Reviews Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Upgraded Version

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Upgraded Version
【Upgraded 201 Machine】Compared to 202 version, this machine features cuff slot and built-in lamp, which make it easy to sew sleeves and legs under adequate light source. The advanced and high-cost machines are more elaborate on manufacturing.
【Unique Large Extension Table】Exclusive selling right of this larger working table, comparing to the machine with smaller table or non-table, it makes you convenient to work large project, and keep the mini machine stable at the same time.
【Latest Outstanding Upgrade】Strengthened and lengthen the cable of pedal; changed needles to qualified Organ Needles; Equipped AC/DC adapter with ETL mark certification.
【Double Threads and Two Speed Control】 Large Spool can be used with rewind device for easy re-placement of bottom bobbin. Low/high speed button for selection to keep safe and powerful. Good for beginners to make craft, home sewing (e.g. lunch bag, apron).
【Three-Month Warranty and After-sales Service】Please 🌸Contact Us by EMAIL🌸if there is any issue during operation. We are always here and happy to assist every customer.

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Amazing! It does the job, and its dirt cheap! I realized I didn't really need the plastic board, its a bit unstable. Like im afraid of putting even a slight pressure on them. I am totally new to sewing machine, so it may not bother you, but it does to me... I have been hand sewing everything (and I am a guy). Sewing machines are awesome! This is a really good newbie friendly sewing machine for everyone!

Learning curve very small. I was able to hem 4 pairs of pants in no time. The hardest part was getting the bobbin holder out of the handle, but it was because I did not read the instructions. Really love this machine!

I needed to hem curtains that were already hanging and didn't want to do it by hand. I took a chance with this particular sewing machine, and I am very pleased. I was sewing shears and blackout curtains. With the blackout curtains, I manually pushed through the thickest edges by turning the wheel, but otherwise, with both the blackout curtains and the shears, this machine sewed true. When I did have an issue with the timing of the needle and the bobbin, I was able to fix it with the manual provided with the machine. Also, when I contacted the seller, they responded right away and confirmed the fix that I did. They also have a bunch of great videos on youtube, including how to refill a bobbin. I am a fairly advanced sewer and have used some expensive sewing machines. I really like this mini one!

Having never actually touched a sewing machine before, I was able to to re-thread the machine and hem my pajamas 5 minutes after watching video on YouTube. I could not really believe that it actually worked, I figured it was a gimmick and i would be returning it. Durability wise i really don't know, i hemmed 6 pairs of pajamas and it still works. It is plastic so dont drop it, but for 30 bucks it killer.

Bought it for my 22 year old daughter and she loves it! Watch one of the YouTube videos for threading instructions and you’ll be all set. Perfect first machine with one stitch and extended working table.

Very suitable for beginners,personally feel that it is still very easy to operate .No quality problems have been found so far.

I have only used this on two pairs of pants but I have to say fabulous!! I have already paid for the cost of the sewing machine by hemming the pants myself, not to mention convenience by not having to go to my tailor, waiting for it to be done, and then going to pick them up. I haven't used a sewing machine in over 20 years and this one is simple to use, very user friendly. the Youtube videos are super helpful. the only problem was my learning curve on sewing a straight stitch but otherwise - easy peasy. highly recommend.

It's nice sewing machine easy to carry and I can use it for alterations and quick sewing.
Light weight and I can sewing all types of clothes.

It's a simple sewing machine that you can use to do basic stitching, and it's easy to learn and easy to use.

Easy to set up and use. Lightweight machine for it’s size I only sew simple projects like hens and taking in pants

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