Comments about Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Three-Hole Punch, Silver, Black (2220)

Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Three-Hole Punch, Silver, Black (2220)

Paperwork can be a hassle, but hole punching it shouldn't be. With the PaperPro inPRESS™ 20’s ProPunch™ technology, experience 50% easier, jam-free punching when you need it most. For demanding environments, the sleek all metal construction delivers impressive performance while the base’s non-slip grip protects your desktop and provides stability during use. The integrated ruler and paper guide provide consistency during punching, and the handle locks down for compact storage. Built-in waste chamber collects unwanted chips and easily empties through a door. With a smooth, curved ergonomic handle shape, conquer paper stacks with unprecedented ease. Three-Year Limited Warranty.
ProPunch™ technology for 50% easier punching
Easily 3 hole punch up to 20 sheets
Sleek, all metal hole punch for powerful performance
Jam-free for smooth, continuous operation
Integrated ruler for quick measuring
Built-in paper guide for accurate hole alignment
Curved, ergonomic handle shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
Handle locks down for storage
Non-slip grips on the base offer extra stability + desktop protection during use

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I bought this hole-puncher to replace my old Swingline which was on the verge of falling apart, and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased with it. Even though I had never heard of the brand "PaperPro", I decided to go forth with the purchase after reading the good reviews. The PaperPro is made of metal and is very well built. The base has a glossy black finish and the push handle is shiny and durable. The base features a built-in ruler and a paper stop guide to ensure perfectly spaced holes every time for letter-size paper. The hole-puncher rests on a non-slip base which mostly prevents the PaperPro from sliding around on a surface. The hole-puncher also has a handle lock which activates simply by pushing the lock switch to the left which effectively locks the handle down for easier storage. All these things are great, however, the main selling point of this hole-puncher is the effortless hole-punching. I use my PaperPro hole-puncher often and every hole punch is consistently effortless and smooth. Even when hole-punching 20 sheets, the handle is easy to press and a lot easier than every single hole-puncher I've used, except for, of course, electric hole-punchers. The handle is large and very stable which makes hole-punching even easier. On the back of the hole-puncher, there is a pretty standard slide-out hole collector which is made of plastic. Overall, I am very pleased with the PaperPro hole puncher and I will definitely purchase office supplies from them again.

- Effortless hole-punching
- Sturdy metal build
- Non-slip base
- Paper guide

- None

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Nice product. Very easy and light pressure to use. However I wish I had gotten the 40 sheet version instead because that has a wilder base which makes it easier to lien up the paper. I have familiar with both since I have the the 20 sheet version at home and the 40 sheet version at school.
PaperPro ProPunch 40 Sheet 3 Hole Punch, Silver (2240)

This is like the kind of hole puncher I would be like "oh nice" if I had used in a photocopy room somewhere. But would never imagine getting for myself.

The convenience of not having to pick my brain as to where to find (library? friend's office??) a three hole punch is awesome. Experientially, it is a vast improvement those small ones you have to crank down on and feel the hole puncher shred when you've only loaded 6 pages - where popping the bottom off to empty it is just like, dumb. Cuz those shredded edges on those tiny circles are like paper velcro to carpet.

I feel more like the adult that I appear to be with a proper office tool in my home.

I bought this based on zooming in on the picture. I have been laminating my recipes and discovered that once laminated they no longer fit into the fixed ends three-hole punch that I have. I was looking for something these would fit into without having to adjust. This was perfect! I gave up on OCD some time ago, I will probably never worry about perfection when punching these. They fit. This punches without my hubby having to do it for me like the old one. Absolutely perfect for what I needed it for!

Ive always owned one of those cheap black 3-hole punches where you could only punch 2 or maybe 3 pieces of paper, and even with such few papers you had to push really hard on the handle? Even then it didn’t cleanly punch the holes through the paper so you had to go back and remove the chads. It’s rare that I ever use a punch anymore, but I’m putting together a few binders of material and it would have taken forever if I used my old cheap punch, so I ordered this new 3-hole punch to make things go a little faster.

After receiving this in the mail, I grabed some of the documents I printed and went to town. First of all, I was surprised how many papers you can actually punch at one time. I probably averaged 12-15. I was also amazed at how lightly you need to push down on the handle to punch through the papers. This punch would work great for those with severe arthritis or weakness in your hands. Did I mention how easy it is to lineup the papers so you have uniform holes?

If you’re trying to decide which 3-hole punch to purchase, look no further as this punch is really nice.

I use it about once or twice a week to punch several dozen pieces of paper. It's been working so far for me and it's really handy having it around so I don't have to go find an office or library to do my paper-punching business. If you use 3-ring binders frequently, and/or you're a college student who scrambles a lot the morning of to get stuff together, and/or you like convenience, then this is for you. Simple, stress-free hole-puncher.

Sometimes when I feel especially daring, I put more than 20 sheets in at still works! Good luck, and may your papers have three holes.

This is the one to get if you're looking in this price range ($15-$20). Smooth and sturdy. The Amazon description (at the time of this review) says it will handle 20 sheets, but doesn't say 20 sheets of what? So, I tried. Most multi-purpose paper is 20-lb thickness, but the only paper I have here at home is 24-lb paper made by Xerox. I grabbed a bundle and was able to fit 19 sheets into the punch and the punch punched through them like nothing. That's the equivalent of 23 sheets of 20-lb paper. I like the fact that they kept the gap so narrow--basically it means that if I can fit my bundle of sheets in there, it'll punch.

If you want a good paper punch, look no further. This will punch your papers 15-20 sheets at a time with ease. When not in use the top locks down, so takes up less storage space., The punchers are not adjustable so if you need various places to punch then pick a different paper punch. This is 3 leaf binder spacing only. But very nice and easy to use, lock or empty. Has a door in front to empty the confetti.

Worked great. We used to have a bigger one and it probably cost more but I could never get used to it and ruined a lot of pages over the years not lining up the paper right. This one has one end only where you push the paper to and it was much easier and I didn't ruin any of my pages. It is very quick and will hold quite a few pages at a time and it was easy to push down the lever.

Love it! Was working with an old punch that had come apart and was pretty much broken. This one has a guide for the paper so you can easily get perfect results every time!! The handle provides excellent leverage so you can punch through stacks of papers with the greatest of ease, not to mention speed. My old one served me well, but I was happy to not have to eyeball the center.

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