Comments about Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, Ass't Point Sizes 6CT Set

Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Black, Ass't Point Sizes 6CT Set

When accuracy, minute details and preservation count, the unparalleled archival quality of pigma micron pens makes them everyone's first choice. Artist, writers and illustrators reach for pigma micron and know their work is safeguarded with the permanence of pigma ink. Experience smooth, skipfree writing and crisp ink colors that leave consistent lettering and lines every time. It has achieved universal appeal and is carried by technical professionals, artists and crafters alike anthropologists, entomologists, scientists, research laboratories, archivists, architects, professional diamond cutters, cartoonists, manga and anime artists, illustrators, heirloom quilters and decorative fabric artists. Features archival quality ink for use in acidfree environments, chemically stable, waterproof, fade resistant, no smears, feathers or bleedthrough on most papers. Applicable for graphic art, scrapbook, archival recording, pen and ink illustrations, freehand art, rubber stamps, cartooning and fabric design. Technical qualities are archival quality pigma ink, six point sizes, no smear or feather when dry, waterproof and chemical proof, fade resistant, does not bleed through most papers, meets astm and acmi nontoxicity standard and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin. Set contains 6 different pieces having nib sizes for precise line width are 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm and 0.50mm respectively. Available in 6piece per pack and black color.

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These are pretty great pens. They don't smear (awesome especially since I am a lefty!!). They are archival quality. They last a really long time before they run out of ink. I can go in and on about Microns, I've used them for years in my pen and ink artwork. These only reason I can give them a full five stars is because the tips of the pens are very fragile. Over the years I've had some split completely off. Some split in hairs. Sometimes this creates a cool effects. Sometimes, this has caused the pen to leak. These pens are still better than 99% of the pens out there. Just don't push down hard on the tips.

as an illustration student i go through a LOT of pens. so i've tried to buy and use pretty much every major brand of ink pen to see which is the best, and hands down i've never used a pen better than these! they are truly waterproof, dry quickly, are rich in pigment, never bleed through the page, won't lift if erased over, and have a flat matte texture when dried (as opposed to say, sharpies, that have kind of an oil-spill shine). the only thing i dislike about them is that they kind of gum up if you try to use them over colored pencil, but that could just be because i use wax-based prismacolors. in my several years of using these pens i've never had any problems with ink leaking. if you're looking for a great quality, versatile pen set these are DEFINITELY worth the purchase especially at amazon's price!! (the photo attached is done w/ .08, .03 and .01)

I still fondly recall the first time I bought a pack of Micron Pens when I got my first birthday gift card to Michaels as a kid. Ever since, I can't be without a micron pen. They are incredibly versatile, and this particular pack is a great deal with a good range of sizes.

Micron Pens are fantastic for the sketching/plenary stage or for finished drawings. I have used them for most of my daily sketches. I've been using 300 Drawing Prompts to do 300 drawings for 300 days. After 143 days, I have to say that micron really can't be beat for portable sketching.

I have attached some of these pictures so you can see the range of available widths in the package. I have used all of them so far.

My teenage daughter requested these for her birthday and she must enjoy them because I find her doodles all over the house. They work great for drawing faces on bananas and eggs if your looking for that kind of thing.

I've been using these in combination with watercolors for a few years and I've never had a problem with them! I initially got them to do lineart for cutesy anime/manga drawings (i'll add some examples lol); I'm pretty sure a lot of people go through this phase haha

The ink is pretty dark and very permanent (my old artwork doesn't seem to have faded). Drying time isn't long at all, I can usually erase my under sketch in 30 seconds without any smudging (but wait longer to be safe, I forget sometimes). I really loved these as a beginner because I liked the separate pen nib sizes for drawing different things. The smallest size pen was great for details, but you also want to be super careful with the smaller tips (and really just all of them) not to press to hard or you'll damage it.

I usually reach for nib/brush pens nowadays whenever I do line work because I prefer more dynamic lines, but I always keep some microns on hand for detail work and because they're super convenient to carry around. Some people say that they dry out pretty quickly, but they last pretty long in my opinion. They labeling rubs off over time which can be a pain when you want to grab a specific nib size, but it's no big deal.

But I really recommend these, even though I don't use them as much! It's something I always have laying around :)

I started to get back into drawing again and used these pens to ink my work. They provided a good mix of thickness. One of the things I really appreciate these pens for (and one we all take for granted) -- they did not leave bleeding or heavy ink to smudge with my big palms as I inked my drawing. I've attached a sample of my recent work where I used these pens.

I love these pens. I use them for my stippling and line artwork (I usually stick to the smaller sizes: 005 – 03 for an 8x11" drawing). I love to use them with this paper: Canson XL Mix Media Pad,9"X12" Side Wire, which is a thicker and bright white paper and allows for using mixed media.

I had bought a micron pen from a local art store long ago and it barely worked so I had assumed it was the pen tip design. But I've heard that micron is basically a necessity for an artist. Especially when using watercolors because the ink doesn't bleed when wet. And I have to say I'm really enjoying them. Especially the smallest pen 005. My previous pen was definitely defective. The lines are solid (occasionally has slight missing ink on the edges when used on my textured paper) and dark. Though, when I used it to color in black clothing you could see the lines and the color wasn't consistent so I would buy a different pen for that. The ink definitely did not bleed with watercolors. But when watercolor was used to color the ink didn't show through well. And if I used my water color first and pen on top the pen was hard to use like I lost the control I have with it on clean paper. I'll post some photos for examples.

Great pens! Mine are not dried out like some other reviewers. Make sure you close the cap all the way, I didn't twice so it's easy to do if not paying attention. The tips are very fragile and you don't have to push hard at all but go slow for a even steady line. These do not bleed through my sketch book (fine tooth, acid free, and 60lbs/90 GSMS). The .50mm will bleed through if you go over the same area very heavily more than 3 times but who does that? Pretty ridonculous. Great for tracing over pencil but not over colored pencils etc. if you need to redo or go over colored pencils, I suggest the Sakura glaze gel pens. The black is intense and will do the job.
Update: I did go over a dried watercolor drawing and it's true what they say, it will ruin the tip or clog it somehow. I had to have extra paper on the side to keep scribbling it out. Although it did do the trick I rather not deal with the hassle. Great for sketching prior to coloring or painting and it doesn't smear when you go over it with water. I will try copic markers next.

First pack. Definitely not my last.

The flow is...
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The sizing variety is...

I've attached a few quick doodles I've made with them so far. Need to "git gud" with my inking. ^__^

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