Comments about Swingline 1 Hole Punch, Hole Puncher, 5 Sheet Punch Capacity, Classic, Chrome (A7074005)

Swingline 1 Hole Punch, Hole Puncher, 5 Sheet Punch Capacity, Classic, Chrome (A7074005)

The Swingline 1-Hole Punch provides reliable punching wherever you need it. The solid metal punch is built for durability. With a smooth, slim handle and a classic plier design, it easily punches a 1/4” hole through as many as 5 sheets of paper. A built-in compartment holds punched paper chips to reduce mess. When it's full, simply open it over a waste paper basket or garbage bin to empty it. Pocket-sized, all-metal chrome punch is small enough to tote into the classroom or office and is durable enough to withstand whatever you throw at it. Built strong for long-term use.

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I have found this hole punch to work exactly as promised. I am writing this more to share my purpose for use, as I love to learn ideas and uses (that I never thought of) for things I use through reviews. We travel quite a bit, and often with my parents, so there are many room keys floating around, and we're usually sharing one by the end of the week. Our old strategy was to write names on them with a sharpie, but that doesn't prevent them from being lost. Soooo - I now keep this with my travel stuff and punch a hole in each room key/card and attach a lanyard (the plain black ones don't cost much at all). The string alone tends to help not lose it, but when the family can put it around their neck or attach other stuff, they are rarely lost.

Maybe I am just lucky reading all the negative reviews, I have no issues using this. I wanted to hang things on hooks off my refrigerator such as scratch pads, towels, dish cleaners. This thing easily and cleanly put a hole through it, no issues.The thing is roughly $2, and I think it works great given the price.

Seems to be of high quality and it punches holes cleanly. It also is able to punch holes in slightly larger, thicker materials, which is what I bought it for. I needed to punch holes in some heater block cotton strips and it worked great. What more could you ask for in a simple hole punch? I would recommend this hole punch to others and would buy again if needed.

Another product I will review in youtube along with the other things I ordered go check it out at Josieseverything channel for reviews products like this my email is the channel name @gmail. Thank you all thanks amazon for great products.

I am pleased with my purchase of this hole punch. It fits nicely into my adult sized hands and punches easily through laminated cardstock paper. I didn't realize before purchasing that the punch also contained a compartment underneath which housed the discarded confetti (see in photo how it opens up to do so). This device works well for my home office and schooling needs. I would purchase again. My only dislike is that I wish there was some type of comfort grip or padding as I noticed after punching a round of about 50 sheets my palm was hurting.

We needed a hole punch for school projects. Our old one would stick and then rip the holes which wasn't working for us! Purchased this one and it does the trick! Great price and it works! Win Win! Would definitely recommend!

It's a hole punch. It punches holes. Will it change your life? Probably not. But will it punch holes through paper for crafts, creating name tags, etc? You bet! Super affordable, works great. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

i never thought id be so freaking happy over a one hole punch.
i just got in to scrap booking again and the pages i have dont fit the folder i use so this has DEFINITELY been super useful.
i use this more than anything else.

AND BONUS!: once you've hole punched several pages, BOOM! homemade confetti.
(sorry but you can tell im VERY excited over this lol)

Never heard that one before, huh? These are the exact same hole puncher that I had back in the civil war days. They were good when I was a kid, they're still good now.

I would have liked getting one that holds the punches but I didn't see one when I was looking for one. Still, this works well.

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