Reviews Silhouette SILHBLADEAUTO Cameo 3 Auto Blade Replacement

Silhouette SILHBLADEAUTO Cameo 3 Auto Blade Replacement

The Silhouette AutoBlade is available exclusively for the CAMEO 3 and Portrait 2. With the AutoBlade, you don’t have to manually adjust your blade! Simply let your machine do all the work for you. The Silhouette Studio® software program will provide recommended cut settings for common material types, and you can adjust them in the software as desired. Then, when you send your design to your Silhouette, your machine will automatically adjust your AutoBlade to the blade setting you chose in the software. Sit back and watch your machine work its magic.

The AutoBlade is made of a sintered tungsten alloy composed of super-fine powder for extra durability.

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The only reason I won't give this 5 stars is that I can't ever get my Cameo 3 to adjust the blade to the correct number that's selected in Silhouette Studio. The blade itself is great and it may be user error, but I always use it on the "ratchet blade" setting and manually set my blade to 2 or 3. From now on I will just buy the ratchet blades and avoid the "fingers-crossed" step where it rotates through all of the blade numbers and lands on the wrong one. (The last time I used this feature, it landed on 10 and cut all the way through my cutting mat)!

I love this blade. It is great for cutting anything. It lasts a long time. This is only
The second one I have had and it’s done wonders. I usually cut things like cardstock or vinyl but it can cut fabric and even thicker cardboard. I have zero complaints for this type of blade

worked well great replacement blade

Have always bought my replacement blades from here and never had a problem with them at all. Always what I expect and the same product that you would buy in stores.

I ordered this blade as a backup to the one that came with my Silhouette Cameo 3. I just started using it a few days ago. It fits my machine perfectly and cuts like a dream. I think it cuts better than the original blade that came with my machine. Love it

The ratchet blade for the cameo 3 works well. Bought this as a replacement blade after the original finally wore out after a ton of projects.

Love these silhouette auto blades, I always have a few extra handy since I cut so much. I have a different blade for vinyl and cardstock.

Love the auto blade, it works the first time every time. I don’t even have to test cut.

I bought this as a second autoblade so I have one for cutting vinyl and another for cutting cardstock. Very convenient having 2 blades

Love the new auto blade for the Cameo 3. Needed to have a back up and this was a good price. Bought several. Came in good time good packaging.

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