Reviews Blaze and the Monster Machines Stickers - Birthday and Theme Party Favors - 100 per Pack

Blaze and the Monster Machines Stickers - Birthday and Theme Party Favors - 100 per Pack

It's a monster truck world with Blaze and the Monster Machines! These stickers feature the smartest truck in Axle City, Blaze, alongside his human friends AJ and Gabby. Together, they solve scientific problems while outwitting their rival, Crusher! Five designs.

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GREAT STICKERS! My 3-year-old is very into Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr. We used these to stick on balloons and red paper cups at his Blaze-themed birthday party since there is no Blaze party stuff out in stores yet. My son loves them. Just very expensive...

worked perfect

Perfect for party favors.

These stickers were exactly what I was wanting as a party favor for small children. They are big enough that they are easily removed from surfaces yet colorful enough to grab a two-year-old's attention.

These were perfect to go in the goodie bags for my sons birthday party.

Came with a lot and the kids really loved them

I bought these for my son's potty chart. They're a little big for the chart but they are great stickers. They would be great for a party favor bag.

I bought these for my sons 3rd birthday party. They are great quality stickers and all the kids loved them.

Great stickers. Put them out on the kids table and on the favor bags. I love that they are big and one sticker per sheet.

They're daughter loves them

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Blaze is a champion racer and axle city's greatest hero, but when he goes to velocity, he transforms into an aerodynamic, high-speed race car. Race car Blaze features a die-cast body and a cool race car design with thick racing tires and metal axles for rolling speed - perfect for recreating the
Bring the action and excitement of Blaze and the Monster Machines to playtime. The Blaze and the Monster Machines Multi-Bin Toy Organizer from Delta Children is designed to haul all types of toys, from big to small. Featuring six uniquely sized fabric bins and a sturdy wood frame, it's decorated
Blaze needs to win the big race in Velocityville and he needs your help, so put on your wrist controller and transform Blaze from a monster truck into a high-speed race car! Use the RC wrist controller to make Blaze drive forward and turn in reverse. Hold down the reverse button to make Blaze
Crusher is a sneaky, speedy Cheater, and when he enters velocity Ville, he transforms into a race car too! race car Crusher is still the biggest Cheater on four wheels, inventing machines to slow down Blaze, like a robo-cloud or tire rockets. This freewheeling vehicle features a die-cast body and a
Whether you're off to the races or off to bed, this stuffed Stripes truck is ready to pounce into an adventure with you! With his oversized tires and big, soft body this tiger truck will have you roaring with delight! Ages 3+.
Peg wheel Pete is ready to roll in from the high seas to race around axle city! this collectible die-cast monster truck features big wheels and an even bigger personality. This Freewheeling vehicle features a die-cast body, monster truck tires, and metal axles for rolling speed - perfect for
With big wheels and an even bigger personality, Blaze is a champion on the racetrack and a hero on Axle City's streets! Looking just as he does on the show, this die-cast Blaze vehicle is perfect for recreating all of the amazing adventures of Blaze and the Monster Machines! Ages 3+
Product DescriptionIt’s Race Day at the Monster Dome and crafty Crusher will stop at nothing to beat Blaze... even if that means building a chomping Sharkbot! Will Blaze race past the shark’s mighty bite and speed on to win the race or will Crusher finally cross the finish line first?
Meet Blaze and the Monster Machines! These monster trucks feature big wheels and even bigger personalities! These die-cast vehicles are perfect for recreating the races and spectacular stunts as seen on the television show! Each sold separately and subject to availability.
With his monster-sized tires and big, soft body, Blaze is the most huggable hero of Axle City! Ready for race time or rest time, this stuffed truck is the perfect pal for any adventure! You can collect even more Fisher-Price Blaze and the Monster Machines soft trucks! Each sold separately and