Comments about Technology

The SkywatcherVR studio developed the application for virtual reality under the name "Instrument Studio VR". It is the first and still unique system for record of music in virtual reality. More precisely, it is the full copy of usual recording studio postponed to virtual Wednesday. The author of
It is impossible to imagine the next CES without Samsung. CES 2020 which is coming in January will not become an exception – visitors of an exhibition are expected by the newest developments of the company. One of them – SelfieType technology in which it is involved the selfie chamber of the
The Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology is known around the world as the producer of a camouflage. In October of last year she submitted the application for obtaining the patent for the thin inexpensive camouflage material "Quantum Stealth" which is not demanding the power supply that does
Long time science fiction writers and authors of movies about the future promised emergence of "live" holograms which will become a part of our everyday life. Characteristic example: the first episode Star Wars – New hope, appeared in far 1977. Since then scientists considerably succeeded in this
The Heliogen company declared overcoming in California a basic boundary - its installation on concentration of solar energy managed to warm a target up to the temperature more than 1000 °C. This opens the way for the use of similar systems in heavy industry as an alternative heat source for
London-based startup Geomiq has announced a search for those wishing to earn money on their own face by officially selling it to a robotics company. No, there will be no cutting of skin in the literal sense, it is only about copyright and the possibility to use the appearance of a particular
Last week the administration of the Chinese city of Guangzhou gave an unusual and ambiguous gift to 17000 school students of elementary grades – smartchasa with the GPS function which keep track of their location. As reported the local news edition Guangzhou Daily, thus the first step on
On July 15 the head of the Bank of England Mark Carney reported that on the new banknote of 50 pounds sterling which will be introduced into circulation by the end of 2021 the image of Alan Turing, one of the ancestors of cryptography, informatics and artificial intelligence will appear. At the
The latest developments in the 3D area - the seals perhaps will lead to emergence in U.S. Army of new generation of bullet-proof vests already soon. Their structure is borrowed from sinks of abalones – galiotis. Thanks to technology of the three-dimensional press, it will be directly possible to
Scientists from the Technical university of Munich developed structures for biometric patterns which can become the first practical tattoos indicators in the world. The concept remains the same — to create simple drawings on a body of the person which change the color in response to
The Pampers company submitted the answer to competitors of Huggies and their to "an intellectual diaper" Monit which entered the market in South Korea recently. Unlike it, development of Pampers Lumi represents the whole complex on observation of the baby. Diapers, activity sensors, the
The European Space Agency ordered a series of researches within development of manufacturing techniques of building materials from lunar regolith. Today it is clear that just to mix dust and soil with cement a little – "lunar bricks" have to perform many atypical functions. The new research is
The authorities of Egypt within development of tourism industry opened one of little-known pyramids for access for visitors. It was constructed for the Pharaoh Snefera 4600 years ago, however his mummy is not there and its location is unknown. The pyramid draws attention with the curved form and
Robots possess reaction which much more exceeds human. Matter not only in superfast drives, but also in the systems of perception and control which surpass our brain and nervous system in the opportunities. But it can be changed if to entrust management of our muscles to robots and to force them
Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology together with engineers of Sanoh Industrial developed technology of "the stabilized thermal cells" which has to replace standard geothermal power plants. It eliminates their main defect – need to use the heat carrier with a temperature near
We already reported about an unusual know-how of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games 2020 – production of medals from the gadgets which served the term and utilized. Now organizers presented design of medals and counted how many precious metals managed to be collected. The project under
CERN found a way to use the cooling system of the Large Hadron Collider. It is decided to be connected to the geothermal store of energy in the neighboring commune of Fern-Voltaire. The excess of heat from installation will be able to warm free of charge housing for 8,000 people. The collider
The new electronic glove from the Swiss engineers brings technology of recognition of gestures to unprecedentedly high level in comparison with the existing samples. Besides, the device works in complete darkness, and costs of its production and operation promise to be tempting low. The idea to
The new application for virtual reality developed by the German scientists from the University Duysberg-Essen showed impressive and a little frightening results. It turned out that at the due level of immersion in virtual reality to the person very just to forget about existence of the body and to
The idea to receive energy from tires of the rotating automobile wheels was voiced for the first time by the Goodyear company. It consists that due to special structure of a protector thermal energy in it will be transformed to electric. Throughout this subject the Japanese company Sumimoto
The Canadian network of restaurants of Tim Hortons fast food signed the contract with JUST Inc. on delivery of the product which is an analog of eggs. It is entirely made of the proteins extracted from vegetable raw materials and neither to chickens, nor has no relation to meat food. And it is
Between the person and a dog 15,000 years there is close and mutually advantageous connection because these animals can understand the teams expressed in the most different ways. Dogs are capable to learn to react to the speech, sounds and even visual gestures. And now at Ben Gurion's University
The world is included into an era of "human-machine interfaces" which use electrophysiological signals for control of different mechanisms. It means, for example, that the disabled person should not press the — button; it is enough to set a leg and its carriage will go in the necessary
The largest Russian agroholding "Rusagro" together with the developer company of artificial intelligence for Cognitive Technologies UAVs creates an autonomous control system of agricultural machinery. With its help it is supposed to process about 665,000 hectares of the earth in the Belgorod
The UN Studio company following the results of a difficult competition is chosen for design of the Russian part of the cableway through Amur River. It has to connect the boundary cities of Blagoveshchensk and Heihe and by that to become the first-ever highway of this kind between the different
The Californian startup of Sierra Energy presented FastOx technology which is developed for total utilization of garbage. Waste of all types it is possible is not simply guaranteed to destroy without harm for the environment, but also to receive from them raw materials to which there will be a set
As the Military Times newspaper reported, specialists of the Pentagon work on creation of fighting systems which use lasers for transfer of sound signals and even the human speech at long distances to specific people. Now a number of projects is devoted to ways of impact on crowd by means of laser
One of the most famous unmaskers of the last years, the ex-employee of CIA and the NSA Edward Snowden wrote the book "In Permanent Record" with memories of the life and activity. The former analyst and the expert in IT sphere still lives in Moscow that in the homeland, in the USA, many treat as
Civil protests and disorders in Hong Kong reached the new level when instead of Molotov cocktails and tear gas higher technologies were put to use. If earlier protesters hid faces under bandages and masks, then now they armed with powerful laser lamps. With their help rebels try to put out of
The Japanese government prepares for start of the extensive program of stimulation of innovations which has to capture 25 key areas on a piece till 2050. Will look for and develop new decisions not only at themselves, but also worldwide, will allocate $1 billion for these purposes each 5 years.
The old sarcophagus built over the destroyed 4th power unit of the CNPP can collapse at any time, the Chernobyl NPP GSP management company reports. The construction which is hastily built by heroic efforts of 600,000 Soviet workers and engineers keeps on the place only due to gravitation today.
At the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles the Japanese engineers from the Keyo University presented a new nonconventional element for future exoskeletons – a robotic tail. Unlike already available toys in online stores, this device has practical appointment. The mobile and flexible tail serves as