Reviews FloraCraft Silk'n Splendor Silk Plant Treatment 24 Ounce

FloraCraft Silk'n Splendor Silk Plant Treatment 24 Ounce

Miracle coatings-silk 'n splendor silk plant treatment spray. Keep your silk floral creations looking new. Comes in an easy to use spray bottle. This treatment spray cleans removes dust brings back the original luster protects and beautifies your silk plants and florals. This package contains 24oz of spray. Made in USA.

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I have to be really disgusted or really impressed in order to leave a review. This is one of those cases where I am really impressed. First I didn't even realize how bad my plants were until I clean them. And when I say cleaned I literally mean sprayed and walked away. There is no wiping there is nothing. There is no chemical smell or odor. I don't know what's in this but it is one of the greatest products I've ever used.

When my housecleaner recommended this spray for silk plants, I thought he was nuts. But hey, it works just like he said. Easy as pie. Just be sure you put the plant somewhere that will allow it to drip once you spray. And don't overspray-- it really doesn't take tons. I'm amazed at how well it works. We had some plants that had been on the top of book cabinets for years & were really dusty-- this stuff cleaned them up in a flash. I've ordered it for our vacation condo too since those plants really get ignored most of the year. I'm impressed with how well this works.

What a lifesaver for my 10 year old silk plants! I purchased two of these because I had run out of my original silk plant cleaner 3 years ago (I don't remember the name) and dreaded trying to find a replacement that would clean them just as well as my original bottle. Happy to report that I have found this product to be excellent and gentle on my much neglected favorite hydrangeas arrangement, two beautiful tropical plant arrangements from back when Bombay closed down, and I still have enough left in the bottle to tackle my 6 foot Bird of Paradise silk plant tomorrow! The spray is a fine mist, the trigger handle is very easy to operate, and if I hadn't been too tired to carry the heavy Bird of Paradise outside, my hands would probably have been just fine doing the 4th and final project. No cramping in my fingers (arthritis) and that's really surprising since these poor plants haven't been touched in more years than I can want to admit to! I truly didn't expect to see that layer of dust on leaves, flowers, and stems to disappear so easily. Easy to follow directions, and now that I know where to buy more, I will clean them more often. I still have one more bottle left, but I'll be back to get more!
My only complaint is that there is no list of ingredients listed on Amazon's description or the bottle itself. It has standard warnings not to get it in your eyes, don't drink it, but it didn't suggest wearing gloves or have allergy warnings on it so I took the chance anyway. I can get allergic asthma reactions to products, but this didn't cause me any problems at all. It works by "dripping" off of the silk plants and drip-drying, so you shouldn't try to clean these anywhere inside your home. I know you could put layers of newspaper down, but it was simpler for me to just do it on my back patio. No staining, it just evaporated within the hour. It's sold near where I live in Vista, CA, according to the bottle, so USA made, I assume.

I got my first bottle a couple of days ago. Used on (1) Floor Vase Size Fall Colors Plant that had not been cleaned for at least four years. Took Plant to my Patio, and STARTED SPRAYING ... that's all I did. Left out to dry while cleaning my floors, PLANT LOOKS AMAZING! Not only with dust a webs gone, but colors revived ... looks as good as new!

Used same Product and method on a Green and White Magnolia Floor Standing Plant that I've had a couple of years. RESULTS? Fantastic and Renewed.

17 years ago I purchased a large silk palm for my living room. Three months a go we moved and I realized it was covered with a thick layer of dust. I remembered aerosol silk spay sprays from many years ago and decided to try this product. I dragged the palm out to the driveway and saturated the frons. It was the best money ever spent. The palm looks brand new. Great product!

AMAZING!! Our 13" silk ficus tree looks brand new again! We spray it once a year to keep it looking nice. It takes just 2 bottles of this miracle cleaner and the tree looks awesome! We've tried many things but nothing eats the dust and makes indoor plants look new & beautiful like this does. Just spray the leaves well and let drip dry. Highly recommend!

This product is so simple to use and works so well. 24 oz is a lot of product and large enough to do my ferns, palms and several other plants. I did a total of 8 large artificial plants and trees completely and well on one bottle. Absolutely so cleanup with directional spray and a towel below to catch the drips. Clean scent. NO damage to plants or surroundings. Great to make your house clean in the most overlooked places.

This product is great, I have a bouquet of real looking roses, my mom gave me for A mother's Day, I placed it by the window, then I noticed the roses were faded, I was so sad, because I knew it was an Expensive arrangement, someone told me about a product for silk flowers, after looking different brands I ordered this, as son as I get it, I sprayed all over my roses and Surprised! They are lookins like new, I'm so happy with the result, I totally recommend this product, just make sure you spray all over you plants wet the entire flowers for best results... 5 stars I added pics, I forgot to take pic before I only have after pics, my roses feel like real roses, I hope this review is helpful....

Used it on two silk trees and it worked like magic. Dries quickly, too. Will definitely purchase again. Be sure to put a cloth under what you're spraying or take to take outside, actually!

Works great! My 15 year old plants look new. Very easy to use. Just spray it on , and it cleans and renews. I do it in the garage so that the drippings don't get on my floor.

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