Comments about Cricut Easy Press Mini - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and Small HTV Vinyl Projects, Raspberry

Cricut Easy Press Mini - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and Small HTV Vinyl Projects, Raspberry

Bring on the unusual objects and improbable projects. Now you can get professional heat-transfer results with Cricut Easy Press Mini! Whether it's a shapely object or an extra-small and unique project, including baby shoes, hats, stuffed animals, and more, you'll have what it takes to make a successful heat transfer. The design is compact and thoughtful, so you can easily curve with contours, get between buttons, and even squeeze into seams. Three heat settings are all you need for every heat-transfer project, including Infusible Ink transfers when used on a compatible blank. An insulated base and an auto-shutoff feature are safety features you'll love. Plus it's lightweight, portable, and easy to store. Works with major brands of HTV, iron-on, and the entire Infusible Ink family of products. It’s a perfect complement to any Cricut cutting machine.

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Great for small project, glad I didn’t buy a mini iron. This mini press is the best!

I love this product, I have the medium Press and it was hard to do little projects, now it takes no time at all to do baby clothes and put small designs on shirts, shoes, pillows. If you like to iron on and craft I really recommend this mini Press.

I bought this for quilting. Its awesome.

Great product and easy to use

this works great and is a must have for the quick little things

I love this little press. I use it on low for ironing my doll clothes as i sew. It has a automatic shut off ...which I love. I have a Cricut maker that I plan to use it with also. Great little press.

Love love love this product been using it more than my 6x7 and 9x9.

Very handy on small things

Happy happy happy with my purchase, work perfect for what I need. 💖💖💖💖💃

I use this mini press for a very specific function: To press vintage doll clothing. Most of the pieces I work with are rare and pretty valuable. One wrong turn or bad hot spot with a regular iron could pose catastrophic to the delicate nature of these pieces. While the price may seem exorbitant for using for this reason only, I think it would be a worthwhile investment to those working with similar projects. If only just to save these pieces from further damage and/or put into the hands of collectors who will respect their history. I am so impressed with the quality of this tool and it’s even heat disbursement that I am going to look into future potential uses for creative heat transfer projects.

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