Reviews Pandahall 200PCS 4x6 Inches Mixed Color Organza Gift Bags with Drawstring

Pandahall 200PCS 4x6 Inches Mixed Color Organza Gift Bags with Drawstring

Organza Gift Bags, with Drawstring, Mixed Color

Size: about 10cm wide, 15cm long.

Organza bags with ribbons are small and exquisite. It can be used for storing your jewelries or other little things. You can also put some gifts in it and present it to your friends. Its economy and beauty are the important reasons for customer to choose.

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Bags are as expected. Quality seems fine so far. I received the full 200. I wanted to give people an idea of what to expect from the colors. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what colors and quantities are received. I received 19 colors. My minimum was 2 royal blue and maximum was 26 red. Here is what I got:
light pink: 14
dark pink: 5
red: 26
dark red: 6
orange: 9
gold: 11
yellow: 7
green: 6
light green: 18
royal blue: 2
light blue: 15
turquoise: 3
purple: 9
dark purple: 11
brown: 7
grey/silver: 7
cream: 21
white: 12
black: 11

I rarely write a review, but I felt the need to for this one. After reading a lot of the comments about how many of what color a person might receive, I felt I would roll with it and order anyway since these would be going to kids and they generally don't care what color they get unless it's a boy getting pink. I got 10 of every color packaged in individual bags. I found no product defects at all. I was very impressed about the quantity and quality of the product. OCD people can now order and get an even amount of bags for every color. I did find a package of tiny pink bows (10 bows) stuck to the back of one of the plastic packaging bags. I'm not sure if it was a free gift, but I don't think it was. I am letting you know so that you can adjust your inventory accordingly and file it on your taxes as a loss and get your money back on them. They are really adorable! I will be browsing your shop later to find more like them! Maybe you should start including more free gifts like that to encourage more people to browse your shop and find other cool items that they normally wouldn't bother with. I do hope your shop does have a variety of the tiny bows that was included in my package. I need to order about 500 of them.

Great multi-color organza bags! I liked the variety of colors and the quality was pretty good. They weren't the most expensive & highest quality organza bags, but for the price, I think they're awesome!

These are nice! It was fun to see the rainbow of colors and it was pretty balanced out with there being at least two types of every color (example: orange and peach, hot pink and magenta, lavender and indigo.) I carefully counted every single one and came up short, I got 198 bags instead of 200. This might not seem like much but is a little aggravating because I see other people have had this same issue and I think the company should err on the side of giving a few extra instead of a few less. I took off one star because it doesn’t seem like this is an isolated incident and had I received all 200 this would have been a 5 Star review.
I didn’t pull every single drawstring but the ones I tried worked well and I only noticed one bag with a stitching or drawstring issue, although a lot of the stitching isn’t the best and is a bit crooked the bags are still intact. There may be more that I find as I use these but so far so good. And most of them look very nice. No staining or dirty ones in my order thank goodness because that would be unsettling.
Also they are not quite 4x6, they are a little bit smaller. More like 3.25” by 5.75”.

I am happy with this order and for about 6-7 cents a bag I think they are a great price for craft projects, sachets or small gifts. Shown in my photo is one of those Eos lip things for size reference.

Very pleased to find that there were actually 400 (I ordered 2 packs) pieces and I wasn't shorted, as is usually the case when you order large quantities like this. They are 4"x5.5" as stated by another reviewer, but I find that most times the sizes are rounded up for ease of searching (who searches for 4"x5.5" bags??) Overall, I like the quality and am pleased with this purchase.

I really like these organza bags. I have been searching all over the internet for organza bags. I ran across these and like this set because they are a mix of colors. I bag different craft items, so these work especially well for that. You get 200, so that is a nice amount for the price. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were 10 different colors to match my crafts. It's easier to find my particular item when they are all colored blue, or green, or yellow, etc. Instead, sometimes you get 1 of dark blue and 15 of yellow. But, I'm sure for others, this is fine. I, for my own personal preference, would prefer 10 each of colors. With that said, I have already ordered TWO sets within one week. They do pull well. So far, I've only had one that wouldn't pull correctly. The side seams are sewn pretty well for the most part. I'm sure you could pull apart or destroy them easily, but they are holding up well. The bag, for my craft, is holding 4 oz. The colors are vibrant as well. I would recommend these organza bags and I will be ordering more between now and December for all my craft items that I do. I also have Amazon Prime, so shipping is free! YEA!

This is an updated review .... 5 Stars!!! The business has upgraded their quality! They are packaged individual colors and many colors instead of a lot of a few smashed and folded.

I most certainly will continue to buy from them if they continue with this quality!

I buy these time and time again. What frustrates me is that they come up short. Never over! Please start counting these correctly or I'll find someone else to purchase from.

Another buy from this seller. CONSISTENTLY short on every order. Why are they never over? I order 200, I should receive 200!

Beautiful colors and packaged well. Short on three colors!

These are awesome! I see these in stores-- only one color, 8-20 of them, $8... I am so happy I tried these first. The colors are nice too! I am actually using them for wedding favors (rainbow theme wedding). Only needed 160, but I didnt care for the ivory, brown or dark green so it worked out perfectly! Would recomend. Only "complaint" is a few were dirty (black spots/marks), somewhere broken in the drawstring area, and other easily broke (but 50% my fault--make sure u have both ends and not what looks like both ends of drawstring. Stuffing my 100th or so favor I kinda started getting bored and the semi defective but fixable ones I would pull as is and break it.

Other than that love them (I prob only lost 7-10 bags) id say 4-5 where ruined not involving me. Really not a big deal.


I sell collectibles and like to separate pieces using these mesh bags. My husband had some he purchased to separate screws and bolts and other small pieces he uses in his business, but his were more expensive and not quite as big as these. I ordered these and was immediately impressed by the packaging- all of the bags arrived packaged in a sturdy plastic bag (pretty difficult to tear open), next in a large clear bag, and finally each color was separated into its own bag. I received 10 each of 20 different colors. The assortment is great, the quality is good (if I have any with messed up seams, I own a sewing machine and it’s easy to sew a straight seam), and the price is right. Highly recommend!

Wanted to get something to put cedar chips in to place in families clothing drawers.

This item not only looks good it also holds wood shavings perfectly. My family loves the variety of colors and perfect size. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about moths eating holes in our clothes and the extra bags are perfect for separating and storing plant seeds and some of my jewelry.

These little baggies were great! I ordered the 100 white bags pack and they are great value for the money, however, I had some baggies, I had previously bought at the dollar store and these baggies the top scrunches less than the dollar store ones.. Not a big deal, but felt the extra space up top makes them look cuter. That being said, these are still a bargain so cant really complain and will likely purchase again!

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Specification: Brand: PandaHall Elite Condition: Top quality, long last, durable. Material: Stainless Steel Size: about 10~30mm in diameter; 10mm: about 300pcs; 20mm: about 150pcs; 30mm: about 100pcs; altogether 550pcs/bag. These are Crafts Pom Pom are ideal for creating an amazing range of