Comments about Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches 8.9 x 11.4 Inches, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches 8.9 x 11.4 Inches, 100-Pack (TP3854-100)

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect documents you handle frequently.These thermal laminating pouches are for use with thermal laminators. Pouches are clear to let important information show through. Letter size

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I love these pouches. I use them with the Scotch laminator. They are very easy to use, and I never have air bubbles. The directions say you can send the pouch through the laminator a second time if it did not fully seal, but that has never been a problem for me. I teach, so I laminate a lot. It is so convenient to have a laminator and laminating pouches at home. I laminate regular size papers, and I laminate construction paper and card stock. All of these laminate well in these pouches. The pouches look a little cloudy out of the box. Do not let that worry you -- they come out clear after laminating.

Because I like to be able to scan quickly for the pros/cons, here you go...
-easy to use
-fully seals a variety of papers despite thickness (regular copy paper, construction paper, card stock)
-you can use dry erase markers on laminated papers and they erase easily (this is great for the classroom)
-preserves papers/documents/child's art work/recipes, etc.

-none other than the pouches appear cloudy straight from the box, and that can be worrisome (they laminate clear though!)

I have bought multiple packs of these laminating pouches, and I will continue to purchase worries because they always come out perfect.

I laminate a lot. I previously was using some other brand. I do not even remember the name because I bought it at the store and I bought what was cheapest. It seemed fine. I always buy several packs at a time so it took a long time to use up. Over time, I have almost stopped shopping at the store and buy everything online. This looked like a good price so I bought several of the 3mm thickness and one 5mm. I opened the 3mm and it turned out so thick and perfect that I checked the package to make sure that I had not inadvertently opened the 5mm. It was the 3mm! The quality is so much better than I have ever used before. Even my husband noticed the difference in quality! This is easy to use and turns out perfectly for me. I am super pleased. I will only use Scotch brand from now on. This was a good price for a superior product. I can’t wait to try the 5mm!

I've used these laminating pouches with the Scotch Thermal Laminating machine and they work perfectly with them! One of the short edges is sealed so you can slide whatever you need in the pouch, feed it into the machine without a sleeve or any type of extra cover, and it comes out the other side, laminated! No wrinkles, no bubbles, just perfect! It easily fits an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, with a nice border around it, or you can load as many smaller things into the sheet that can fit.

I have laminated photos, cardstock, paper and other various things using this and have been pleased with the results each time. You can even laminate something as a whole sheet and cut it up after, and the lamination won't unravel, peel or come off.

Worth paying the money for the name brand vs generic. These stay sealed along the edges and are crisp and clear when run through the laminating machine. Buying this large pack less $ than going to two big box stores near my home and getting half the sheets. Big savings.
I've added three photos to show what the size is for the actual laminating sheet my tape measure comes out to be 11.5" x 9". The last photo shows a standard piece of printer paper which is 8.5" x 11". As you can see there will be an edge around the paper once laminated. Depending on the product being laminated we sometimes trim any excess away and have had no problem with the item not staying sealed in the laminating pouch.

These 3 mil-thick laminating pouches are FANTASTIC. Though they will only accommodate items up to the size of a piece of legal paper, they are still absolutely WONDERFUL.

~~ They are nice and THICK! The laminate available on many commercial laminating machines (such as those at schools or office supply stores) is thin, so even a laminated piece of paper is floppy. These pouches, however, are 3 mil thick, which makes for a much more substantial item once it is laminated. Therefore, they can stand up to abuse! I laminated papers I needed to stay legible when thrown in a camping backpack and when exposed to sweat and water. These pouches are thick enough that my back-to-back papers laminated in the pouches were able to withstand such abuse.

~~ They can be used with dry-erase markers. I laminated bingo boards for kids to use with dry-erase markers, and they are able to be used, erase, used, erase, used, erased, and so on. They still look new!

~~ They can be used with poster-board-thick paper. I have laminated business cards, thick fliers, brochures, and other papers that are thicker than standard printer paper. I ran into no issues whatsoever!

~~ They are easy to use! One end is sealed, but the other three sides are open. That allows you to arrange items as you need them to be arranged before sending them through the machine.

~~ The price is VERY reasonable here on Amazon. I've paid as much as 0.48/each for a box of 50 of these pouches, which is outrageous. The prices here are much more reasonable! Of course it usually works out best to purchase in "bulk." :)

We have a laminator here at our home that we use fairly often. We have tried several brands of laminating pouches in the past with mixed results. Then we tried these. They work great. They come out looking great with no bubbles or streaks, and they stay clear. We've had other get a little foggy, or yellowed several months later, but not these. We'll definitely be ordering these again.

I purchased these laminating pouches along with other laminating pouch sizes and a thermal laminator for my wife's retail business so they can laminate both large and small items, tags and signage for their merchandising displays. I'd recommend that you write the thickness (3 mil, 4 mil or 5 mil) on the box so that it is quick and easy to identify the correct heat setting for your thermal laminator. Overall, these laminating pouches provide a great way to laminate large items such as full sheets of paper, certificates, awards, etc.

I have been using the smaller thermal laminating sheets for awhile to laminate insurance cards for my customers and sometimes I laminate their airline cards for them. I bought this because I thought it was cheaper than buying yearly calendars that are laminated and am finding other uses for it, such as a phonetic alphabet sheet to help me spell things for my vendors in a way that is not confusing. It will also be great for small maps I give my customers for their trips. I am sure you can find many uses for it too. This, with my Scotch Laminator are a great pairing.

I originally bought this expecting to laminate a couple pages at a time. Works perfectly for that. I mainly use it to laminate play cards for our softball team to put into wrist bands and my wife uses it mainly to laminate signs for a concession stand. Works great for doing just a handful of pages like this.

Recently we were helping out with a youth wrestling tournament and had to laminate a lot of pages (probably 50-60 or so). I laminated them all in one sitting. Machine ran for the better part of 2 hours without issue. Even the last one laminated as well as the first one.

Really easy to use and good price. Works great for doing a couple or a lot of pages in one shot.

I always use the Scotch 3mm pouches so not sure how other brands of pouches would work.

I have a group of friends who rave about their laminators, so when an opportunity came up to get one, I jumped at it since I could see the value in owning one. It didn’t come with lamination sheets, however, so I had to go in search of some. I went to my local office supply store and the price they were charging made my jaw drop.

This set, on the other hand, is the same set that was in the store, but for a fraction of the price. After they arrived, I got to work laminating some articles from our local paper that I wanted to keep. The sheets are easy to open, and the articles are now able to be transported and put up for people to see without fear of tearing or smearing. They went through the laminator without any issues.

Since there are so many sheets in this box, I don’t have to worry about running out of lamination sheets any time soon. And, when I start getting low, I know I can order them again.

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Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect documents you handle frequently.These thermal laminating pouches are for use with thermal laminators. Pouches are clear to let important information show through. Letter size
Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect items from damage and are for use with thermal laminators. Pouches have a clear, high quality finish. Letter size
Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect items from damage and are for use with thermal laminators. Pouches have a clear, high quality finish. These 5 mil thicker pouches are great for a very sturdy and more durable finish. Letter size.
Thicker & more durable! Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches protect documents you handle frequently. These pouches are 5 mil thick for a sturdy and extra durable finish. For use with Scotch Thermal Laminators. Clear, professional results. Great for signs, schedules, certificates, kids artwork, and