Reviews Loew-Cornell 65-Inch Natural Wood Floor Easel

Loew-Cornell 65-Inch Natural Wood Floor Easel

Natural wood floor easel is functional and economical for classroom presentation. Adjustable wood easel with chain and plastic tips on legs. Easy assemble with hardware included. Artist can choose from floor or table top styles. Measures-65-high. Made in China.

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So i wanted a small easel to not take up to much space in my room and to be sterdy enough to hold up a canvas while i paint. Im also a broke college student who isnt about to cough up 80 bucks for some fru fru stand. This is for a hobbie not anything legit. Anywho, came here and saw all these reviews talking about "oh its so hard to put together, oh the instructions arnt clear enough, wahh its so flimsy, such a waste of money..." you get the drift. So i was pretty hesitent about getting it but said screw it, cant be that bad. Came in the mail today and i opened the box. Very simple packaging. It was 8 sticks with a baggie filled with a bunch of nuts and bolts. I open it up and OUT COMES A LITTLE PAPER BOOKLET WITH INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE (will post below). so i think hey now where cookin' gas! The instructions are 5 steps and it seems like minimal information, cause it doesnt take a astrophysicist to put it together! The first step was to tap in the little rubbers at the bottom to keep from scuffin the floor, however the rubbers wern't in the baggie..."here we go" i thought, but upon inspection of the bottom legs the rubbers where already there! Huzzah! They started it for you! So on i go looking along with the little diagram they gave, no tools, no drilling, litterally my two hands and the pieces before me. Bada bing bada boom, i set it up. No problem. Follow the simple instructions, use a little common sense, and you got yourself a decent easel. Also dont tighten the wing nuts so tight like a friggin animal, obviously it needs to be tight enough to stay together but not so tight that you snap the damn wood. Its like a half inch thick of course any brute can snap it. Its pretty sturdy and basically looks like the picture. Now i didnt give it 5 stars because there was one thing that was a bit odd, one of the legs where bent. Nothing drastic, no one would notice it and it doesn't affect the structual intergity, but i know its there, silently mocking me. Other then that it is exactly what is advertised and its only 15 bucks so im happy with it!

UPDATE 11 Oct 2017: Note that this easel works best on LIGHT WEIGHT items (probably 10 lb or less). I originally used it to hold a small, cheap (and therefore very light) whiteboard. When I upgraded to a large, higher quality (and therefore fairly heavy) whiteboard, the legs started to bow. It was still holding it up, but you could see a bend in the legs. I ended up buying an aluminum easel for about $10 more that works ok (though the legs of it are even splaying out a bit). My new heavy whiteboard is around 20 lb, and the old one was only 1-2 lb.
Original Review + Assembly Instructions:

When I read the reviews and saw that the assembly instructions were the biggest complaint, I was a little nervous. But for the price, I was willing to give it a shot. It wasn't as bad as I had feared. It took me about 10 mins to assemble, and that includes a couple of mistakes I had to fix. Here are some pointers so you can assemble yours even more quickly.

1. Identify the wooden pieces
a) The two short pieces are the tray, set those aside for now
b) Three of the longer pieces look identical - these are the lower legs
c) The last three pieces have angles cut into one end - these are the upper legs.

2. Find the middle lower leg and attach hook

Of the three lower leg pieces you identified in 1b, one of them has a tiny hole pre-drilled about 4 inches below the large bolt holes. This is the rear lower leg. Screw the small hook into that tiny pre-drilled hole.

3. Locate the tray bolt

The longest bolt is the tray bolt. Set that one aside with the wooden tray parts you identified in 1a.

4. Arrange the upper outer legs

These are the two legs from 1c with the most severe angles cut into them, and are mirror images of each other. Line them up on a flat surface with the angle cut sides facing toward each other, so they make a point together at the top.

5. Arrange the upper middle leg

This is the remaining leg from 1c that has a smaller angle cut out of the top. Place this one in between the pieces from step 4 with the bolt holes lined up at the top.

6. Attach the lower legs

Grab the leg you attached the hook to in step 2. Line it up behind the upper middle leg. Make sure that the upper middle leg is facing the right way by looking at the leg with the hook. One side of each leg piece is grooved and the other has a ridge. The ridges fit into the groves so they hold together nicely. The hook in the leg should be facing you, and the top should be lined up behind the upper middle leg with the bolt holes in alignment. Make sure the ridges/grooves are lined up and flip the upper middle leg if they don't. Thread a bolt through the front of the aligned legs, put a washer and wingnut on the back and tighten.

Similarly, attach the remaining lower legs to upper legs, making sure the ridges/grooves line up, making sure that all the pieces still come to a point at the top, and that the lower legs are aligned behind the upper legs. Front or back don't matter so much on these pieces, just make sure that the ridges/grooves line up.

7. Connect the top pieces

Use one of the shorter bolts to thread through the three top pieces, all coming to a point at the top. Connect with a washer and wingnut and tighten.

8. Connect the tray

Now it's time to stand your easel up, rotating the center leg to the back for stability. Arrange the skinny tray piece on the back side of the outer legs, and the wide piece on the front. Rest the skinny piece on the little "shelf" created by the connection point of the lower legs to the upper legs. Thread the long tray bolt through the two tray pieces from the front, add the washer and wingnut and tighten.

9. Connect the chain

Connect one clasp of the chain to the exposed middle portion of the tray bolt in between the two wood tray pieces. Connect the other clasp to the hook on the rear leg.

You're done! This actually took me longer to type up than to assemble the easel. Hope it helps someone :)

Now as for my review, it's reasonably sturdy considering the price. Worth the purchase, even if the assembly instructions weren't perfect.

I thought it was pretty easy to put together. I spray painted it metallic gold to hold a foam board for my daughters birthday. It was just what I needed!

Used this to hold up a wooden sign at my wedding. Worked well, no issues.

Its cheap. Its Sturdy. It comes with no instructions.

I bought this for my fiance so that she can stop painting on our dining room table with a table easel. Its wonderful in its simplicity.

My largest qualm with this Easel is the fact that it comes with no instructions, as many have pointed out. Took me about 5 minutes of looking at the pieces of wood, looking at the pictures, drinking my beer, and then back at the wood. After that, its just about making sure to keep everything identical, lined up right and you're done

personally, this is perfect for either a beginner or for someone who just wants it as "a talking piece". i honestly don't see this holding on through a painters day to day, much less a enthusiastic enthusiast. Get this for someone who is just getting into the hobby, or like i said before, as a talking piece.

Once we assembled this product, it was amazing for displaying paintings at our wedding. Be warned: this product doesn't come assembled. My fiancé and I ordered two of these and it took about an hour to assemble both. These easels are taller than I expected (I'm lazy and didn't feel like measuring) making them a perfect height for displaying or painting. The natural wood color is great, but these could very easily be painted in any color. My mother-in-law is a teacher and will be using them to display projects in her class after our wedding day.

Was incredibly skeptical because of the price, so I started with buying one. I wanted easels for my wedding and didn't want to break the bank since we needed 3 of them. It came completely disassembled (for obvious reasons) and the directions were almost as bad as the ones you get from Ikea. Once it was put together, we stained the wood and waited. Turned out AMAZING and we went ahead and ordered the other 2. This time we stained the pieces before assembling. It honestly looks like something you'd spend $80+ on now. The hardware is all gold, and with the wood stain we put on it, it's just perfect. As for using as an actual art easel, I would not recommend because it is extremely light and not sturdy in the slightest. I would use this easel for display purposes only.

Used it for my wedding as a stand for seat arrangement. It was perfect for what I needed it for and for the price, I can't complain. However, if it is windy (my wedding was outdoor), you may want to think about something to hold it down especially if you are going to put something pretty heavy - you don't want it to fall on anything/anyone.

I originally bought this easel because I love the Sims 2 game where you can develop my skills, and I decided that even if my first few paintings were scarcely recognizable pink cats, as long as I worked at it I'd become a brilliant painter. Skip to a few months later I brought home a glass whiteboard from work that I was reluctant to hang on the wall as it weighed well over 20lbs. I brought out this easel (some assembly required) and this study structure hold up under way more weight than any canvas would require!

Bought 5, you know how it always goes, out of the 5 one of the wing nuts did not have threads, pretty good. all those easels and only one bad nut.

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