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Take a snooze, and find your place in the sun on the Siesta Lounge. Very portable for relaxing wherever you want. From the pool to the lake, its up to you.

Relax on the water with the Siesta Lounge from Sportstuff. This inflatable, floating lounge allows you to stretch out completely with a fold-out footrest, or dangle your feet in the water to cool off. The roomy lounge seat has a full, inflatable backrest and wide armrests that house molded cup holders and zippered compartments, perfect for sunscreen and other necessities. Constructed with a heavy-duty nylon cover and a heavy-gauge, PVC bladder, the Siesta Floatable Lounge is built for years of use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder
  • Durable nylon cover
  • Inflatable backrest
  • Zippered storage compartments
  • Cup holders
  • Folding, inflatable footrest
  • Built-in handles
  • Inflated Dimensions: 21 by 68 by 40 inches (HxLxW)

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Comments / reviews:
Love it, love it, love it! I wanted a floater I could sit in and read in the water or just float around while hooked up to the boat. This is AWESOME! The leg rest float in the water and keep your legs up without sinking. The cup holders work great and are made of hard plastic, so your drink doesn't fall over. I like the fact that it has different zippered compartments where you blow the device up. It's not one plug you use to put air into the entire chair. There are different plugs placed in different sections so you can adjust the amount of air to fit your needs. The little zipper compartment is nice to have, but I don't recommend putting anything you want to keep dry in it, because it's not made for that reason. The only thing I would change are the air tubes inside the material. When I deflated it, I didn't realize the tubes inside would move around. The next time I went to use it, I had to adjust the tubing to get the plugs into the correct place. Just beware when you take the air out. Beside that, I would buy another one of these without hesitation.

Just purchased the sixth of these. We always have two available. My grand children love them. The outer material lasts about three years after sitting in the Florida sun and being used in my pool. The material starts to fade, gets a bit moldy and becomes brittle from the pool chemicals in that it tears easily. I save the inner air bags in case one of my others gets a leak.

I am 6'4" and around 260 lbs. It holds me perfectly.

Love this float! I'm disabled, having a major knee replacement so it's difficult to get comfortable. I got this for a 3.5-4 hour river float trip I was going on with many others. I was absolutely the most comfortable the entire float! The float was easy going, however, I had an ore and my teen son attached to me so that we could maneuver if needed. It would have been nearly impossible to control otherwise. It would be better to move around in if the pillow part was only as large as the yellow fabric instead of being the entire back? Also, when pumping it up, you need to hold the fabric around the cup holders and make sure inner is in right position. Other than these few things, all was perfect! Comfort is beyond and durability is great! I didn't run into any log jams, bushes or anything like that but the material feels really durable so I wasn't concerned. This was an annual float and I guarantee, there will be more of these floats on it next year!

Found out some years back that I was allergic to rubber, as in inner tubes. It's a family tradition to float the river every year. I found this lounger float years ago and it's held up so well, we bought this one to replace hubby's that wore out floating the river. It's perfect, like floating in a recliner as we go down the river.

My wife and I bought two of these for a vacation we took this summer. We're both very, very happy we did. I spent at least two hours online and more time in stores looking for the perfect lake float, and I am happy to report that I came very close with this lounge.

Once a year our family gets together for a few days on a remote New England lake, and at least one of those days is dedicated to anchoring our floats about 80 feet from the shoreline and basking in the sun with a few beverages and hours of conversation and catching up with each other. It is a little bit of a competition regarding who has the nicest float, and our lounges were very popular. When I wasn't in the water, one of my cousins or uncles or aunts happily borrowed my float.

They are very comfortable, first and foremost. They're sturdy, and that's important for a 230-pound fella like myself! The leg rest folds up if you want to put your feet directly in the water, and for occasions like ours, you gotta love the cup holder. The neck rest was comfortable for both myself and my wife, who is about 8 inches shorter than me.

All in all, I highly recommend this float. It compares very well with floats that are twice the price or more!

Purchased the SportsStuff Siesta lounger for my husband and an Airhead Bimini II lounger for myself . Have taken both down a portion of the Blackwater River in the Florida panhandle three times in the last six weeks. Regular "tubers" are envious of the comfort and style of these loungers - jokingly accusing us of being "high-class tubers". The loungers are definitely much more comfortable and also easier on your back than tubes (not to mention easier to get into and out of!). After each use, we deflate them and store them inside. We learned not to delate them in the water because water rushes into the nylon cover making it heavy and difficult to empty/fold. The Siesta is larger than the Airhead Bimini II, but the quality and heavy-duty fabric and inner inflatable tubes are great for both loungers. The two pockets, three handles, and large deflation valve on the SportsStuff Siesta make it a superior product to the smaller Bimini II. Also, the price was lower for the Siesta than the Binimi II so that's an extra mark in it's favor! Would definitely recommend this product and am planning to purchase more for friends to use.

I really love this float and would give it 5 stars for the product itself. I was quite disappointed that I purchased this one at a $20.00 higher price - sold by Amazon, and one week later I chose to buy a second one - again sold by AMAZON - yet it was $20.00 week later. What gives??
I do love the product - love it even more $20.00 cheaper. It is extremely comfortable for me but I love to sit upright rather than recline so for me it is exactly what I was wanting. Love the tow straps, the foot rest, the zipper pockets on each side. The cover is comfortable and does not stick to your skin like vinyl tubes do.

I have a four-year-old Siesta Lounge that I like so much I bought a new one for my wife. It comfortably floats me and I'm over the stated weight limit. I've spent a lot of time with this pool float and I highly recommend it!

Update 4/24/17: I bought myself a new one a year ago, I like it so much. I'm a big guy and it floats me great!

Used lounge to float river. I have a bad back and found the lounge to be very comfortable and supportive to my back. We floated 3 1/2 hours and I was surprisingly not as wet as I thought I would've been (I am 155lbs if that matters) which I personnally was happy with since the water was very cold to me that day. I did not use the foot rest extended since the seated position was great and got to enjoy water with letting my legs dangle. The lounge is very durable. The product is excellent and would recommend to others. We plan on ordering 3 more since my friends that went with me got to see how comfortable it was and doesn't want to float with tubes anymore.

This is the 3rd order for this product. We love our "floaties" so much that we recommended them to friends and family...guess who got to place the order to ensure it was the "exact same" floatie.

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