Reviews Mudder 50 Pack Organza Gift Bags Wedding Party Favor Bags Jewelry Pouches Wrap, 4 x 4.72 Inches

Mudder 50 Pack Organza Gift Bags Wedding Party Favor Bags Jewelry Pouches Wrap, 4 x 4.72 Inches
Each white organza bag size: approx. 10 x 12 cm/ 4 x 4.72 inches; Available size: approx. 10 x 10 cm/ 4 x 4 inches; Package includes 50 pieces of white organza bags
Easy to open and close with a drawstring: you can put many small things in the bags to tighten the sealing and loose the sealing as you want take the things out
With a satin drawstring ribbon to match the elegant sheer colored organza bag, convenient and beautiful for your various demands
Nice presents for your friends and lovers: organza gift bags are small and exquisite; Good for storing presents in your own style
Common usage: use these organza gift bags to elegantly package items such as wedding favors, soaps, rose petals, candles, potpourri, beads and more

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Perfect for my needs at the right price. Definitely a “value” bag. Very thin and some errors in the stitching, with 3 of the 50 bags completely unusable due to being mis-sewn at the drawstring. Luckily, I only anticipated 40 guests so I had plenty to make favor bags. On the plus side, the thinness of the bag allowed the colors of the candy to really show through, making the bag almost disappear.

If you want to express “luxury” to your favors/give-always/packaging, then this is NOT the bag for you. Splurge for something more than $0.10 a bag. If you want an inexpensive way to split up candy, these do the job!

Every 10 or so is damaged (string is pulled out so it doesn't pull closed) just keep in mind if you need each one in the pack. Otherwise, I really liked these and they looked very nice for wrapping party favors.

UPDATE: After reading my review, the company reached out to me and sent me another complete set free of charge. That's great customer service! I wouldn't hesitate to buy this product again knowing that they are willing to make it right if anything should happen.

For the price these are pretty great, but there were a few "flawed" ones that I'm not using for my wedding favors. Overall, still way cheaper than my local craft stores

I used these little gift bags for my daughter's bridal shower. I put artisan soap in each bag and tied a token key around it, and everyone commented on how beautiful it was. I would definitely buy again! Great for gifting small items!

So the only reason I won't give 5 stars is because the quality control is a little off. 3 of the bags in my package had broken string seals, so they don't close properly, and the bags are also not all exactly the same size. With some of the bags, my item fit perfectly, while others were really snug (the width of the bag must be off a tiny bit).

I purchased these for "hangover kits" in my wedding hotel welcome bag, and they're cute for that!

perfect for the wedding gift bags! Thanks for a great product!

Item was promised for a Wednesday delivery. Didn’t arrive. Promised a Thursday delivery. Didn’t arrive. Bought something similar at Michael’s because I needed to get the work done. Finally they arrived on Friday afternoon. Too late. Sadly. They’re quite nice bags. I’ll have to use them for something else.

Very nice mesh bags. Purchased for several uses and the bags are perfect. I added Silicagel Desiccant beads to them to keep the ammunition dry and recently, tried them out for making cold brew coffee.
The amount of bags and the cost are well worth it.

I used these as a part of a Christmas presents for my family, and I put lavender in the bags. The holes are just large enough to let the scent of the lavender buds through but small enough to keep the dried bud dust in the bag.

These bags were perfect. We used them to make party favors. Good Quality. They are the perfect size to fit a standard tea bag in them, but we used them to hold two or three loose tea pyramids.

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