Reviews Plastic Cord Locks End Spring Stop Toggle Stoppers Multi-colour (10PCS, Black)

Plastic Cord Locks End Spring Stop Toggle Stoppers Multi-colour (10PCS, Black)
Cord Locks Dimensions:31 x 17mm/1.2" x 0.6" ( L x W )
Package Include: 11 PCS x Cord Locks
Plastic single hole cord lock is for locking cord for conveneint use. With spring loaded design. They are spring loaded and guaranteed to keep your cord tight and secure.
High Quality POM Plastic, Durable and Lightweight. Widely used for lanyard, luggage, clothing, backpack, sportwear, shoelace, tent and more.
Our cord locks are fit a variety of different drawstrings and types of cords. Can be used on everything from shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pants closures, Paracord products and a variety of outdoor and gym products.

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These are okay. I would give it five starts except that they do not hold 1/8" shock cord as well as the FMS Bow Cord Lock Stopper. The oval hole is a bit too large and the metal spring is not stiff enough. Consequently, 1/8" shock cord and 550 paracord will slip through these toggles if too much tension is applied. And by too much I don't mean unreasonable. On the plus side, the larger hole in these will accommodate doubled 750 paracord whereas the FMS Bow can accommodate only a single strand of 750.

PERFECT!!! I get frustrated hiking and jogging and watching my double tied shoelaces come undone. This stopped that issue completely keeping my shoes on my feet securely and preventing me from stopping repeatedly.

After losing the drawstrings from my American Apparel hoodie and having the put it back in by hand, I vowed never to let that happen again. I remembered an old jacket I had with these locks and decided that they would be a good idea for the next time I have to wash anything with a drawstring. These came very quickly and they work perfectly! Before washing my hoodie or gym shorts, I place these locks on the drawstring where the string meets the fabric of the garment. Once removed from the washing machine, the drawstrings were right where they should be because of these locks! Brilliant! I remove these locks during wear of but they go on for each wash. Works like a charm.

While these aren't the pinnacle of high tech, for my uses, they've been sturdy, hold tight, and are easy to use. I have used them on the drawstring of sweats, shoelaces, boot laces, and hiking packs. I haven't had one of them slip yet, so I would recommend them for day to day uses. Heavier, weight-bearing duties are probably out of the question though.

Wanted to replace the paracord on my molle backpack with longer and thicker paracord. These easily fit the bill - can easily handle two 550 paracord inserted through the lock, which was my biggest concern.

This is a simple design that works very well. It has a sturdy spring that exerts ample pressure on 1/8" shock cord that prevents slipping. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product. The oval slot is wide enough to easily slide two 1/8" cords through. I'll be using these for many projects around the house where bungee-type cord or small diameter cord needs a locking device.

These can be used on any shoe
To make laces that don't need to be tied.
Good for children's shoes, seniors, or anyone
Who doesn't want to be bothered with shoe
Laces coming untied. Strong and easy to install.

There are a lot of vendors for these things on amazon. I went with this one since it had good “real” reviews. I was willing to pay an extra buck to get something I knew was good. It came in a resealable package which is nice since now I have a place to store them together in a junk drawer. I used them to keep the drawstring tight on my mesh athletic shorts. I have 4 pairs which have pockets but only a string which is connected. The problem is that if you put anything in the pockets, they fall down. Instead of cutting the string and having to fish it through after it goes in the dryer or tying a knot that either won’t stay or won’t come apart, I used one of these. It works great so far. They also actually included 21, instead of the 20 I ordered. If that is to compensate for any broken ones during shipping or if I accidentally stole one from someone reading this, I don’t know.

Standard size oval shaped spring toggles. They accept cordage pairs up to maybe 1/8th; certainly two standard Paracord diameter lines fit through.
Spring force is good, not too strong, not too weak.
All of the toggles work; none have come apart. I've been using several and they are still together.
Clear, strong plastic/vinyl zip lock bag (with printed label) is right sized for these and so useful on its own.

I have about 10 cord locks holding various items on or within my backpack. On average, I would guess I break one or two per trip. Since I got these particular locks, I haven,t broken a single one in 5 or 6 trips. They hold tight and are a bit more robust than others I have purchased. 550 para-chord fits easily and works great. Good price, also.

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