Comments about Technics

to the Leader in the field of development of tidal turbines the Scottish engineering company Scotrenewables Tidal Power has reported about what the prototype of the turbine SR2000 with a power of 2 MW created by her for a year of continuous work near the Orkney Islands has developed 3 gvtch
The Israeli company DSRider I have developed the universal single electric vehicle combining properties of the ATV and sigveya – EZRider. He is designed, first of all, for fighters of special forces. Representatives of police, emergency services and just fans of walks on "wheels" will also be able
Hera – the mighty and vindictive Ancient Greek goddess who doesn't suffer the competition. And, probably, not accidentally marketing specialists of the Curtiss company have chosen this name for designation of future electrobike whose concept was named "the goddess of jotas sorts". He will leave in
In the western media have begun to discuss information leakages about the underwater UAV code-named Tsefalopod which Russia allegedly develops from the 2015th. Very speaking name – in biology of a tsefalopodama call deep-water squids to whom on forces and to liking to give battle even to a
Just few months ago the Chinese company Geneinno has presented to on Kickstarter the underwater Titan UAV operated from the coast or from the surface vessel. And here in line next novelty — the underwater Trident scooter intended for fans of diving. set two screws providing draft of
Representatives of the Hungarian company Narke have reported that development of the first-ever production electric Electrojet wet bike was in the home stretch. shouldn't Speak about any breakthrough ideas in relation to Electrojet: he differs from petrol "fellow" only in existence of the
As the representative of the Airbus company has reported, her UAV on solar Zephyr batteries during the first flight has set a world record. He started in Arizona on July 11 then has continuously stayed in air of 25 days 23 hours and 57 minutes. Should be specified, however, that it has
The Director of Drone Racing League Ryan Guri together with the team of engineers have created the quadcopter capable to disperse up to 289 km/h. He was already included in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest racing drone on the earth. And it isn't surprising as the previous maximum
Department of the environment of Philippines Now realizes the large-scale project on disembarkation of millions of saplings of a bamboo for prevention of an erosion of soils. It will give to the 2020th huge amount of almost gratuitous construction material and enthusiasts have been given green
Last year engineers from Laboratory of intellectual systems of the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL) is created have submitted the concept of the flying drone at which masts with engines could be disconnected from the case at blow. And automatically to fasten back, reducing risks of
to If instead of the person of a pedal twists the electric motor, then about what physical activity can there be a speech? Sounds logically, but the alternative hypothesis has been made two years ago. First, even by modern electrobicycles it is necessary to twist pedals sometimes nevertheless.
Of Tesla has started sale of the limited series of the surfboards made with use of the same materials as her cars. Despite cost in 1500 dollars, all 200 copies have been reserved in day of start of sales. The producer promises to make them within two-ten weeks. Elon Musk has involved in
to now Richard Browning has founded the Gravity company only a year ago, but during this time she already has managed to become the known brand, thanks to creation of suits for individual flights. His last achievement – the Iron Man suit equipped with the 1050 horsepowers jet engine. of
than the French company MG Tech has presented the new bicycle bent shaft Ultime Ti with the clever system of planetary transfers. His system twists a chain on 10,8  % quicker than the standard mechanism. As a result, the wide range of transfers and effective switching allow the equestrian
isn't necessary to the Canadian aircraft-building company Opener Inc. I have presented the personal vehicle under the name BlackFly. It is the single plane with function of vertical take off and landing which has the electrical power plant. It is so simple and compact that for management they
The French company Akka Technologies has developed the concept of new flying transport which can replace traditional planes the same as electric vehicles force out cars from DVS. The idea of "Link & Fly" is called and she has already drawn attention to Boeing and also large investors of Asia who
The Ex-racer of Formula One from Brazil, and nowadays the producer of conceptual motorcycles, to Tarsus Markis has constructed extremely unusual vehicle. It is difficult to call this car the motorcycle — it is rather, a fantastic combination from the motor and two huge bezosevy wheels with a
Of Ninebot, the parent company Segway, has intrigued media with the message about preparation of set of details by means of which it will be possible to collect quickly cards, using as a basis classical sigvy. Representatives of the company have laid out several advertizing pictures of what will
the Minister of Defence of Great Britain at opening of the international air show has presented to conceptual model of the Tempest fighter to Farnborough – "Storm". It will become one of the first fighters of the sixth generation in the world — and at the same time especially British
Last October will look so the British space company Hybrid Air Vehicles has announced plans of creation of the elite turistrichesky version of the industrial Airlander airship. The car has received the Airlander-10 index, it intends for long slow air voyages in the most comfortable situation for
The Fleet of the ships from all Pacific Rim which is on the international sea exercises RIMPAC-2018 now, it has appeared under fixed observation of the Chinese espionage vessel. According to US Navies the ship the collector of intelligence information represents Type 815 Dongdiao. The vessel
Rider V-21 – the strategic bomber of the U.S. Air Force of new generation intended for overcoming air defense of the opponent in the "invisible" mode gradually becomes "invisible being" for the American taxpayers in a funding plan of his development. Referring to need of protection of
the Producer of the shock Apache AH-64 helicopters the Boeing company intends to prolong them active "life" to the middle of the 21st century. Already shortly she will make and sell up to 100 upgraded machines worldwide a year. AH-64 have been taken advantage in the early eighties. As reports
Of Force of a special purpose of the USA (U. S. Special Operations Forces) have the whole park of portable field workshops where it is possible to repair and even to modify the used equipment. Their full name – mobile technological repair complexes — MTRC (Mobile Technology Repair Complexes).
In the naval center Panama City (NSWC), the State of Florida, tests of a new rebrizer of MK29 by means of which divers will be able to plunge and work at depth more than 70 meters have begun. Testing takes place within the TechSolutios program of Management of sea researches (ONR Global). In
The Bicycle is very popular in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries. And still to some fans to twist pedals sometimes there is a wish to increase the efforts, for example, on rise. Not everyone wants to buy the bicycle on electrodraft in the presence of quite serviceable usual:
To Inveterate cyclists it is necessary to change often tires depending on conditions of the forthcoming trip. It also was an incitement for creation of set of replaceable 568-gram tires with different protectors on a lightning — reTyre developed by the Norwegian experts. reTyre are mounted
, has presented the last novelty – hoverbota. She very reminds fantastic boots which carry the owner on the road without any efforts from his party, not by the form, and in fact. Constructive it is couple of mini-platforms with motors and the mechanism of balancing which fasten on each leg. Each
The Flying Flyer car – a child of a startup of Kitty Hawk acquired by the co-founder of Google Larry Page who Wright has received the name in honor of the airplane firstborn of Brothers. Flyer is a threefold hybrid of a seaplane, the quadcopter and electric vehicle weighing 113 kg. The aircraft
Often should leave to Owners of bicycles which have no garage, and in the apartment – excess square meters the two-wheeled assistants under the open sky, fastened to the next crossbeam without any guarantees that they won't become an easy mark of pilferers. The Alpen Storage company (USA) has
Specialists of the British auto giant Jaguar have proved in new role, having created the unique high-speed electroboat Jaguar Vector Racing V20E which already has managed to set a world record of speed among vessels of the class – 142,6 km/h. It was promoted the small weight of the vessel – only
under patronage of Boeing A year ago the competition "Go Fly" with prize fund in $2 million started. Its participants were offered to design the personal flying means with the simplest management and service. Key requirement: transportation of one person on distance in 20 miles (36 km) at one gas