Reviews Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, 1 Pair

Sizzix Accessory - Cutting Pads, Standard, 1 Pair

For use exclusively with the BIGkick and Big Shot machines, the Cutting Pads are essential for creating. When both sides are worn out, it is time for a replacement Standard Cutting Pad. Made of high quality plastic resin, each pad measures 8 3/4" x 6 1/8" x 1/8" and lasts for thousands of cuts.

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These cutting pads are compatible with the Vagabond machine. As your pad gets worn and warped, it's a good idea to replace it. One time it got stuck in the middle of my Vagabond because it cracked. I was lucky to be able to get it out! Always use the same pad on the bottom and the cutting pad on top. That way only one pad will wear out at a time. Each package comes with two pads.

I got these at a fantastic price, not realizing that Sizzix had changed the way these plates are manufactured. The ends of the plates are beveled, making it difficult to see where to place your die if you want to do partial diecutting. The feel of these plates is softer than the original, not necessarily a bad thing, just different. And they warped pretty badly after just a couple of days of use. However, they still fed through my Big Shot with ease. If you've done any amount of diecutting, you know that the plates get cut pretty badly pretty quickly. These were no different. However, what WAS different is that the cuts didn't hold onto those tiny shards of cardstock that are spit back out onto your next diecut. Usually you can tell the colors of paper you've used just by looking at the plates. No so with these. And that part I loved!

So, could these be better? Certainly! But I consider them an improvement over the original version.

Just what I need for my crafts.... This one will not fit in the Cuttlebug because it is a little bit bigger then the Regular B Plates.
This one is also a little bit longer then the Regular B Plates. So best thing to do is go get a Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool at HomeDepot and cut a little bit off the side of the Plates.

These plates are super clear, strong and are beveled on both ends!!! The bevel makes them enter the Big Shot so easily! I am a slow learner. I was trying to save money by using Cuttlebug plates and embossing rubber on the Big Shot. Take it from me --- use the right accessories for the right machine. I ended up creating dents or creases into the plastic Cuttlebug plates using them on the Big Shot. And make sure you use the Big Shot impressions pad and the Big Shot silicone rubber on the Big Shot. Don't try to mix plates and pads with different machines. They are actually different thicknesses and make a HUGE difference!!!! Woooohoooo! I will continue to use my Cuttlebug plates and embossing pad with the Cuttlebug and Big Shot accessories with Big Shot. Learned my lesson the hard way, Sigh!

Got these so I could have an unbowed set of cutting pads exclusively for thin metal cutting dies. It really helps! What was also very helpful was watching a couple of YouTube videos on using the Sizzix and Thinlits. Got some good tips to help the plates remain flat, which is important to get even pressure on the dies and a fully successful cut.

I have the Big Shot from Stampin' Up, and it's always nice to have a fresh set of cutting pads. If you use the dies, it is important to remember to rotate the pads, especially if you are cutting multiples of the same shape - top to bottom, and then flip over - to prevent them from getting curved. Works great with the embossing folders, and keeps it in place when trying to just get the edge.

Cutting plates are designed to get marred and will eventually warp, so replacing them as needed is a must. Amazon's price is competitive, besides, a lot of times local craft stores don't carry the replacement pads for Sizzix. I have gone through several sets already, a necessary evil if I want to keep my dies in good working order.

I use these plates and the Sizzix magnetic platform in my WRMK Evolution Advanced die cutter. I love that I can see the die placement on the paper through the plates. You can't see through the Evolution Advanced cutting pads. It is also cheaper to replace these pads. I like using them with my die cutter because, unlike the Big Shot, I can adjust the pressure needed with the machine instead of shimming and buying any other accessories the Big Shot recommends for different die types. Very happy with my setup. These plates also work well with the original platform that comes with the Evolution Advanced.

I don't know if there are different weights of plastic and thought I must have bought the cheaper ones because these have already warped. the cutting pads that they replaced were at least 10 years old and just now have warped. The old cutting pads had only been used on the heavy dies not the thin dies. When I started using the thin dies is when the old ones started warping. I do use the magnetic base. Looking on line I found out this is a big problem with the cutting pads. Need some kind of fix for this!

Bought these to use with the Accuquilt Value Die in my Fiskars Fuse machine. These pads are very sturdy and strong and stood up well to some hard use. I cut 560 scrappy half-square triangles with just one pad and it's still going strong, although it is pretty marked up. I did rotate the pad and adjust it so that the cuts weren't all in the same place. For my sandwich, I used 1 Sizzix Extended cutting pad as the base platform, a shim of 2 layers of cereal box pieces taped together, the Value Die, the fabric, and this cutting pad on top. It cut 4 layers of cotton quilting fabric at a time. It could have cut up to 5 or 6 layers of fabric at a time, but that made it harder to crank and I didn't want that much work on my wrists and elbows. I did try to cut 5 or 6 layers of fabric at a time with only 1 layer of cereal box shim, but it didn't cut the fabric as well. Very happy with this purchase and will buy more of these to have on hand.

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Sizzix dies help eliminate all that tedious and time consuming hand Cutting. Great for paper and fabric, just insert your chosen die into one of the many different Sizzix die-cutting machines, sold separately, and away you go. Tim Holtz thinlits celebration