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Bending Branches BB Special Canoe Paddle
At home on rivers or lakes, Bending Branches' attractive Arrow wood canoe paddle delivers great performance for a reasonable price. Blade features seven laminates of basswood, butternut, and maple providing it with strength, stiffness and great looks. A comfortable palm grip is easy to hold all day
Bending Branches Sunburst ST Canoe Paddle - The Sunburst ST Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches combines years of craftsmanship, with state of the art composite technology. Designed with the canoe elite in mind from tip to grip, the all-new Sunburst is a dream to paddle. It has an ovalized T-700
FEATURES of the Bending Branches Loon Paddle Extra comfortable grip The Loon wood canoe paddle by Bending Branches is a great lightweight entry-level wood canoe paddle with clean simple lines that is ideal for recreational paddling The five laminate blade is built with basswood and maple
Bending Branches Impression Solo Wood 2-Piece Canoe Paddle - The Impression Solo Wood 2-Piece Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches is perfect for the lone canoeist wanting maximum stroking efficiency. Customers have been requesting a paddle like this for years and Bending Branches is pleased to meet
Bending Branches Cruiser Plus 11 Wood Canoe Paddle - The Cruiser Plus 11 Wood Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches is built for power and durability. Crafted of basswood and roasted basswood, the blade has a wrap of 4 oz. fiberglass to protect it for years to come, and it is fully-edged in Bending
Bending Branches Slice Solo Fiberglass 2-Piece Canoe Paddle - The Slice Solo Fiberglass 2-Piece Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches is just what the doctor ordered for all you solo canoeists out there. This sturdy paddle lets you power through headwinds without the corrective strokes of a traditional
The Java ST Straight Shaft premium canoe paddle is hand-crafted in OsceolaWisconsin by Bending Branches. It has a strong solid basswood shaft and an eye-popping “pinstriped” blade of basswood and darkroasted basswood that you have to see to believe. The blade has a 2 oz. fiberglass wrap and
Believe it, the Bending Branches Amp 2-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle is as powerful as it is beautiful. An aviation-grade carbon shaft, with its light weight and super-strength, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency, and the red alder and black willow wood rounded, angled blade moves water
The Bending Branches Expedition Plus wood canoe paddle stands up under the extreme conditions of long wilderness trips and whitewater. Paddlers who require endurance and control will love the T-Grip and Rockgard protection from tip to 6" up the shaft. A fiberglass blade wrap further protects the
Bending Branches Angler ACE+CS Telescoping Kayak Paddle