Airhead 2 Rider Tube Rope, 2 Sections with Float

Airhead 2 Rider Tube Rope, 2 Sections with Float

AIRHEADВ® 2 Rider 2 Section Tube Rope - This tube tow rope has 2 sections, giving you the option to be either 50 or 60 feet behind the boat depending on wake and water conditions. The pre-stretched UV-resistant 7/16 inch diameter 16-strand rope exceeds the 2,375 pound break strength required by the WSIA for 2-rider tubes. A Rope Keeper is included for convenient storage.

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Comments / reviews:
Very good quality rope; have used to pull two young adults on large tube. The two separate sections is why I bought this particular model. Only wanted the 40' section so could extend a bungee equipped tow rope. Works great and the smaller diameter rope makes it easier to stow and use the velcro organizer when rolling up.

Cheap tube tower, dragged two person tube at 45mph for 7 miles. Put some heave passengers on the tube.

Whipped it around and abused it all last summer. I would buy another

For occasional use this is fine. If you were using everyday or for professional use, I don't know. We have had this for a couple years and has held up well. Airhead products can't be beat for price and value.

I have purchased a number of these over the years. They work well and the best I have found for pulling tubes. They should be replaced every other season. I would not buy extra until the season you want to replace, as I think that the age of the rope has an effect on the brake down of the plastic as well as wear and weight.

I like it, the 2 colors are great. Comes with a Velcro strap which is nice. Already used it twice, didn't snap so I guess it works

Nice tow rope. The float on the 2nd section of rope tends to be the perfect length to send a rooster tail of water onto the tuber. We did have one strand somehow get cut. But overall, a really nice soft tow rope.

This rope is perfect for what we use it for. I bought it to pull the tube behind the boat. Very light weight and the velcro storage strap is nice too. When I am finished with the rope, I wrap it up with the strap and hang it by the eye hole. Very nice feature, so the rope doesn't get tangled and in a mess for next time.

Pretty good line, but Walmart sells one of Airheads which is much thinner for a better price.

Nice floating, tube rope. Works well!

We got the Airhead tube rope at the same time we purchased the Big Mabel Double Rider. We have only used it a few times but so far It works great.

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