Reviews Judikins GP005 Diamond Glaze, 2-Ounce

Judikins GP005 Diamond Glaze, 2-Ounce

Judi ins Diamond Glaze is a water-based, water soluble adhesive offering you a lot of versatility. Use directly over artwork for a raised, glass-like finish. Absolutely the best adhesive for gluing glitter, beads, glass, plastic, and vellum to paper.

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I used cabochons to add lots of extra eyes to a super creepy mask and they turned out better than I could have expected, combined with some of this glue. I was going to use pre-made eye cabochons, but they showed up all pixelated; so instead I painted eyes myself with a tiny brush, and glued the cabochons on top. Anyway, this glaze dries up pretty quickly — but not too quickly — and transforms flat paints to glosses. It's exactly what I needed.

This stuff is awesome! We are using it with glass cabochons and floral paper to make necklaces and this makes not only makes the paper stick, but adds a glassy thick coating to the back. Exactly what we needed!

I use this to make paper beads. This stuff is awesome! It works much better than modge podge. It leaves a shiny coat over the beads and makes them look so much better. All the other stuff I tried looks dull and lifeless. But this... this is perfect. Although I don't suggest sending your paper beads through the washer or soaking them (like taking a shower with them on you). Here is a picture of some camo beads I made with the glaze on them.

This is my first time attempting to make jewelry. I bought a cameo shell that you can put a picture or item in and glue the glass piece on top. My plan was to glue a picture in but I was worried about the photo smearing or blurring. This glue was PERFECT!! I glued the photo in and put glue right on top of the picture then added the glass. It dried crystal clear with no smudging or smearing and no bubbles!! Exceeded all expectations. I got a little extra outside of the glass but it dried very thin so you can't even tell!

Some learning curve. Not a lot of help on their website. It does dry clear. Can react with metal and cause discoloration. I bought to use to make cabochon necklaces with paper image behind glass. First products turned blue after THREE DAYS. Curing time says it's shorter than that. Figured out to "paint" bezel with the glue first and allow to dry before gluing the cabochon in.

Oh man . . . this stuff. It's runny and the bubbles make me want to murder. It's hard to color evenly and if you miss a drip then break out the hammer and chisel because that's the only way to get it off. (Kiss your fabric goodbye in that situation.)

But by gum, when it works, it works and it is clear and beautiful and perfect.

So you've got me Judikins, you winsome she-devil, you've got me.

I bought this glaze for making pendants with my photos, placing them in the metal trays with glass domes. It works beautifully and dries crystal clear. I'm sure there are many crafting uses for the glaze, but that's what I'm using it for. I'm very pleased with the product!

Worked for magnets I made for a baby shower. Easy to put on with a small paint brush. Dried quick and clear.

It works well to glue pictures to cabochons without blurring the inkjet printed picture. I barely use any though.The cap doesn't work. I can't get the product out. I have to take the lid off and dip a clean toothpick in it to get the small amount I need out. That is why I knocked a star off my rating. You barely need any glaze. This bottle should last me along time. I plan to mix it with my paint to make some metal charms look like enamel.

I used it under the glass stones, to adhere them to a pendant with a picture and it works amazingly well. No smearing of the image at all.

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