Comments about Technology

The Irish company Neuromod Devices has developed a device called Lenire, which is designed to treat tinnitus - chronic noise and tinnitus. This device was the embodiment of the ideas and research of a number of groups from Germany, the USA, Great Britain and other countries. About 270 volunteers
A team of enthusiasts from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands completed the ambitious Luca project. This is the name of a small yellow car, which almost entirely consists of skillfully recycled garbage. It is not created for practical operation, but as a clear, valid
Chemists from the American University in Washington (USA) created a carbon-based catalyst, which for the first time in history turned out to be more effective than platinum. And helped them in this natural energy concentrator - spinach. The new catalyst will find use in fuel cells of the future,
Wood glass is not fantastic, but a product of modern technologies. Our usual quartz sand glass has many drawbacks, the main ones being that it passes heat from the room outside in winter and does not prevent its penetration into the summer. As a result - impressive bills for heating and
American scientists have taken the initiative to introduce monitoring of the movement of whales near the coast of California in order to minimize collisions of animals with ships. In the Santa Barbara Strait, dozens of such incidents are recorded annually and often fatal. And in order not to
In Costa Rica, a successful experiment was conducted to identify wildlife smuggling routes, assisted by high technology. Employees of the Paso Pacifico environmental agency used the development of scientists from the University of Kent - a fake turtle egg. A GPS module was installed inside it,
Researchers at the University of Iowa (USA) gave hope to all people with type 2 diabetes. They developed a device that, without contact with the body, can lower a patient's blood sugar, normalizing the patient's condition. No injections, preparations and implant installations are required - the
Startup Bolt Threads developed Mylo material based on mycelium (filamentous roots of mushrooms), which interested large clothing manufacturers Adidas (Germany) and Lululemon (Canada). Their management has already announced investments in Bolt Threads in order to further use unique material for
Aston Martin announced its readiness to begin construction of an ultramodern mansion for luxury and comfort connoisseurs. Such a house from designers of elite cars will cost at least $7.7 million, and will be called "Sylvan Rock." The future masterpiece of architecture, as it is famous in the
Command Sight began developing a unique version of augmented reality - for dogs. This is an order from the American military research structure Army Research Laboratory. The technology is not intended for all dogs, but only for those who are in the service and are forced to carry out missions in
The Pentagon Transport Command and SpaceX are joining forces to explore the possibility of using missiles for high-speed cargo delivery around the world. At first glance, the idea is very tempting and technically quite feasible, but not everything is so simple. So, a rocket launched from
# ing0 #. Thanks to the unique synthetic stone and 3D building printers, Mighty Buildings learned to print full-fledged houses with an area of 33 sq.m. in just 24 hours. And this is not just a conceptual experiment - the startup is already actively building 3D houses in California and is
Atlas Obscura found in the American archives a curious patent dated 1930. Its author, Helen Shelby, was convinced of the effectiveness of the symbiosis of the latest technologies and the ancient beliefs of people in the supernatural. She offered to build a car to interrogate criminals, which
The Estonian company Skeleton Technologies announced the signing of an agreement of intent with an unnamed automaker, in the framework of which it intends to supply batteries of a new type worth at least a billion euros. The novelty was called simple - SuperBattery. It was developed together with
Recently, Minnesota published statistics on what materials and how much the US funeral industry uses annually. Among them are 3.8 million liters of embalming liquid, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze, 91,440 m of boards, 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete, 14,000 tons of steel. This means that
Modern tool or stainless steel is created with the addition of chromium and it is believed that this most important invention was made very recently - at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. However, recently scientists from University College in London (UK) received evidence that people learned to
The Idaho National Laboratory at the US Department of Energy, together with Texas A & M University and Clean Core Thorium Energy, began work on introducing a new type of fuel at nuclear power plants. It is called ANEEL (Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life) and is distinguished by the fact
Microsoft successfully completed the second stage of the Project Natick program, raising its experimental underwater data center to the surface. He worked underwater for two years, setting a kind of record. During the first stage, a small and simple module was lowered for only three months, in
Meet Card V. Card is the world's first multi-user bank account. This is an account that many people have access to, and from which you can spend money without investing your own funds. The only snag is that 499 other people have access to it, who are trying to empty it before you do. Here is
British scientists from the University of Newcastle have developed a technology for storing and storing energy using "thermal power units." Its prospects are so great that a new company MGA Thermal has already been established, which is embarking on the construction of a plant for their production
Austrian scientists, together with colleagues from Finland, are completing the development of technology for the industrial production of a new synthetic skin substitute. They chose mushrooms as the main material and learned how to process them so that the resulting material is "visually and
The list of everyday things that are released in a special "gamer" performance was joined... chewing gum. This is the work of Razer, which launched the new gum Respawn by 5. According to her assurances, she helps gamers "maintain focus and reaction speed" during the game. This is not the first
In Brisbane, Australia, a building project has been developed that will have more trees than in a neighboring city park. This is the Urban Forest project - a 30-story high-rise house with 382 apartments, on the facade, the roof and terraces of which will be planted more than 1000 trees and 20,000
Scientists from Stanford University (USA) have introduced a new algorithm for analyzing the behavior of photons, which allows you to recognize objects hidden behind a permeable barrier. It can be fog, heavy rain, snowfall or haze, and foam was used in the laboratory to test the technology. The
A year after the debut at the headquarters of Neuralink, its head, Elon Musk, held a presentation of the V2 module, an active implant for direct connection to the brain of a living creature. It is assumed that in the end the Neuralink technology will be used for people, but the presentation was
As renewable energy increases, the need for new storage technologies increases. The Scottish company Gravitricity is working on the creation of a new experimental plant that will store gravity energy by lifting and lowering heavy loads weighing from 500 to 5,000 tons. The principle of operation
Scientists at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have been able to develop a method for creating holograms similar to those shown in the film Star Wars. For this, engineers used carefully selected nanomaterials, with the help of which they achieved such refraction of light that it
Materials with the ability to return to their original state after deformation are widely used in the aerospace industry, robotics, and even in the field of fashion. Researchers at Harvard University managed to get new material from woolen waste with properties that allow it to be used to create
The project of a low-power and small-sized nuclear reactor for energy generation NuScale officially recognized as safe by decision of the US state regulator. The application was submitted back in 2017, and all this time experts meticulously studied the project. Everyone remembers the events of
According to scientists, in the giant garbage islands, increasingly found in the expanses of the world's oceans, there is much less garbage than at its bottom. As part of the new SeaClear project, with financial support from the European Union, it is planned to collect most of it using autonomous
The final of the AlphaDogfight Challenge competition, organized by DARPA, was held with the participation of US military and major contractors, including Lockheed Martin. The winner was Heron Systems, whose AI-equipped fighter in a simulator training battle defeated a professional fighter pilot
University of California cryptography specialist Stuart Schechter has developed a set of cubes that allows you to solve many problems of modern passwords. It consists of 25 cubes with numbers and symbols, with which you can generate a mathematically unpredictable crypto-resistant password of any