Comments about PHOENIX Pre Stretched Canvas for Painting - 8x10 Inch/10 Pack - 5/8 Inch Profile of Super Value Pack for Oil & Acrylic Paint

PHOENIX Pre Stretched Canvas for Painting - 8x10 Inch/10 Pack - 5/8 Inch Profile of Super Value Pack for Oil & Acrylic Paint
100 % PURE COTTON CANVAS – is made from high-grade long-staple cotton. Without rinsed with any alkaline chemicals, it keeps the natural tone and the fiber flexibility of the cotton yarns with high tension strength. When stretching the canvas, high attention is paid to the tight degrees and four wrapped corners to ensure professional and neat products.
STRETCHED BARS – are made of high-quality pine wood, each group of which needs to be inspected strictly to check the situation of moisture content, mold, wormhole, and dead knot. The cater-corners and the length of each side will also be checked to ensure the preciseness of the size.
TRIPLE PRIMED GESSO – does not crumble or crack. The unique groud coating with patented technique resists the direct touch between the fabrics and oil from paints, extending the life of artwork. High-quality primer keeps the surface excellent pliability and tension either in cold winter or hot summer. Suitable for oil, acrylic, watercolor and other painting media.
VACUUM PACKAGING – The qualified stretched canvas with evenness, accurate size, and straightness will be placed in a poly bag and then sealed. A division is placed between each board to prevent adhesion.
IDEAL FOR – beginners, kids and students, adults, and professionals for different painting technics. UNPRIMED WEIGHT - 4 oz.; PRIMED WEIGHT – 8 oz.; BOARD SIZE – 8x10 inch; PACK – 10

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Canvas is tight like it should be and is primed. Most companies claim that their canvas are primed, but they are not. Some companies do not stretch the canvas correctly which makes them to loose to paint on. Very pleased with these.

These are a budget-friendly way to experiment with new painting techniques. I got these to try out acrylic pour painting and got my kids into it, too. Any painting that doesn't come out the way we like, we just gesso over it and re-use it!

I’m an artist and I’ve purchase many different kinds/types/sizes/brands etc. of these canvas “packs” at least 10 times over the course of the last year or so—from the cheapest I could find to some of the pricier “gallery wrapped” canvases (which those were obviously really nice but they cost 10x as much too) but anyway, this set was not only essentially the cheapest I could find but I was shocked when they arrived and I observed the quality of these canvases! I will be buying just these from now on (provided that they have available the size(s) that I am needing)
😊 Below is a list of the many of the qualities I found that these canvases had and where they really just ‘knocked it out of the park’/ excelled— and where their ‘competitors’ are just completely lacking!

1—each of the canvases came individually wrapped (rather than only wrapping every other one)

2—All of them (again, rather than just the front facing one) had a good thick piece of laminate to protect them from acquiring any damage.

3—Every one of the canvases came with its own individually wrapped bag of 8 wedges for tightening the canvas if desired (which, as a matter of fact, I haven’t ever, to this day **never received ANY of these wedges along with any of the probably hundreds of canvases I have ordered from different sellers/brands through Amazon)—from canvases as big as 24x30in. to ones as small as just 4x4in. And from big brands like Arteza—to all kinds of other brands that compete around that price range. Not 1, Not once!

4—The canvas quality itself was very very good! Zero complaints, (again, by far the best out of all of the canvases that I have ordered in the past) and they were all already coated with a nice thick layer of gesso.

5—They were very **solid/sturdy feeling, ***THEY WERE NOT SAGGY! Very taught, and they DID NOT BOW AFTER BEING SPRITZED WITH A LITTLE WATER (again, as so many of the cheeper canvases will, or how they are at times already warped from the get go/ right out of the box) smh

6—Also they have a bit more of a squared/closer to a 90° angle edge around the boarder rather than being really rounded off like most of the others typically are (which I found that I actually much preferred the look of!)

Lastly, I have used them all now so I can say that all has held true throughout the entire process of their use from purchase—to painting on—to drying then varnishing/applying epoxy etc.—and hanging.

Nicely packed and nicely stretched. Unlike other canvas packs I've had to deal with in the past, these you just unwrap and every other one is individually wrapped for added protection. These cotton canvas pads are superior quality and surprisingly for such an inexpensive price. Great!

These are pretty good canvases for the price. My issue with them is that they aren’t wrapped as tightly as they could be, leaving give when trying to create something on them. Also, the way they were shipped leaves room for improvement. While they had the air pockets in the box, they were only positioned to keep the product from moving side to side. They weren’t protected on the top or bottom.

Mural art project called the Mystery Puzzle Painting done for ArtWeekMA 2019! We are using a total of 92 6”x6” canvases to create a 4’x6’ composite painting that will be assembled during a painting day event. We added offsets & screws to each panel so they will hang on a drying rack as each volunteer completes a square. When all the squares are complete, the puzzle “answer” will be revealed. The Town of Harwich,MA and the Guild of Harwich Artists is the official event sponsor. The event is May 4th from 10am-3pm at the Cultural Center as part of the week-long celebration of art in Massachusetts . Ours is one of the State’s five cultural districts to be highlighted. We were thrilled to find this canvas type and size for this project. We would love it if the supplier were to donate toward this annual event in the future.

I used the canvases for acrylic pour painting and they seem plenty durable enough but I also did not put them through any abuses. I think it was a good deal for the price and I am reordering them. I don't like the stapling in the back that much and feel that could be done better, especially on the corners! I love the size of the canvases.

Ok, I'm an artist. An oil painter. I stretch my own canvas. Always linen and always perfect for whatever I'm going to paint be it a portrait, a landscape, still life, or... land's sakes ! a nude. These canvas are an incredible value for the money.
First, ok... you're a painter, right? You wanna look at your painting surface first. It looks well primed and the surface is very interesting. I sort of looks like linen but it also looks like cotton. Hmmmm, "Linton??" Yeah, that's it! It's a cross between linen and cotton. It's wonderful to paint on.
The stretcher bars are sturdy and there's a center bar for added support ( 18 x 24" ) of the canvas. The canvas was stretched perfectly. It's hard to get that right and these folks have. Pro tip... wet the back of the canvas with a mist of water... just get it slightly damp and let it dry overnight. Your painting surface will be nice and tight.
Wonderful canvas. If there's a better value out there I don't know it.

I am going to do a series of flower paintings in acrylics. This was the size I felt I could handle for a multiple piece project. I may even make a 12-month calendar from them for gifts. I have not started to paint on them yet. They just got here! But they seem fine, and I’m happy they have a wood frame. Good value for the money.

I haven't used any of them yet, but am looking forward to it! I plan to try and train myself to draw and pai t better, starting off by tracing with standard paper, which is why I got the smaller canvases. These are very good quality, and on nice wooden frames. Will definitely order again when I need more.

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