Comments about Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, 8/Set

Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, 8/Set

This set includes an all-black assortment of six popular Pigma Micron point sizes, plus one Pigma Graphic 1.0mm and one Pigma Brush Pen. Illustrators, manga artists, cartoonists and hobbyists can put pen to paper and leave a mark that will last a lifetime and is safeguarded by the lasting quality of Pigma ink. Pigma ink will not smear or feather when dry; is waterproof and chemical proof, fade resistant and does not bleed through most papers; meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standards; not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed; and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin. Applicable for use on paper for art, scrapbooks, calligraphy, award certificates, rubber stamps, religious text, journaling and much more. The Pigma brush features a flexible, durable nib that responds to instant changes in pressure and direction. The Pigma Graphic 1.0mm provides a bolder line and the assorted Pigma Micron points are excellent for detail work. Available in black color. 8-Piece Set consists 1 each of Pigma Micron 005 (0.20mm), 01 (0.25mm), 02 (0.30mm), 03 (0.35mm), 05 (0.45mm), 08 (0.50mm); Pigma Graphic 1.0mm and Pigma Brush.

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I love the different tips of these pens and their versatility. So far none of them has leaked on me. I have a heavy hand when writing, so I have to make sure I write with them lightly, especially the thinner tips, or they might break. Otherwise, really great pens!

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I like to write. I have ADHD. I have dyslexia and dyscaculia. Writing clearly and legibly is not easy for me. I need all the help I can get. Having the right paper and the right notebook is very important. But having the correct writing implement is the key. I have tried every pen and pencil on the market that is under $10. I have tried many very expensive pens. The more money you spend, usually does make a big difference. Not this time. I had a good idea what I wanted when I started looking on Amazon. These seemed to be what I was looking for, but they seemed to cheap to be what they advertised. I am pleasantly surprised. These are exactly what I have been looking for. These are not pens. These are fine, precision writing instruments. They look and feel great. The ink comes out just like I want. They are hand crafted in Japan. They are water proof, fade proof archival ink. I got the all black all .05 tips. They look like they should cost at least $20 each. They are $1.60 each. I am going to try some of the other sizes too, but these feel right. I can't explain exactly why. If you like to write, you know what I mean. You will never spend a better $1.60 in your life.

I've been using these pens since 2007 and while I've tried other pens more and less expensive, I always go back to Microns. Something about the way they formulate the ink is special. Sakura's inks are the darkest and most fade resistant of all the inking pens I've used. Whether they smear depends on the paper you;re using. It doesn't smear on copy or cardstock, but it can smear on smooth papers like marker or smooth Bristol. It also doesn't bleed through. I would not recommend these for general writing as the nib can be quite thin and break under heavy writing. They are excellent for drawing, sketching, drafting, and inking. There is some degree of smearing on marker paper if you color over them with marker. I find that prismacolor markers smear more than copic markers. Erasing over the lines can also lighten the ink on smooth papers, not so much on bond paper. Microns can last a long time if you remember to cap them when not in use and store hem in a dry dark place.

Pens worked out great and are beautiful! I started getting into mandalas and been using regular ball point pens, decided to switch to these pens for more of an advance league and this was a wise investment. I didn't think it would make big difference, but quality is def. better than quantity. Will repurchase this again when I start running out of ink (:

 I had a set of 3 Sakura fine liners before in sizes 05, 03, and 01 in color black and they've all ran out of ink so I decided to buy a pack online, and to, certainly not my, surprise, these are freakin' fantastic.

I'm mainly a digital artist, I do logos and layouts and such but as of recent I've been getting more into traditional art and decided to bulk my collection. I'm a super big fan of watercolors and I like to like my art so I needed a variety of liners that are water resistant, they just HAVE to be water resistant or I'd have no use for them. I know, I know. Everyone raves about these, and honestly, it's for a good reason. They're worth the money, at least to me they are.

In my video, I only did 3 small tests.

One was where I tried to smudge the ink.

Microns win this challenge.

Next, I used number 36 from my decadent pies(prima marketing) watercolor and glided over them to see if they'll fuzz out or mess up. I know! Silly me and I completely ignores 'Graphic', in my head the two rows of Brush was Graphic and Brush. An idiot I am. Graphic is also water resistant so no worries.

Micron also wins this challenge!

The last test was to write over the watercolor! I used Graphic and Brush to do this and both of them glided right over the blue. Graphic did not bleed, although it does look like it had. Towards the end of the stroke, I pushed the brush down to thicken the line.

Micron wins this round as well!

Am I surprised! Nope. These are my go to liners and have not failed me (yet! We'll see!).

Personally, I love them and will continue to buy. This review is based on my opinions and how I used and plan to use them, which they're perfect for. I'm really glad I haven't had any experience with these leaking, none of my microns have ever done that. Also, if you want these to last, don't press hard when using them, duh! Especially the oo5 and o1, the tip is thinnnn and fragile, of course it'd break if you press down roughly.

I'm not going to say that I went from drawing stick figures to... whatever my brain just pooped out, but gee golly wiz, I feel like these pens (especially the brush) give me some sort of super mediocre drawing ability. I feel the power of the pens coursing through me. When they aren't near I feel their pull. Heck, I feel like hoarding a bunch of these for no good reason. The thing I love most about them is that they don't bleed as much as other pens I've used, and I can erase pencil marks over the pen lines within just a couple of minutes.

It seems odd to get excited about a pen; it's like finding a really comfortable pair of socks and realizing what you've been missing out on all this time. I'd been looking for a pen that would write reliably (ball point pens can be so fickle about surface area) but also that would not smear or bleed through. I'm left-handed, so the non-smearing is pretty important; I'm writing on both sides of paper in a book, so I really don't want the ink to bleed through. I also don't want the ink to leave imprints on the pages when I close the book.

These pens have been amazing. I've had them for a few weeks and so far I've not had any issues of leakage and whatnot that some others have reported. The "blue" ink is so dark it's almost black; I'd have preferred a bit lighter blue, but that's a very minor point. I wouldn't have expected it prior to purchasing them, but I find myself using the brown pen most of all. It's a very dark brown, but using it in a Moleskine-style book it just looks and feels so very tactile and analog.

I'd mentioned a couple of the colors; I got the 6-pack, which came with black, brown, blue, purple, red, and pink. I think the purple and pink options are interesting, as opposed to a green; it does seem like I really got 2 primary colors that each have 3 variations - a black that comes in black, brown, or blue; and a red that comes in red, purple, or pink. That's okay, though. I didn't have a pressing NEED for significant color variation, I just wanted to have multiple pens and a bit of differentiation. If you're needing significant variance though, i'd recommend the larger pack with more color options.

The cap fits securely over the pen tip when not in use; when in use, it took me a few uses to realize that the cap *does* snap onto the top of the pen quite securely, there's just not a lot of surface space for it so if you don't feel it snap on, it's not on good. After a few uses I quickly became accustomed to securing the cap on the pen top during use.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with these pens and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Updated 3/7/2019: I'd originally stated the pen's color was not on the cap. This is an error, so I've removed that part of my review. The cap has a disc at the top which indicates the color; however, like the inks themselves, they can be difficult to discern between black/brown/blue. They're also only visible from the very top of the cap, while the back end of the pen's color indicator is visible from almost any angle.

This pack of "Earth/Heritage" colors is basic and understated. It works great for professional use. I'd also recommend it for diary writing, journals, illustration, detailed crafts, and lines written in scrapbooks/photo albums. Water won't alter this ink at all. This ink says to water, "You talking to me?" I recommend these pens to anyone keeping their writing for the long term. Made in Japan.
Colors are unnamed, but I would describe them:

Dark olive green
Light green

LOVE & I just opened it! I'm excited to use these for notes for my new semester! I really wish there was a nice comfortable grip but no pen is perfect. Also since it's so thin it's kind of difficult to see the difference between brown black and purple when it's on paper. All the other colors stand out well. Usual is price is $17. I got it for $11 something. The best part was that it came in less than a day but I live in SoCal and I have student prime! Just buy if you're contemplating.

Micron pens aren't felt tip pens or any type of pen other than one with a thin tube as the nib. The tube size varies with the size of the pen (005 being the smallest known to me, and 08 being the biggest).
Since the nibs are just tubes, the smaller sizes get blocked with dirt pretty easily, and the dirt gets stuck in the tube, stopping the ink from flowing and ruining the pen. I don't know if there's any fix for that problem, but I've destroyed a few 005s by trying to write on stuff that isn't paper (namely, trying to write over paint on my desk).
Pressing too hard with the pen can make the tube bend and stop the ink from flowing, again ruining the pen.
Other than that, I haven't had any issues with the pens. The ink doesn't smear once it's on the paper unless you write faster than it can dry (it dries pretty quick).
I've used every size of Micron, from 005 to 08 and even the brush tip, for drawing and writing since I bought an 005 at a little office shop in my town, and after learning that the nib can get blocked or bent I haven't ruined a pen.
As far as I can tell, using Copic, Winsor & Newton, or Prismacolour Premier markers to colour in your drawings won't smear the line unless you try to colour immediately after inking.
I've only used the black pens, and I don't plan on purchasing any new ones for a while, but I would imagine that a sepia (or really any other colour Sakura has out there) pen would share most if not all of these attributes.

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When accuracy, minute details and preservation count, the unparalleled archival quality of pigma micron pens makes them everyone's first choice. Artist, writers and illustrators reach for pigma micron and know their work is safeguarded with the permanence of pigma ink. Experience smooth, skipfree
Sakura Pigma Micron-16pc Black Ink Pen Cube Set: Black Ink