Reviews Faber Castell Creative Haven Cats & Owls Coloring Books with ART GRIP Aquarelle Pencils and Sharpener

Faber Castell Creative Haven Cats & Owls Coloring Books with ART GRIP Aquarelle Pencils and Sharpener

Relieve stress and release your repressed artist! Enjoy the coloring process with the Faber-Castell "Creative Haven" Cats & Owls Coloring Books, filled with artistically drawn cats and owls for your coloring pleasure. Includes (12) Faber-Castell ART GRIP Aquarelle Pencils for strong brilliant results. Experience the soft vibrant color laydown and high break-resistance due to the SV bonding process! Also includes the trio pencil sharpener. Three sharpeners in one! Most pencil shapes fit in the grip trio sharpener. This pencil sharpener features a sharpener for standard size pencils, a sharpener for jumbo size pencils, and a special colored pencil sharpener that helps make pencils last longer, it also includes a shavings storage spot in the bottom. You NEED to experience the calming and peaceful activity of adult coloring.

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Amazing deal. All you have to do is look up the value of each product to know this is a good deal. Both of the color books are great and a ton of fun..I already owned the cat book and wanted another to color them again. The sharpener is wonderful on all the different brands of pencils I own. The pencil set has good colors for a basic set. They have the most comfortable grip of any colored pencils I own. When I picked this set up the price was lower, but even at the price I see it at now is still amazing.

When I purchased this set I had looked at the Owls coloring book at a store and thought I would enjoy it. I happened on a special on this set while browsing Amazon for another book and am very glad I bought it. The images are cute and I may be gifting the cute cat book, but the watercolor pencils will stay in my stash!

Good quality paper for coloring. This special set included pencils and a sharpener at a good price. I ended up giving it away as a last-minute gift. Would buy more at Christmastime as you can't beat the price.

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