Comments about Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips, 16 pairs (36 strips), Decorate Damage-Free, Indoor Use (PH204-16NA)

Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips, 16 pairs (36 strips), Decorate Damage-Free, Indoor Use (PH204-16NA)

Decorate how you want, when you want without damaging your walls. Command Picture Hanging Strips let you fearlessly hang pictures without nails or tools. Not just for picture frames, these wall hangers are also great for creating a gallery wall, hanging college dorm decor, wooden letters, nursery décor, acoustic foam boards, and more. These picture-frame hangers click together to lock in place and keep your pictures level. When you're ready to redecorate your space, the Command Strips remove cleanly and damage-free.

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Hung an entire gallery wall with these and the smaller size. Easy to Velcro apart to reposition. Had to fully remove a couple too and left no marks. I wish I had found these months ago when I first moved into my new home. They are amazing! I will always use these when possible, moving forward.

I love these.

I started off with the frame stabilizer strips, which are similar to these but have a very weak adhesive and are intended to keep pictures from shifting out of level. Command Frame Stabilizer Strips, White, 4-Pairs (17208-ES)

The problem with those is that a hook or other hanger is still needed to support the weight of the picture. Still, they are a good choice if you need more support for heavier pieces and just want to keep them level. In that case, I recommend Monkey Hook Picture Hanger Home and Office Pack, 30 pc set for the heavy lifting.

These handle both the hanging and stabilizing in a single product, and are great for smaller, lighter pieces that don't require as much support. They make it extremely easy to get the artwork in precisely the right spot, too. Just put the strips on the back of the artwork, carefully align the frame while holding it a little away from the wall. When it is exactly right, push it against the wall and that's it! Be careful to get the position right before sticking, however. Some adjustment is possible after the fact by shifting the hook and loop fasteners, but once the strips are stuck on the wall, they can't be moved without ruining them.

I've found that the black versions of these are a bit less likely to show from the sides, but white seems to be the more popular color as it is far easier to find. Either will work, so buy on price, not color.

Recommended for lightweight hanging jobs.

Sean Logue, 2017

I got these because I was not a fan of the white EZ-pass in the window that sticks out like a sore thumb. It is very comparable to the ones that came with the pass but is definitely wider. It has a few pounds of retention so no worry of it falling off when you don't want it to but unlike some of the other methods of "blacking out" the EZ-Pass this adds no additional girth and can easily be removed if i wanted to use it in another car for a night. This and some black electrical tape around the EZ-Pass and you would never notice it unless you were really hunting for it. Let me know if this helped anyone.
Update: 03/16/16 I am not sure if it was the strips or them being attached to electrical tape but on a pretty warm morning I came out to my truck and it appeared the adhesive attaching the strip to the EZpass had failed and would not stay attached overnight. This time around I removed the tape and gave the EZ-Pass two light coats with some black high temp spray paint. (some I already happen to have on hand) You can still read all the textured writing on the back and I placed a small sticker over my ID numbers so I could remove later and still see them as they are flat and would be hidden by paint. Everything feels rock solid and I will update again if there are any problems. Also the strap that was originally attached to the glass has never come off and is still holding incredibly strong.

I use these strips for everything--literally everything. I've hung up about 3 light pictures using only two each and that's worked fine. I've also hung up a large 2'x4' corkboard using two packs of these and it hasn't budged an inch. If you follow the instructions, these strips hold up incredibly well. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the frame and the wall. Let it dry before you try adhering the strips. Push it down hard and hold it for a good couple of minutes and you should be good to go!

We have a simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, Stainless Steel that I adhere to the inside of the cabinet door below our sink. The adhesive tape on the dispenser is sooo weak though and it kept falling off and giving me a scare. I ended up ripping off the adhesive tape of the grocery bag dispenser and replacing it with two of the command strips. It never falls off anymore!

The only thing is that these strips are fairly wide, so sometimes when I have thinner frames they are wider than the frame. It hasn't caused an issue though even though the entire strip isn't adhering to a solid back. I'm so thankful for these strips, they really do have multiple uses.

This thing for frame I know but I used it to hang a fabric and it did. I have tissue box, Ipad pro and two remot control in it

OK, so I've totally come around on these. In the past, I wrote these strips off because I thought the nail hangers or an actual nail was much easier to use. What I failed to notice is that these solve the problem I've had in almost every house I've lived in — frames blown crooked by a draft or a door opening and closing. These keep the frames from budging so I don't have to spend my life trying to keep them straightened. Especially good for a gallery wall, when any crookedness especially stands out.

This might be a no-brainer, but it's easier to place the strips on the wall if they're already velcroed to the ones stuck on the frame. Just press and hold the frame with the adhesive parts peeled off and they'll be aligned without any complex math.

These are completely different from the 3M strips I've used in the past. Rather than hooks that you have to contend with, this applies to your wall and the product you are hanging. I hung a digital clock on the wall in our motorhome in the bedroom. I was hesitant to use the strips thinking that it may not hold over the bumps on the road. So far, after several months of driving, the strips are holding the clock perfectly. Its very easy to remove from the wall and reapply, somewhat just like Velcro. Overall., this is the best 3M hanging strip I've ever used.

i needed these to hang up some lighter weight things and i'm very happy with the staying power. i really recommend the hook/velcro type ones the most. also best buy for commander brand i could find on amazon. still a bit pricey but get the job done.

recommend, but again - not excessively budget friendly. also not incredibly expensive. still 5 star in comparison to the others on here

I love these things. I did a wall collage that looks great. I wasn't sure they would hold some of the heavy frames but now after a few months they are still there and stable. Make sure to use the correct commands for the weight it will hold. I also had to fix a couple that I put in the wrong place. No problem. I just removed and placed in proper place. Still Holding..... :)

I LOVE THESE THINGS! They are very strong and can hold up pretty much and picture or anything else I have on my walls at home. I lease an apartment so any nail holes are a very bad idea but I have some very very large pictures and paintings that I have on my wall and these hold like a champ! My favorite part is how easy it is to not only apply them but to then get the picture level without having to worry about nails and balancing the picture afterwards. I really cannot say enough for them they are very much worth the money

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Decorate how you want, when you want without damaging your walls. Command Picture Hanging Strips let you fearlessly hang pictures without nails or tools. Not just for picture frames, these wall hangers are also great for creating a gallery wall, hanging college dorm decor, wooden letters, nursery
The product is 9CT MED MNT Strips Easy to use The product is manufactured in China
Make any space yours with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips, a damage-free solution for decorating your home or office. Ideal for frames and other items 16 pounds or less, these handy strips will lock your pictures securely onto a variety of surfaces. Thanks to the innovative 3M Command adhesive