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The last four years the Virgin Orbit company actively is engaged in development of the system of air start of the carrier rocket from a board of the modified Boeing 747. And here, at last, on July 11 over the Californian desert the first start-up took place. However, it is possible to call this
For many years all new planes passed standard tests for durability at possible collision with birds. However everything the increasing army of UAVs of similar tests is still not provided in the relation. Specialists of the German institute of short-term dynamics of Fraunhofer undertook to
The authorities of New South Wales (Australia) started in the city of Kofs-Harbor the second stage of the BusBot program for operation of pilotless public transport in actual practice. Initially EZ10 robots shuttles from the EasyMile company carried vacationers along pier, but now entrusted them
So far as concerns rescue drowning, the account goes for minutes. It was in recent years created already much smart saving devices. Among them there are an Iranian flying Pars robot rescuer and a self-propelled remotely-controlled board of U-Safe of the Noras Performance company. The new
The Swiss startup of Flybotix presented the first model of the bikopter with the coaxial layout of screws. His developer – the designer of drones from ETH Zurich Samir Buabdalla. The engineer managed to find a simple and effective solution of a problem of all small screw UAVs. The scope of
During the traditional military parade in honor of the Bastille Day in Paris there took place demonstration of a hoverbord of Flyboard Air. Display caused very active discussion in social networks. It is worth beginning with the fact that the armed pilot of a hover was not a serviceman of the
Probably, in hope to blow the mind of the next generation of aviation engineers, the Airbus company presented at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show in Great Britain a design concept of the plane of the future of Bird of Prey. One of problems of all "related" products – their similarity
The sea administration of Sweden conducted early studies of an underwater object of "Okant Skepp" that in translation from Swedish means "the unknown ship". Experts consider that he is at least 500 years old and the vessel quite could not have the official name as in those days it was not
The autonomous patrol boat Pacific 950 developed by BAE System is intended for fight against sea pirates, the organization of border control, conducting investigation and safety at the sea. It represents the autonomous vessel capable to act alone up to 10 days, to overcome up to 550 km and to
Orientation to unusual conceptual cars of the future is characteristic of the Tokyo International motor show. In this sense the single device Tritown designed by Yamaha looks a little strange — but, nevertheless, the company is sure of its commercial prospect. Now it passes a series of
The group of the British handymen created tank "limousine" of TankLimo, having welded among themselves two real armored personnel carriers. At it exclusively peace purpose – to transport the wealthy passengers capable to lay out for lease of once fighting vehicle 2000 dollars a day. TankLimo is a
As Public service of news of China — reports; China News Service, group of the Chinese engineers develops completely electric helicopter. The AC311 helicopter will become the platform for tests. According to the chief designer Deng Jinghueya, in the beginning developers intend to connect the
Control systems of drones popular today from the first person are FPV — transfer "picture" of rather mediocre quality to points of the operator. At the same time cameras of drones of the DJI Phantom and Mavic series broadcast the image of high resolution on the controllers. However the
The Pentagon started start of air balls spies for observation of citizens and vehicles in the territory of the USA. Official motivation of this campaign — "to provide the constant system of observation for detection and control of drug trafficking and threats of internal security". In fact,
In 2015 in Australia work on the new version of a hydrocycle – with the electrical power plant began. Another grew up from this project — "WaveFlyer" called the first-ever electrohydrocycle on underwater wings. The principle of the double course is the cornerstone of the concept of
The Norwegian company Hurtigruten announced a successful completion of tests of the new ship – the cruise liner with the hybrid power plant. The vessel "MS Roald Amundsen" received the name in honor of the famous polar researcher and is intended for work in northern latitudes. It became the
Prevention of collisions of drones in air with other objects – a difficult task for which still there is no final decision. The option was offered also by the Chinese company DJI. From next year it intends to install special detectors of safety on new models of drones. Before DJI already
"Engineers built the ISS that people could survive in space. And we gave them the chance to enjoy life". Being guided by this principle, the former senior architect on interiors in NASA, Garret Fini, after retirement was engaged in design of the mobile real estate. Housing on wheels — is
The state railway company of China (CRRC) created a prototype of the superfast passenger express on a magnetic pendant. It is expected that it will gather speed to 600 km/h. The beginning of operation is planned for 2021. According to the deputy chief engineer of CRRC heading the project Ding
In the park Canadian the Clearpath Robotics company replenishment – the old model of the sea Kingfisher UAV evolved in the new device Heron. It was christened "a water multikopter" that precisely captures the car essence. Compact, maneuverable, autonomous and almost unsinkable — and
The new model of the Z740R ZTrak lawn-mower will receive from the John Deere company instead of standard wheels innovative tires of Tweel. They are distinguished by a special hollow design – there is no camera for air, instead of it functions of the shock-absorber are performed by wheel needles.
Experienced fishermen know well that to catch fish from the boat much more effectively, than from the coast. For this purpose two main types of boats – usual and inflatable are, as a rule, used. However transportation of the first requires the special trailer, and the second possess the minimum
In 2022 Naval Forces of Japan will receive series 30FFM frigate equipped with one of the most powerful centers of fighting information in the world — on arms; "Advanced Integrated CIC". It represents the massif of video monitors, the equipment of augmented reality and big tables with tactile
The team of engineers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands developed the smallest racing drone in the world which is capable to participate in competitions in completely automatic mode. They made break in the industry – for minimization of weight and the sizes removed almost
The person with healthy legs practically does not notice how they react to an uneven surface. Absolutely in a different way the situation at the disabled person on artificial limbs is for whom walking on the cross-country terrain is the whole problem fraught with falling and even injuries. The
The newest and advanced model of a multikopter from DJI entered the market without advertizing and practically without publicity. On that is the reasons is not just very expensive commercial device, but the professional mobile platform for cinema. To trust management of such system even to
Flying-V concept – the joint project of the leading Dutch airline — KLM company and TU Delft. By calculations of developers, already almost ready prototype of this plane in the form of the flying wing will spend on 20 % less fuel, than Airbus A350-900. Flying-V — length; 55,
Tony "Brik" Wilson by right is considered the veteran of the U. S. Air Force and one of test pilots who gave the permit into the sky to the fighter of the 5th generation F-35. He told about the operation and opportunities of the new machine during the video tour for users of YouTube.
It is quite obvious that in the nearest future there will be whole flotillas of the flying cars, but since next month over New York — taxi helicopters will begin to ply; Uber Copter. A trip, weeds more true, it is possible to order by means of the application of Uber along still only route
Recently over vineyards in the region the Pediment that in the south of France, the rumble of UAVs is even more often heard. Wine makers appeared among those who actively develop the sky for collecting important information — search of sick plants, forecast of a harvest, drawing up cards of
This fall the U. S. Army will test the GPS system, new, steady against hindrances, which will be able to resist muffling of a signal. It is easy to guess that inactivation of GPS will inevitably lead to paralysis in management of troops, will make impossible aiming at targets of rockets and
Lawn-mower of the Honda — company; Mean Mower V2 returned itself a rank of the fastest in the world, having dispersed up to 243 km/h and having shown at the same time the world's best ratio of power to weight. The former record on this indicator belonged. . . Bugatti Chiron. The record