Comments about Mares 3mm Neoprene Classic Sock

Mares 3mm Neoprene Classic Sock

Mares 3mm Classic Neoprene Sock No sole, double-lined neoprene. Contoured cut, glued and stitched seams.

Comments about Mares 3mm Neoprene Classic Sock
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These are used as my caving socks. In my part of the country our caves are damp to wet to you're swimming. I am quite acrobatic when it comes to avoiding water but that will get you only so far. Going in the drink with these makes life not miserable for however many hours you're down there. And I must say, they're surprisingly comfortable. They don't look like they'd be but they are. Even when I don't end up in a super soaker, they keep the toes pleasantly warm. Wish I would have made the purchase a long time ago. Also, as a womens size 5, I was happy to find something that fit. There's some room but usually I'm swimming (no pun) in smalls. Kudos to Mares for carrying the XXS size.

These, plus 5m med sole dive boots ,mean more in water time at beach in winter polar bear plunges.34В° water not a problem..probably could go below freezing and still have warm feet..

These things keep my P super warm for a long time, which helps keep my little piggies from getting cold

These are fantastic!!!! I use them as a base layer under a pair of aqua lung boots. They fit great. Contain heat and I can safely say without these my toes would have probably fallen off. Great sock

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The Mares 3 mm Classic Socks are made from a durable nylon II neoprene rubber with glued and sewn seams for strength and added durability. These socks are great for use with snorkeling fins to protect your feet against abrasion. The Mares Classic Socks can also be used under primary boots when