Reviews Bestty 120 inches Double Scale Soft Tape Measure Flexible Ruler for Weight Loss Medical Body Measuremen Sewing Tailor Cloth Ruler (300cm/120inch)

Bestty 120 inches Double Scale Soft Tape Measure Flexible Ruler for Weight Loss Medical Body Measuremen Sewing Tailor Cloth Ruler (300cm/120inch)

Bestty Double-Scale Soft Tape:
(300cm/120 inch)Long Soft Measure Tape suit for weight loss medical body measuremen sewing tailor cloth ruler,flat surfaces.Make you work more convenient.

1*(300cm/120 inch) Soft Tape.

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It is functional and serves its purpose, however the metal pieces on the end kept falling off while I was taking my measurements. Pretty annoying to say the least... But I still recommend it because it's longer than usual (great for plus sized humans, because people of all sizes exist!) And the numbers were quite large and easily readable so there's no opportunity for mistakes, which is very important for clothing measurements.
I will deduct one star for the loose metal pieces on the end, but a little super glue can easily remedy that... It's still a good sturdy measuring tape and I do recommend it.

This was so helpful when I had to take my own measurements for a dress. It came in a timely manner. For anyone in the 4x range or higher, this is great. It’s very long and easy to read.

So very incredibly smelly, but the measurements are accurate, and it's not quite so smelly anymore.

It holds a weird vinyl-y odor though.

After buying 3 different measuring tapes, THIS one is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It has the correct measurements and is of great quality. Very happy with it.

Great tape measure 120 inches in length

Would purchase again.

I bought this so that I do not make so many mistakes when ordering clothing online

Excellent quality

The tape itself is fine, but the metal part on the ends of the tape measure fall off very easily.

Great tape measure! Longer than average, it makes it much easier to measure.

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