Reviews 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set, Taotree Fine Line Colored Sketch Writing Drawing Pens for Journal Planner Note Taking and Coloring Book, Porous Fine Point Pens Markers

24 Fineliner Color Pens Set, Taotree Fine Line Colored Sketch Writing Drawing Pens for Journal Planner Note Taking and Coloring Book, Porous Fine Point Pens Markers
★24 Vibrant Colors, No Duplicates, 0.38 mm Fine Point, perfect for drawing lines & details, painting, writing, sketch, marker, signing, manga, animation, graphic, design, planner, math book, homework, bills, calendar, illustration, included artists fine-ink drawings and coloring small intricate patterns
★Fineliner with superfine, metal-clad tip and outstanding performance in all areas of manga, graphic, design and illustration, easy and comfortable to write. especially used by the designers of Architecutre, AD, Comic (Manga) and Animation for drawing lines and signing
★MUTIL-PURPOSE: Water-based ink, Dry safe, Minimal bleed thru, Acid-free /Non-toxic Ink, these fiber-tipped pens create fine lines and intense water-based colors. Ideal for Coloring and Journal
★Comfortably & Durable: The Fine Line Drawing marker Pen sit very comfortably in your hand and the caps are easy to remove and replace, help to keep Color Pens lasting longer and prevent from dry-outs.these packaged in a soft transparent vinyl bag, fold over snap closure which can be easily placed in backpacks . For using in school, or used in the office by adults.
★100% money back guarantee: We promise a 100% money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel freely to contact us, we will try our best to make you satisfied!

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Works great for my bullet journal. No bleeding when it comes to writing. It bleeds a little when going over the same spot multiple times. I put a photo to show the bleed. I'm not sure on the thickness of my paper. But they are amazing for what I want to use them for!

I’ve used these markers to color one picture so far. The ink goes on smoothly and evenly and I am impressed with the overall quality of these pens. The turtle took about 2.5 hours to color with these (because the tips are 0.38mm), however, the small tips are perfect for getting into those hard to reach corners on your picture without going over the lines. I am very pleased with the assortment of colors provided. They are close enough in color that they blend well, but not so close that they look like the same color. I would recommend these to a friend.

I'm going to use this primarily for note taking. If you use this to outline your art work do it after you color your work because it will smudge. You could use it in a cool way like it did on a sketch I did. I really do love the markers.

Just received them in the mail (thanks Amazon Prime!) and I'm already in love. Can't wait to use them in my 2018 planner!! Write smoothly, thin, no bleeding through, no smear, pretty colors. Can't go wrong with this set!

I love the colours but one of them has already split at the tip and I haven't even had them for very long. It's unfortunate because I really do love the colours.


The seller contacted me and offered to refund $2 or ship me some pens to make up for the broken one, very good customer service! Definitely worth it to buy these pens. I'd order them again. They are so pretty.

Great pends! They do bleed a bit in bullet journals unless you have nice thick pages in there. They are great though especially for the price.

I just go these pens and they are amazing! High quality and everything was packaged well with no damages. There weren't any dried out markers either. For any one who likes writing or does art or lineart, this is perfect. Colors are nice and vibrant and a large variety to use. Though the nib looks small it doesn't really write small, but you can easily control thickness of line through hand pressure. I wouldn't recommend this for extremely fine detail though. All the colors of the caps seem to match pretty well with ink color except for the pale yellow. (It was a bit darker like a faded mustard color) And if anyone is wondering about the size if these pens they're about the size of a standard #2 wood pencil without the metal and eraser and they're ever so lightly wider than a pencil. The colors also seem to stay the same even after they've completely dried and they don't take that long to dry unless you go over that spot darkly or repeatedly. Another thing you also don't want to use a heavy hand with these because tiny specks of ink does fly out of the nib, but you will only notice if your practically kissing the paper. The plastic does feel cheap and assuming they are disposable, BUT it feels slick and smooth in my hand and it's very comfortable. Other than that I would totally recommend these to anyone. To me they are like a cheap, but well invested alternative to copic multiliners. I don't know about how these will do in the long run, but if anything changes I will notify. (And this is water based ink and non-toxic.)

I love these fine liners and use them regularly for my school notes. This is my second set of fine liners as I originally purchased the 10 pen set but realized I wanted all the colors. Highly recommend!

I LOVE these pens! My mother-in-law gifted me with a set of 12 several months ago, to use for Bible journaling, art, planning, etc. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't familiar with the brand and because they're so inexpensive. I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality of these pens. They have beautiful, vibrant colors and nice clean lines. They do bleed a tiny bit through very thin pages, but not through pages of what I would call "normal" thickness, which is a huge plus. I purchased this set because I loved the first set so much I gave it to a friend who was looking for amazing pens for her own Bible journaling. Then I purchased another set to send to another friend. A great low-cost option for any serious artist.

These are very nice quality for the price. They bleed through thinner papers, but I bought them for bullet journals and they are absolutely perfect. They come in a package with snap closures to keep them organized. I have not been rewarded in any way for my review. My opinion is my own and ai couldn't be happier

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