Reviews BAKER DEPOT 15 Holes Cylinder Silicone Mold For Handmade soap jelly Pudding Cake Baking Tools Biscuit Cookie Molds Hole Dia: 1.58inch Set of 2

BAKER DEPOT 15 Holes Cylinder Silicone Mold For Handmade soap jelly Pudding Cake Baking Tools Biscuit Cookie Molds Hole Dia: 1.58inch Set of 2
100% Silicone,Heat Resistant from -40 to 445F
Product Size:11.7*6.85*0.8inch, single hole Diameter:1.58inch, Height: 0.8inch
For Use: Soap Mold, Mousse, Jelly, Cake, Bread, Prepared food, Chocolate
Freezer, microwave, and oven-safe; dishwasher-safe
For flexible reason, we design the mold a bit soft, so you may easily un-mold. If you need a more sturdy support when transfer or move, you can put it on a tray or another mold.

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Perfect for my fat bombs and easy to clean

I used these to male bath fizzys with essential oils and they worked perfectly. Highly recommend, wood quality for the price!

I hopped onto the ketogenic diet/way of eating and have opted to fast for 18 hours a day. When I learned about 'fat bombs' to put in your morning coffee to fill you up a bit, I found myself in need of a mini muffin pan to make fat bombs for myself.

This silicone mold perfectly fits the bill. I got the 2-piece set but my recipe only makes 12-13 fat bombs so I don't even fill one whole mold up. But...this is easy to use and easy to clean. I place this mold on a cookie sheet (for stability) and pop it in the freezer to harden my fat bombs, and then once they're done I just pop them out - no spoon or scoop needed! Most of the time it doesn't look like I've used them at all; that's how easy they are to use because nothing gets stuck in these.

Here's the recipe:
1 c melted coconut oil
1/2 c dry cocoa
1.5 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp splenda/equal/stevia/etc (your choice)
a few drops of mint extract

I blend all of this in my blender and then pour the liquid into the molds, then freeze for about a half hour. I store them in the freezer but I think they'd be all right in the fridge, too. I did try replacing the mint extract with almond extract but they didn't taste like much.

I'll blend a frozen one with my morning coffee and some almond milk and then pop it in the microwave...kind of tastes like a cafe mocha with a hint of peppermint! And it keeps me full until lunchtime.

I used these to make 1 oz shower vapors with essential oils. They are a perfect size and non-stick. I have recommended them to friends because it was not easy for me to find molds for such a small size. I'm glad I found these.

These work great. I use them for making homemade dishwasher tabs. A little big for that but easy to remove

 First and for most I use these to make resin centers for my hair bows. At first I loved them they worked great and very shinny inside. But if you try to move them around it’s very hard to keep your mixture secured because it’s so flimsy. I recommend having a tray or something underneath it to help support it when lifting it up. Do not use 10 minute resin in this mold. It will eat this mold to pieces I learned the hard way about that. Other than that it does great with resin as long as your resin is cured correctly.

I bought these to use for making my Keto fat bombs and I love them! I also bought some square ones but I like these much better. The fat bombs pop out of these much easier than the square mold I bought and cleanup was a snap. Based on my use, these would also be terrific for homemade candy if that's your thing. As for me, I'll stick to my fat bombs.

Gave this product 4 out of 5 stars ONLY because I bought this item specifically for Chocolate covered Oreos and it is a fail because the width isn't wide enough. The width is about 1.5in and Oreos are 1.75in. I would return them because now I don't currently have any use for them, but other than that I'm sure they would be great for other things. I see a lot of reviews about the stability, durability, thinness and it being flimsy... honestly, it could be a little more stiff but flimsiness is to be expected buying ANY silicone mold. It makes it super easy to get your finished product out! Also, I see comments about contents spilling over from 1 cavity to another during transport or whatever... Helpful hint place silicon molds on cookie sheet/baking sheet, fill/transport/store in fridge on the sheet and you should have ZERO problems. Great product for a great value, just NOT FOR REGULAR SIZED OREOS.

Literally the best molds I’ve had so far! I use them to freeze supplements and whatnot for my dogs. I was using 2oz molds, but it was harder to get the stuff out of the mold, so I got these. Now I barely have to push and it comes right out of the cavity. Could not be happier! Each cube is about .75oz, which is perfect for my pups when given 2 so mama is happy!

I am really enjoying my "turmeric tea". I found a super easy/time saving recipe. Put the following in a 16 oz. Pyrex measuring cup:

10 tsp. ground turmeric;
5 tsp. ground ginger;
15 grinds black pepper (turn the grinder 15 times);
30 dashes cinnamon
1 can organic coconut cream

Use a hand blender to mix.

I put the mixture in these two molds, refrigerate to stabilize and then freeze. As others have said, use something under it (I use a small cutting board). I get about 22 servings out of one batch.

Once solid, I pop them out and store them in the freezer. I stack them wrap in plastic and then put in a glass mason jar.
All I have to do is then add one to 8 to 16 oz. hot water and it's an amazingly simple/cost effective way to get a dose of daily anti-inflammatory food!

The molds are super flexible and the little golden pucks pop out easily and there are no stains from the turmeric. They clean up fast and easy (I just rinsed them out in hot water, drained and air dried them). Looking forward to using them again and again!

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