Reviews Premium Metallic Marker Pens, DealKits Set of 10 Assorted Colors Paint Pen for Scrapbooking Crafts, DIY Photo Album, Art Rock Painting, Card Making, Metal and Ceramics, Glass - Fine Tip

Premium Metallic Marker Pens, DealKits Set of 10 Assorted Colors Paint Pen for Scrapbooking Crafts, DIY Photo Album, Art Rock Painting, Card Making, Metal and Ceramics, Glass - Fine Tip

Deal Kits Metallic Marker Pens with Flexible Brush Tip - Create something beautiful with Deal Kits High Quality Metallic Marker Pens- Markers Ideal for DIY Photo Album, Black Card stock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Glass Bottle, Pottery, Wedding Craft, Black Dark Paper, Drawing Coloring Book, Birthday Greeting Card etc. ※ 10 Assorted Colors: White, Blue, Olive, Green, Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Grey, Brown※ Work On: Paper, glass, plastic, pottery, stones, ceramics, wood. Especially for black card stock or anything else black. ※ Now the world is your canvas. Metallic markers give you the power to use any color on any surface. It's that simple. ※ Mark Your Glass: Perhaps most importantly, you can now set down that glass without immediately forgetting whose it was Beautiful and practical. ※ Quick-drying won't smear or bleed through paper and is fade-resistant. ※ Can be easily removed from glass, plastic, pottery by wet tissue/cloth Note: In order to get the best use experience, keep the pen horizontal as far as possible- For optimal performance please ensure the marker caps are secure when they are not in use- Please do not pull the cap directly and roughly, since the different air pressure inside and outside the caps may lead the ink to leak out- After use, please lid the pen cap because it is easy to dry- When you use the white color(can NOT be used on the white paper), you need wait for about 10s then the color will be displayed Color: 10(Color) White, Blue, Olive, Green, Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Grey, Brown Package Include: -10 x Metallic Color Pens-3 x Bullet Journal Stencils Worry-Free : All Deal Kits products are backed by our 45-Day Money Back and 24-Month Product Replacement . Please feel free to contact seller for any product or order problem.

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I like these markers. The metallic colors are vivid. It’s my first time using brushtip markers and it takes a little getting used to to achieve the desired stroke or line thickness. I used it on glossy vinyl material and it takes a few minutes to compeltely dry. Otherwise it will smudge your artwork. I have yet to try it on white paper to see its effects. But, Overall I am happy with the product. I just wish there was another shade of blue in this set like how theres two shades of green.

These markers are great for the crafts that I'm doing. They are a thin marker, but not to thin. I'm using them on glass and they wipe off easily while still wet. If you find a mistake or don't like what you art looks like after it dries, no problem. Just use a little cleaner. On a paper towel, put cleaner, wipe over the art work, wait a minute, then wipe clean.
Will get more of these markers.

These markers are so fun to use. The colors are vibrant and have a metallic sheen to them. There are 10 different colors in total. I didn’t realize until I received them, but they also come in a little pen case. The pens seem durable and the ink flows smoothly. It doesn’t smudge once it’s on paper- it dries quickly and evenly. What I love the most is that this set came with 3 stencil sheets to do pretty lettering/designs!

These are really good metallic paint pens. They are really easy to use and the angled tip gives a variety of line widths. The color assortment is pretty good, but not like a big box of Crayons. My only advice in using these would be to check the color on your intended surface before you commit to using one color over another. In my experience, the color on the pen tip can look a little different than when it is dry on a surface. Over all very good pens.

Well, the colors don't really look like the tops of the pens that much, but I don't care. I'll use these on my wood crafts anyway. They are very "metallic looking" and I think the best use is on dark or black paper. They looked good on my black plastic stapler too. The colors didn't show up very well on the wood so I did an experiment.

I experimented with black & white background paint to see if I could get a brighter color. On pre-painted black and white wood, they were great looking! From now on, I'll be pre-painting the sections where I want to use the pens. One picture shows colors on plain wood, the other one is on painted wood. Big difference.

Nice surprise, I got a big pack of stencils. Thanks!

I really like these little markers. I love writing with colors, I hate just plain black or blue ink. These have multiple colors and they are sparkly, which makes what you write stand out very well. I've gotten into the planner movement, and these work great in my planner to underline events and such. The strokes are smooth and even and the ink colors show up very well. I'm really pleased with these pens.

I absolutely loved this set of markers. They are high quality, highly pigmented, have a precise tip, and were a GREAT value to other comparable products! I’ve been using them for my craft projects all week and I’m very pleased. I would definitely recommend to a friend!

These markers are awesome!!! The white could be improved a little, it comes out clear and then appears white. All the other colors are great, very smooth writing and good color saturation! The stencils are a cute little bonus - picture shows cute picture made with stencils. Well deff order more when I use these up!

Shimmery and they don't bleed through the paper. They came with a pack of stencils, too - perfect for taking my bullet journalling to the next level. My favorite is surprisingly the pink, it's a gorgeous silvery rose color.

I love these Markers! I was looking for markers that weren’t paint to use in my Cricut machine. I couldn’t find any that had white and then I found these. I figured out how to get these to fit into my Cricut and they write beautifully. Will buy these again!

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DealKits Metallic Marker Pens with Flexible Brush Tip - Create something beautiful with DealKits High Quality Metallic Marker Pens - Markers Ideal for DIY Photo Album, Black Card stock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Glass Bottle, Pottery, Wedding Craft, Black Dark Paper, Drawing Coloring Book, Birthday
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