Reviews Keira Prince Happy Birthday Banner, Party Decorations, Versatile, Beautiful, Swallowtail Bunting Flag Garland, Chic White and Gold

Keira Prince Happy Birthday Banner, Party Decorations, Versatile, Beautiful, Swallowtail Bunting Flag Garland, Chic White and Gold

Beautiful Pre-strung white and gold "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" bunting. 13 flag bunting on 2 strands, 2.5m in total length. Ideal for any birthday celebrations. Part of the Keira Prince crafts collection. PLEASE BE ADVISED: We do not buy reviews or give products in exchange for "honest" reviews. All our reviews are written by customers who have purchased our products and felt compelled by their own volition to say something about our products, positive or negative. We use reviews to constantly improve our products and remain a brand our customers can trust.

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I ordered the birthday banner for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It was well packaged and folds out easily. The quality of the letters and the thickness of the cardboard was great (thicker than standard paper but thinner than cardboard) the letters are connected with a white ribbon. I would highly recommend ordering the sign for any birthday party. Another plus, they’re reusable!

I was a little worried when I ordered this due to multiple reviews stating their words were misspelled. Our Happy Birthday was perfectly spelled. The gold lettering is well done on heavy pink cardstock. The sheer organza style ribbon weaves through the holes in the corners of each letter card and the lightweight ribbon is easy to thumbtack to the wall. Our special day was to celebrate the birthdays of two very special women turning 80 and 93. This birthday bunting finished off the decorations and looked fantastic. It's durable enough that we were able to pack it away to use for a grandchild one day.

This banner is a good quality and adorable birthday banner. I used it recently to decorate for a friend’s birthday dinner and she loved it so much she brought it home with her to hang beside the pink helium balloon clusters that I used to flank the banner with at the restaurant. This banner is a great price and I highly recommend it. Just be sure to use strong tape when taking it up. I’m a big fan of using packing tape for that purpose (you can buy smaller quantities of packing tape at the post office).

I put up this bunting for my husband's birthday and I think it looked great! The quality of the cardstock it's made with is nice, and you can reuse it time and time again as long as you fold it up and put it away neatly. I think it's a good decoration for a more mature birthday party or something, and I love the white and gold.

So cute! I'll be able to reuse this but I bought it for my baby's smash pictures. Couldn't be happier. The gold is a nice shiny foil. The banner is the perfect size.

I'm so glad I came across this banner when looking for a 60th birthday banner for my dad. We did an airplane theme for his love of aviation, but all the themed banners just weren't up my alley. This worked perfectly and is gender and theme neutral, so I can really be used for all birthday celebrations! You can hang the banners separately or tie them together for one long banner.

This banner is beautiful!

No spelling errors - which I was a little concerned about given the other reviews.

The "flags" are made of a nice thick bright white card stock. The letters are printed using reflective gold - making it look like gold foil. Comes on a nice white string. The "happy" and "birthday" are separate so you can hang it as shown in the picture.

This would cost between $10 and $15 at a big box store. Great find!

I bought it to decorate a co-worker's desk, and it looks absolutely stunning. Everyone was talking about it and asking where I got it. The only annoying part is that you have to put it together yourself. That being said, you can make it 1 line or 2 that way. It is a bit tedious to put together. Still, it looked incredible.

This banner is beautiful. Just as pictured. I can't wait to use it for my daughter's birthday. I will update with pics later.

Updated with pics! Love it!

I loved the elegant colors of the banner and the simple design. However, buyers should know that the letters do not come strung together so you can't simply remove from package and hang. There's a little work involved. There is one long piece of ribbon that you need to first cut so you can string the words separately. If you are short on time and in the midst of party preparation, like I was, it might be nice to know this little bit of information so that you have time to prepare accordingly.

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