Blue Line Kids Draw Your Own Comic Kit Jr 5 X 8 (2)

Blue Line Kids Draw Your Own Comic Kit Jr 5 X 8 (2)

Blue Line Kids Draw Your Own Comic Book Jr. (2) We provide everything a kid needs to make their own comic book! (Just add imagination!) Blue Line Kids is proud to offer Draw Your Own Comic Book!, 2- 12 page stapled blank comic books with Blue Line pre-printed templates, along with a how-to booklet that makes it easy to understand the basics of creating comics. Booklets are printed on quality premium grade paper with cardstock covers. At 5” by 8” they are the perfect size for young hands. The cardstock cover and non-photo blue panel guides make them easy to use and provide a great presentation for the work of young imaginations! Wonderful for home and classroom.

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Comments / reviews:
My girl scout troop had to work together as a team to make a comic book. I was trying to figure out how to make comic books and then I found this product. It was perfect for what we were doing.

easy to follow and pretty cool

Bought this for a birthday gift and the child really enjoyed the creative freedom. Child loves drawing and superheros and comics.

My grandson who loves cartooning has progressed from stick figures to real life shapes. He is having a great time!

This book is a great way to introduce comic book art styles to your young artist and budding comic book illustrator. We originally bought this as a Christmas gift for our 10-year-old daughter. She expressed an early interest in her father's comic book collection from the 80's-90's. She devoured them all, reading them, and then asking her dad how the artwork was done and made to look as it does.
We also gave her the art supplies, including paints, colored pencils, charcoals, etc. She loved this as a set of art supplies and instructions, and is still making her own comic strips, including the story lines, as well as the artwork.
Even if she does not continue on with it later in her life, this was a wonderful introduction to the world of comic book and graphic art, and it sparked an overall love of creating her own stories, and illustrating them.
I highly recommend this book for the budding artists and comic book connoisseurs.

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