Reviews Colored Masking Tape Kids Craft Set | 6-PACK 1 Inch x 60 Yard Rolls | Multi Colored Variety Kit - Assorted Color Coded & Fun DIY Art Supplies- Kids Toddlers ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 12 n years old

Colored Masking Tape Kids Craft Set | 6-PACK 1 Inch x 60 Yard Rolls | Multi Colored Variety Kit - Assorted Color Coded & Fun DIY Art Supplies- Kids Toddlers ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 12 n years old
Kids Craft Multi Pack Colored Masking Tape Variety Set [Bulk Value for Kids] with vibrant assorted colors including blue, pink, orange, green, neon yellow, red
Easy removal from materials. No residue. Great for decorative birthday party use and extensions. Compare to fluorescent scotch strips and 3m duck.
Rainbow coloured tape refill for your preschool desk holder or vintage vinyl dispenser.
Boys & Girls Arts n Crafts Coloring Items and Ideas; Prime bulk craft tape modeling and painting laboratory for adults & kids [any yr]; make frogs, models and teachers gifts

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This one. Thank you positive reviews for suggesting this brand. I got this one and some others at the same time. This brand is far superior and I notice using them side by side. The color is brilliant. The peel and stick is great. You know how some tapes, especially old ones, can do that like you peel it and you get an annoying you get a triangular sliver of tape over and over? Not at all with this. Peels right every time. Sticks right every time. It is well worth getting this set. Tried the big fudge brand at the same time, labelling tons of boxes. Big fudge kept doing the rip into slivers where you just don't want to use it. This stuff, easy, spot on every time. It is actually much better than other tapes I've tried. It's full size rolls (not mini washi tape or anything). It seems strong enough but easy on and off. Go for this, look for the gator, it's worth it to remove the hassle. So yes, this is the tape you're looking for. I'd love to see additional color selection and will be looking into what else this brand carries now that I've seen this solid quality.

When I buy tape, I always ask myself two questions. 1) Does it stick? 2) Can I tear it by hand? If the answer to both is yes, I'm generally pretty satisfied. In this case, I'm far beyond satisfied. The bold colors, the texture, the interior cardboard branded with a logo of a alligator holding a palette in its mouth, even the scent--all these features have set a new bar. From now on, this is the tape by which all future tapes will be judged.

I ordered these tapes because I'm moving and needed something to put on box corners to indicate which room that box belongs to. So far my experience with them has been great! The colors are VERY bright and primary, so my worries about moving men who may be potentially color-blind to subtle shades of green/blue or red/orange were alleviated. They are also very easily hand-torn so I don't have to use scissors to rip off a piece. That comes in very handy when you're packing boxes. Delivery was also speedy! I ordered them on Wednesday and received on Friday with Amazon Prime shipping. I highly recommend this set for color-coding purposes.

Large hefty rolls that Sharpie markers mark well on. I am a culinary student and we label everything, including our mine en place every morning. The colored tape sets me apart from my fellow students and helps to identify my specific leftovers and work! I love the nice selection of colors - not too dark so the Sharpie shows up well! thank you!

I bought this for projects to do with the grandkids. It's great and the grandkids love to use it on their own and are always thinking up things to do with it, such as make triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. on the tile floors, then jump from shape to shape so they don't fall into the hot lava which the other tiles have miraculously become. In addition, with so many bright colors, each grandkid can have their own color.

I teach laboratory classes at a university and got this tape so that I could color-code my students' media and supplies. This tape is an excellent replacement for expensive laboratory tape. I use this tape for labeling racks and lab supplies and my students label their petri dishes and other lab media with it. It sticks to all surfaces and can be written on with sharpie nicely. I do not use it for long-term labeling of media or reagents and it does not go in the autoclave, but it I love it as a more economical option than certified "laboratory" tape.

We used these when we moved. We color coded each box to the room it went to. At our new place, we put a strip of colored tape on the doors to show where each box or item went. Made it fast and easy for all our helpers. You get a lot for your money. We have left over smaller rolls. Will keep with moving supplies. If we don’t need to move, we can use these colors for art projects, and painting. The stickiness might go bad if saved too long. That’s normal for tape.

The product arrived exactly as advertised. I used it for labeling pots for live plants for farm market sales. Adheres well and much cheaper than plastic tags. Also works well for freezer food storage labeling.

I bought the tape to use on the edges of the paper for my very cheap notebooks that I use for work and this tape work perfectly. No more curled corners or ripping. I just wish it had a purple to complete the rainbow instead of the pink but I still love this tape and would repurchase when I run out.

I have used this product for different crafts and games during Sunday school. It works well. The only reason why I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because the tape is a bit thinner than normal masking tape. I anticipated it being a little more heavy duty. Still works well, but just not 100% of what I expected to get

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