Reviews Tombow 56621 Dual Brush Pen, N15 - Black, 1-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Marker

Tombow 56621 Dual Brush Pen, N15 - Black, 1-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Marker

Product Description

Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker. Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines. Dual Brush Pens are ideal for artists and crafters. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it's point stroke after stroke. Total 96 colors available. Open Stock and individually bar coded. Color - N15/Black

From the Manufacturer

Tombow Dual Brush Pen - Fine Marker Point Type - Brush Marker Point Style - Black Ink - 1 Each

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This style of pen is not for me... I don't believe it's a bad pen at all, but for a beginner in "brush" calligraphy, this is much harder to control and get a nice clean writing with. I've been trying to use it for about 5 months and it's still not very comfortable for me. The dual sided aspect is nice, with a more flexible, thicker end and a shorter, stiffer, thinner end.

In the attached picture, the text that says "tombow dual brush pen" (both in black and purple) are written with the style of pen. The text at the top "tombow dude brush pen" is written with the Tombow Fude Brush Pen, Fudenosuke, Soft (GCD-112) that I prefer.

I bought this on a whim to just try brush calligraphy, and it was so fun! Very easy to use and a very rich black color. The smaller end is great for touch ups!

The pen arrived on-time, and it was not in its own wrapping when I took it out of the package, which I thought to be strange. I ordered the black colored pen, and it is amazing since I am using it for my bullet journal and lettering. The ink flow is consistent, and I enjoy that the pen gives you the option to alternate between a soft tip for lettering and a hard tip for more consistency. I did, however, expect the ink to be darker when it comes out, but it takes several layers to get something completely filled in dark. This is definitely an inexpensive option for those seeking to develop their lettering skills and have a quality pen in their arsenal!

The brush of this pen is nice and does not shed (as do some brush/felt pens) but I have to say I was a little disappointed after hearing so much praise for it. While the formula and the brush are great and a little above standard, there is a slight squeak when pressing/dragging down the brush. It is not completely smooth and while this works for other people, it is a slight hinderance to me as it is vaguely similar to nails on a chalkboard. Either way, I find small discomfort in the feeling/sound, but the actual brush itself is quite nice.

A great brush pen. I use it for practicing calligraphy (I'm a beginner)the black is not as "black" as some brush pens, it's a lightweight black color. I, being a beginner, was clueless about the paper thing, so I used regular notebook paper and wasn't holding the pen correctly and frayed it within a day or two, but that was my own fault. Overall it's a good quality brush pen

Amazing brush pen! I’m an intermediate brush letterer (I know that’s not a word) and this pen is my best friend. One side is for big, fanatastic letter or every normal sized scrawls. The other end is for small, thinner letters and adding finishing touches to the overall work. Grab a few in different colors and equip yourself with a white gel pen and you’re in business. I’ve tried many brush pens but this one is my favorite. It does not bleed through or ghost on normal notebook paper and it does not stray from where it is placed. It does smudge a little if you run your finger or hand over it right after you’ve written something, but it is pretty minimal.

I love this pen! I tried a cheaper brand that was supposed to work about the same as a Tombow dual brush pen, but nothing compares to Tombow. Although I am still learning to master hand lettering, this dual brush pen has helped me a lot so far. I've learned that it's all about patience and practice. Having a pen side and a brush side makes everything easier for me. It's worth spending a little extra and a good quality brand like Tombow.

I AM IN LOVE WITH TOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PENS!!!!!!! Tombow brush pens are truly amazing. I love it how they have two tips, the brush tip is perfect for brush lettering and is super durable, whereas the smaller tip makes nice small lines and it is also very durable. These pens are overall just amazing. The ink flows out nicely, the colors are vibrant and there are so many color options. These may be more expensive than some other options, but they are definitely the best. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys brush lettering or even just wants to try it out, they are easy to get the hang of and the result is beautiful!

I have used this marker for so many random little "fix it" moments that after using a single one for years with great success, I finally ordered a couple more online because I don't know how the first one hasn't gone dry yet, but it should soon enough. I haven't really used it for anything art related, but totally recommended this brush pen to fix various nicks/scratches on black (or similar) surfaces.

May not work as well on a metal surface, but it has definitely been helpful on any textured surfaces I've used it on.

I feel so fancy writing with this pen, I started writing the nightly dinner menu and posting it on the son is not happy that I took this from him since I had originally purchased it for him for one of his school projects...I wrote him a fancy note telling him to back off and deal with it;)!!

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These dual brush pens have a versatile and flexible nylon fiber brush tip on 1 end that creates medium or bold strokes by simply changing brush pressure. The fine tip on the other end is for smooth straight lines or writing. The resilient nylon brush retains its point, stroke after stroke. The ink
Double-sided marker creates thick or thin lines with two tip choices - broad Bullet tip for bold lines or extra-fine tip for detailed, precise lines. Perfect for color-coding and decorating planners, journals and notebooks. Create fun doodling and lettering styles with a choice of 24 colours.