Reviews neon nights Glow in The Dark Paint | Luminescent | Phosphorescent | Self-Luminous Paints - Set of 8

neon nights Glow in The Dark Paint | Luminescent | Phosphorescent | Self-Luminous Paints - Set of 8
JAW DROPPING GLOWING COLORS: Creating dazzling and mesmerizing effects with the strongest glowing paint on the market. Our enhanced manufacturing processes guarantee super bright colors with the minimum quantity possible
PREFERRED BY PROFESSIONALS, PERFECT FOR AMATEURS: Our super glow in the dark paint and powder products are trusted by professionals in many industries for a reason. We are proud to have over 1,000,000 registered satisfied customers!
LONG LASTING GLOWING FORMULA, APPLY ON ANY SURFACE: A premium paint, made with innovative processes that stands out from the competition, it will produce vibrant illuminations that will last and recharge each day, for indoor or outdoor use, on walls, paper, or other materials
COMPLETELY NON TOXIC, NEON EFFECTS IN DAYLIGHT: Create amazing effects when the lights go out in the safest way possible! What is more, it will produce neon effects in broad daylight!
GIVE YOUR EYES SOMETHING TO STARE OFF: Tag up your walls with something beyond the normal graffiti style. Our paint will glow brighter than any other similar product at night when exposed to UV light, giving off a trippy effect that will stay illuminated and is a must have feature for any party

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Lovely bold colors! There are glo-colors in here that I didn’t even know would glow! I’m mad interested in these. Can’t wait to use them up! Not much in each bottle, but that’s cool. That’s why you read item descriptions, right? :p

Bright vivid colors that do work. Small bottles just right for detail and not for mass washes of color. Color needs to absorb light to be able to reflect the light. I did not do a test on time of glow. Probably depends upon type of light and time shining on paint. I am using the paint for details on a Grandma treasure box for the kids when they come to visit.

I bought this paint to try out on painting pumpkins. The paint is thin so had to apply multiple coats. Paint dries quickly and was apply to apply next coat without long wait. Loved the containers as easy to apply paint. Great product and look forward to using on more decorative outdoor.

These got the job done but be warned, these are very small bottles, so order accordingly! You might need to let the paint sit in the light a little bit before seeing the full effect take place.

I love these paints. The children love these paints. You do not need a lot and it spreads easily.
What fun!!

Works great for my cool looking glow in the dark slime! Search Calibunga crew on YouTube to see the video.

Just as described!! Will post photos after painting pumpkins as 2nd project with this product

I used these in 7th grade science club to make glowing slime and it was a big hit! The bottles are small.

(Photos are with a blacklight shining on the items.) They didn't glow a lot much but they were very blacklight reactive and glowed after being exposed to a blacklight. Still, they were 10x better than a different brand of paint, had better coverage, and I loved having many colors.

This product is amazing! The paints are vibrant and illuminate wonderfully. I'm doing a ceiling piece in my bedroom and these pants are exactly what I needed! Deffinetly going to need more of these beauties! Keep up the great work, and wonderful customer service. Thank u for light up my world a little more!

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