no one really knows what to do with (aka countless painted figurines) or a jewelry-type item that falls apart on first wear. This kit is the best of both worlds---super fun to complete & your kids are left with fully wearable headbands! The headbands are genuinely adorable & I've seen headbands in stores with a similar appearance selling for far more than what you pay for this kit. Fun, easy, pretty much all ages activity (even my 3 year old had successful results). Super cute set!

This kit is labeled for 6 years old and up, but my daughter is a DIY girls and loves to do butterflies and tinkering with her hands. Actually, it would be better with the older ones because the finished product is a bit delicate. The best part is creation and even though, it is suggested for young kids, it needs adult help and so a great bonding time. There are 6 head bands and 4 hair clips are included. I had some products from Alex Toys that are a dud, but this kit belongs to the fun and satisfying ones.

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