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Scotch Precision Scissor, 8-Inches (1448), Grey/Red

Product Description

Scotch Precision Scissors come with the finest quality stainless steel blades for a sharp edge and long cutting life. Soft comfort grip handle designed for left or right-handed use. Great for everyday cutting needs. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

From the Manufacturer

Recognized for a 2009 GOOD Design Award, Scotch™ Scissors stay a "cut above" the competition when it comes to achieving precision and smooth cutting action.

Available in an array of bright colors, these scissors feature soft, comfort-grip handles for left- or right-handed use. They also feature stainless steel and titanium blades that provide a sharp edge and long cutting life.

Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Non-stick Scissors Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Non-stick Scissors are ideal for fabrics, photos, and all types of paper. The titanium-fused blades stay sharper longer than stainless steel blades and use non-stick technology that means no blade buildup.Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors are ideal for fabric, crafts, and photos. Their titanium-fused blades stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts--longer than stainless steel blades.Scotch™ Precision Scissors Scotch™ Precision Scissors come with quality stainless steel blades for a sharp edge and long cutting life. Great for everyday cutting needs, these scissors feature a soft comfort-grip handle designed for right- or left-handed use.Scotch™ Multipurpose Scissors Great for cutting photos, papers, crafts, and everyday use, Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Scissors feature quality stainless steel blades that provide a smooth cutting action.Scotch™ Household Scissors With stainless steel blades that resist corrosion, Scotch™ Household Scissors are great for general-purpose home and office use. These scissors have handles designed for both right- and left-handed users.Scotch™ Designer Scissors Scotch™ Designer Scissors have unique open, comfort-grip handles to allow for better control. These fashionable scissors have easy-clean 6-1/2-inch stainless steel blades that offer precise cuts, use after use.Scotch™ Spotted Scissors Scotch™ Spotted Scissors come with easy-clean stainless steel blades and a comfort-grip handle that's designed for both right- and left-handed users. These funky scissors are great for school and home.
Post-it®LabelsGet organized with Post-it®Labels, available in a variety of sizes and colors. Write, peel, and stick your way through almost any labeling task, and rest assured that Post-it®Labels will adhere securely and remove cleanly.Scotch®Packaging Tape DispensersChoose from hand or pistol-grip dispensers. Convenient, one-handed dispensing allows you to seal cartons with ease. Scotch®Packaging Tape Dispensers are easy to refill, and they are conveniently designed to prevent tape from falling back onto the roll.

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determined to find low-priced scissors that cut effortlessly thru fabric, I bought 5 diff brands. to my surprise, these scotch 1448 are THE BEST! surpass amazonbasics, westcott, fiskars and stanley by far .
I now have a new collection of scissors for kitchen and 'all purpose' work, but these scotch 1448 really stand out for slicing thru all types of fabric precisely, no 'chewing'.
deliver a performance I would expect from special seamstress scissors that run around $100 for a fraction of the price. so pleased to have found them!

A well-made, versatile scissor.

I have been pleased with these scissors for several years. They have been used extensively in the kitchen, craftroom, and around the house. I haven't put them to any ridiculous use, but any odd job around your home you can think of, these scissors will do the trick. They have stayed satisfyingly sharp over the years, and the grip has worn away only slightly. Despite occasionally being exposed to water/moisture they have not rusted or corroded. I expect many more years of service from them.

The scissors are what I think most people would consider a standard adult size. They fit a woman's hands very comfortably and a man's hands fairly well. I have no real complaints in regards to their size.

Go ahead and buy these general-purpose scissors with the expectation of years of good service.

Made in China, let's get that out of the way. These are a great office/desk scissors for light tasks. I have large hands (typical glove size) and my thumb fits with plenty of room to spare and my index, middle and ring fingers fit with no room to spare, pinky is left out. I have not used these for extended periods yet but I do find it easy to control and have yet to notice any signs of fatigue or discomfort. There is a rubberized grip which does add some comfort. The cut is really smooth and you can adjust tension if you chose to but I found it works perfect out of the package. These are not really aesthetically pleasing, they look exactly like scissors lol, I know some scissors look pretty cool, these aren't those. There is a lifetime warranty on these for defects. If needed, I would purchase again but they do seem to be well made. I have only owned a few scissors and never spend more than $10 on scissors so that is what I would be comparing these to. If you are concerned with quality or something to use with heavier tasks there are better options available.

Very versatile scissors for most activities (aside from heavy duty outdoor activities that require gardening shears).

Cuts are very smooth with little to no friction. Precision cuts are easy to do and it feels like a extension of yourself when doing fine cuts

Very ergonomic, your hands won't strain after extended use and very comfortable to hold compared to other scissors I owned in the past

Overall best scissors I've owned so far in my lifetime

Excellent pair of scissors. I just purchased the 6" precision and was so pleased I had to have the 8" too. The action is very smooth and they cut with ease all the way to the tip. I find them very comfortable to use. I like the soft grip handle and they work well either left or right handed.

The scissors have a very sharp edge, but the precision comes from how they are made. When compared to the Scotch Multi-Purpose Scissor, 8 Inch, 2 Pack (1428-2) these have the same great sharp edge, but these also have a much straighter and precise edge. I use them for cutting paper, plastic and poster board where precision is needed.

All in all, great purchase. I need yet another pair for my Mom - she was thrilled at how well these scissors cut.

I usually purchase cheaper, "regular" scissors, so I was first surprised at how heavy these scissors felt in my hands. But "heavy" doesn't mean bad. The scissors feel very durable and sturdy. Unlike my other scissors, the Scotch Precision Scissor is not flimsy and can withstand bending. The rubberized handle on these scissors make it very comfortable to hold and use.

I decided to test the Scotch scissors and regular scissors and compare how well each can cut through different materials. As expected, the Scotch scissors fared well in cutting standard printing paper. Both the Scotch scissors and regular scissors did a fine job. For standard, everyday uses, like cutting paper, the Scotch Precision Scissors did not seem to provide that much of an advantage over regular scissors.

HOWEVER, when cutting through items such as napkins, plastic bags, and t-shirts, the Scotch scissors were far superior. Being my first pair of quality sheers, I was amazed at how easily and how smooth these Scotch scissors cut through the mentioned items. The scissors do not cause the t-shirt fabric to bunch up, and I can make straight, clean cuts. As a result, the final product has a much cleaner and appealing presentation. This is perfect for cutting off the sleeves to make tank tops for summer!

Overall, I am highly satisfied with my purchase. I would definitely purchase Scotch Scissors again. But since these feel so durable, it may be a while until I have to replace them!

I have used this particular Scotch Precision Scissors for years now, and I like it over most others I have used. This is Scotch's entry-level-performance scissors. They are built to withstand heavy and frequent usage.

Here are the individual reasons I like these scissors...
---Ergonomics--From an ergonomic standpoint, they are comfortable thanks to a rubberized grip a molded handle which fits the human hand really well. The actual act of cutting is easier and I feel these reduce fatigue compared to value-brand scissors.
---Performance--From a performance perspective, these use high-quality stainless steel blades, which are finished to a razor sharp & almost flawless grind from the factory. The blades hold their edge for a very long time, and are easy to sharpen if you have the right equipment. These cut all different kinds of materials with a very, very clean cut.
---Value--From an economic standpoint, these are a lot more affordable than Scotch's $25 flagship titanium scissors, but still give flagship performance.
---Upkeep--From a maintenance perspective, these can be easily taken apart and cleaned if they get gunked up, plus this makes these very easy to sharpen. The lifetime warranty is also an added plus.

So overall, I absolutely love these scissors and feel they are a better design than others that are more comfortable to use, and will last a longer time. And given they can be had for about 6 bucks, I feel these are not just high-performance, but also a good value. If you want a pair of really good scissors without breaking the bank, this is a great choice!

I had paid $18 for Oxo Good Grips shears and for some reason went dull and couldn't be helped with sharpening. I tried this scissor and it's just as good .I have one in every room now. and would highly recommend it. You can't believe the value you're getting for the price.It doesn't seem possible but it is. It's a great quality scissor cuts fabric, cardboard ,opens packages. I can't recommend this highly enough I am left-handed and it fits so comfortably even in my left hand , it has a great grip . The best scissor ever!!!

I have tried multiple brands of "household" scissors, and while some are definitely better than others, they all end up getting dull after you have used them for a while -- that's just what scissors do. That said, these Scotch Precision Scissors are some of the better ones I've come across, and here's why:

1) While the blades do get dull eventually, they don't seem to dull as quickly as some cheaper brands.
2) The blades stay aligned -- at least on the 3-4 pairs I have used. On many scissors the hinge becomes loose, leaving the blades misaligned; I haven't had that happen with these.
3) They have a comfortable grip: no too small, but not too large either.

I needed a pair of scissors for lightweight use. Like just cutting bags that are almost impossible to just tear open.

I didn't want to spend much, but didn't want a "cheap" pair. They also had to be easy on my hands.

THESE ARE PERFECT! Quality, low cost, right size and work like charm.

Not sure how these would be cutting something really thick or heavy, but for fairly lightweight use, PERFECTION.

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Product DescriptionScotch Precision Scissors come with the finest quality stainless steel blades for a sharp edge and long cutting life. Soft comfort grip handle designed for left or right-handed use. Great for everyday cutting needs. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.From the
Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors are ideal for fabric, crafts and photos. Titanium-fused blades stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts - longer than stainless steel blades. Soft comfort grip handle designed for left- or right-handed use.