O'Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Tow Tube, 70-Inch

O'Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Tow Tube, 70-Inch

The Screamer family of tubes is our bestselling line of tubes. They are the biggest bang for your watersports buck, the construction and quality have been proven over many years by tough testing on the water. The Super Screamer is 70" round and is constructed of 26 gauge PVC with a fully covered 420D nylon cover. This tube will be sure to make you Scream.

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Comments / reviews:
Very happy with the quality and the cost of this tube. I was looking at Dicks and they wanted $200+ for any tube they sold. I bought this and a solo for the same price and had them overnighted when I first got my boat. We were on the water minutes after fedex showed up and we were all very pleased. The tube is large so I would consider having a pump on board so you could inflate and deflate if you need to free up space. The four handles are a must and the large quick connect fitting is a must (this didn't come on my solo and I had to purchase one) as well. The tube nosed over a time or two when we cut it but I think that's more driver error than the tube itself. I'm very happy I bought this tube and would highly recommend.

We spend a lot more money on our last tube. It got a hole in it and the top tore apart within two years. Plus we just couldn't get it to swing very fast behind our pontoon (yes we are those crazy parents that love to throw people off the tube). So we decided to go with something a little less expensive so in case the same thing happened at least we weren't out as much money. This the had great reviews so we gave it a shot. We have two teenage daughters and they LOVE IT! It goes a lot faster and it a fun ride! It does tend to sometimes fly a little on corners, which is fun for our girls, but I know it may scare some, especially smaller kids. Great fit for our family!

Waste of money!! I bought this in anticipation of grandkids visit. They arrived a few weeks after I bought it. They used it one weekend and after they left the whole thing swelled up like a beach ball. Too late to return. They weigh under 100 lbs so it's not a weight issue. Now they're coming back in a couple weeks and all I have is a $160 beach ball. Update; I contacted O'Brien and they sent me a new one. This one works fine.

We bought this tube for floating mainly and it has served terrific on several trips even with sharp dog's nails. Excellent quality and plenty of room. Love It!

I love this and so does my family it's easy to get on because it is not as tall as are others and I love the neoprene cover and how big it is the only draw back is it takes up a lot of the room in the boat if it's aired up

Great tube. Rugged until the weather hits it. I have purchased a new one every two or three seasons and am on my 5th o'Brien tube. I would give it 5 stars but they don't last. I stick with this one because I feel confident in its safety and think the weather affects all of them similarly.

I can't give it 5 stars for several reasons. 1. It shipped with a hole. 2. It submarines too easily. It is big and can fit two teens easily but at low speeds it wants to go underwater.

Kids are having fun on this and so far it's holding up well. The only issue we have had is the wind gets under it sometimes. I'm considering buying two of the smaller sized single rider tubes instead.

with the hook attachment on top, there is no more issues with water in the face or rope in the water

Great tube at a reasonable price. Would recommend to others.

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