ALEX Toys Craft Amazing Knitter

ALEX Toys Craft Amazing Knitter

ALEX Toys Craft Amazing Knitter lets you create easy knitted accessories. With the Amazing Knitter tool, just loop and lift! Make tons of knitted strands to make fashion forward necklaces, bracelets and headbands. The tool has a spinning top piece for even easier weaving. This kit includes the Amazing Knitter Tool, 6 colors of yarn, hook, plastic needle and easy instructions.

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Both of my children asked me to teach them to knit, but my almost 6-year-old couldn't manage the needles, so I bought her the ALEX Toys Craft Amazing Knitter. I set it up for her and showed her how to work it. The instructions were a little confusing at first, but with a little trial and error we were off and creating our first tube. After a few rounds, my daughter took it and has been knitting all morning. The hook and plastic needle are not sharp and she can do it herself, which she loves. Now my son, who is already knitting with needles, wants his own. It is a lot of fun to use and the tube works up quickly so my daughter is encouraged by her progress. I will be gifting these for Christmas, it is a great kit and a fun craft idea.

Great Toy !!

My daughter (6 yrs) jsut recieved this as a gift and once I showed her how to do it she hasn't put it down. I do have to get it set up initially for her (which isn't hard at all and only takes about 3 minutes) and when she has knitted a long enough tube and wants to stop, I tie it off for her. It's a great way for her to use her hand eye coordination while also showing her what she is capable of doing... really knitting a small project!

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