Reviews Yupo Paper L21-YUP197W912 White Sheets (10 Pack) 9" x 12"

Yupo Paper L21-YUP197W912 White Sheets (10 Pack) 9 x 12
Yupo Paper-White Sheets: 74lb
Do it on Yupo- a different way to watercolor
This pad contains ten 7x5 inch smooth 74lb sheets Made of 100Percent polypropylene

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There is no cooler paper for painting with water color or alcohol ink. Here are a few of my examples done on Yupo paper. The non-porous nature allows the ink to not seep in, and you get a lot of great movement and vibrancy as a result of using this paper.

Yupo is a plastic substrate for art. It's not absorbent at all, so while watercolors and acrylics work, they work in different ways. I love to use it with alcohol inks, it makes great abstracts. You have to give up the idea of control, but that's just part of trying something new. Great for markers, too.

So easy to use, dependable and can be uses over again if 1st paint fails. When I am using acrylics, if it is a failure, I soak the Yupo paper in water overnight - the paint falls off and I can reuse the paper.

I saw this on one of the Blogs I follow and didn't follow the directions, you are not to touch the paper with your bare hands otherwise it won't perform correctly. After watching a YouTube video I tried it again and love the results. I will definitely be using the technique in the future. It came on time.

Bought a pad of Yupo in each size to try something different to stimulate painting. Spent a lot of time working with watercolors to create a couple of paintings worth keeping. You won't hesitate to put a brush on your paper, Yupo is forgiving, easy to fix mistakes or experiment, and completely do-over. These pads of Yupo are fine but the artist needs practice. Next time I experience artist block will try acrylics on Yupo. It's different but has stimulated my painting.

- The paper is great for both alcohol ink and watercolor projects: it is smooth, shiny and nice to touch. Alcohol ink on it looks less shiny than on a tile, but still very bright
- The price. You get only 10 sheet for 15$, I tend to go through them very quickly. Would not use this paper in starter project- too expensive to be discarded :)

I use this paper for making alcohol backgrounds for my greeting cards. Works great and die cuts beautifully

Awesome stuff! Can remove alcohol ink with alcohol and cloth at any stage... even days later!

This is a non-porous velum-like media that is perfect for wet watercolor washes and especially for use with markers (no bleed) and alcohol inks.

This is so much fun to work on you can do realistic works as well a abstract expressionist works. I like to paint the yupo with just plain water then paint a feather with watercolor and press onto Yupo fun things happen.

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