Comments about Adtech 05603 Glue Runner Permanent 35Yds Total (4 pack Each), single pack, Multicolor

Adtech 05603 Glue Runner Permanent 35Yds Total (4 pack Each), single pack, Multicolor

Glue runner permanent 4Pk .31X8. 75yd each 35yds total. This product is manufactured in Taiwan. Product belongs to arts, crafts and sewing.

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I thought I had gotten a faulty product. This was unfortunate since I had purchased two packs of 4. I tried to use them time and time again and would get half a sheet of glue, or the glue would stick up the end of the runner and then gunk up the tape. It was a mess! It's all about the technique with how you hold and use the glue tape dispenser!

You must hold the tape dispenser straight on the paper. With even pressure and a bit of a heavy hand, pull straight towards yourself in an even motion and you will lay down a straight even line of adhesive. I don't know why I had such a learning curve with this or why I seemed to find this difficult. I've been using these tape runners for years. This particular brand had just slightly a difference to the feel for it in my hand which made me have to reteach myself how to properly hold and use it.

After some practice, I got it down and it works perfectly. They feel a little bit cheaply made like I'm going to break it if I apply some pressure in my grip while holding it, but it lays down some quality, permanent adhesive. When I say permanent, you better hope to not move what you're taping down.

These are acid-free and great for scrapbook and all paper crafting. I especially love using my for my planner and attaching pages together that I may have goofed up or for frankenplanning. These are also great when you want to attach something little and being that it's permanent you can attach almost anything to everything paper related.

Overall, I think this a great product and a good bang for your buck. Over 26ft of tape x 4 tape runners in one box is a phenomenal investment in all your crafting needs.

Sorry for the terrible title.
I bought this for various crafts and school stuff that needed to stick. Glue can cause bumps and can lose its stickiness over time, I would never use glue on photos. Traditional tape is tacky, and can also leave bumps. Double sided sticky tape is difficult to store as everything sticks to it.
This tape is enclosed and rolls out smoothly, making it much more convenient.
The product says permanent, and it is! It sticks instantly and has an incredibly strong bond. Make sure you have the two things exactly where you want them, because they are not coming apart!
It's smooth, and thin so there's no bumps.
I haven't had any trouble with the roller, I found it easy to use.
I will be buying more!

Thank you! This Ad-Tech Permanent Crafter's Tape works very well and the cost is fair and reasonable. For over 20+ years now I have only been faithful to Tombow but the cost is just ridiculous especially for the small amount they in the dispenser. So I took a chance and bought this Ad-Tech. The price was so good/reasonabe/fair that I told myself even if it turned out to be not good, it would still be worth trying. And guess what? I lucked out! Great price, good value and excellent permanent tape. Thank you!

This is my second purchase. The adhesive sticks really well, but I noticed that the dispenser doesn't apply very evenly/consistently so that less than half of the adhesive is applied on the paper. It still gets the job done, but it's a bit frustrating because I feel like I'm only getting half of what I paid for. Not sure if I'll re-purchase from this brand, but I definitely like the idea, and I'm on the lookout for similar producst.

I am very creative arts and crafts individual and these crater's tapes works wonders for many of my projects. I use to find great deals on them at Ross, but they discontinued them. So, I decided to give Amazon a try. Wow! I found a great deal. Thank you. I do plan to order more in the future.

I love these glue tape dispensers! We do a lot of projects and I hate using glue, but I can't hardly find double sided tape. These dispensers are easy to use, but can be a little tricky. They are just like "white out tape", but you can't see the adhesive & it can get a little sticky at times. That being said, I'll take this over traditional liquid or stick glue any day! When applied, it does a great job adhering & it is very flat so the end result is great! I'll definitely be buying more of this product!

I think the problem is user error but since I've never used this type of tape before I really don't know. Sometimes it lays down really nicely. Other times you can see large strips of it in the air rather than on the project. Then when you press down and lift up it adheres to the project. Sometimes it is a full strip and other times it's rather spotty. Hopefully, as I go on I'll get better at using it. If not, I'll try a different brand next time to see if it's me or the tape that is the problem.

This is the lovechild between white out tape and double sided tape you never knew you needed. Seriously, if you’re a graphic design &/or art student, if you do craft projects with kids, or if you think you might have or might ever want to affix two things to each other at some point in the burdensome blink of agony we call life, this product will relieve some of your existential angst.

Items arrived quickly and was just as described by seller. I’m very please with the function of the tape as well. It is easy to use and works well. 4 came in this package. They should last quite a while as there is a lot to an individual dispenser.

I bought this for paper projects and am very pleased with the adhesion. My only negative comment is that I don't believe there is a set of tear off "teeth" so I can't really see where my tape ends to adhere. I think I have to simply swipe it along a paper edge and then somehow lift it or twist it to break the tape. I would buy this again in any case.

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Glue runner permanent 4Pk .31X8. 75yd each 35yds total. This product is manufactured in Taiwan. Product belongs to arts, crafts and sewing.
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