Comments about Ten Toes iSup Inflatable Standup Paddle Board bag

Ten Toes iSup Inflatable Standup Paddle Board bag
Impressively durable nylon shell prevents damage to your board and accessories
Mesh netting on top and sides for better ventilation to Dry board
Fits all of Ten toes' inflatable standup Paddle boards
Adjustable sides and shoulder straps for easy transporting and storing, torso strap for better distribution of weight
Measures about 1.5x3'

Comments about Ten Toes iSup Inflatable Standup Paddle Board bag
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Comments :
Used with our Ten Toes Weekender. Was able to check the bag on the plane with no oversized bag fee. Fits the board, accessories and even the life jacket with no issues.

Plenty of room, much bigger than my isle bag. I might buy another.

Great paddleboard. I bought it for my wife and it is our first. We love it and it is very stable and stylish.

nice size bag. well made. should do well.

Excellent product

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TheGLOBETROTTER iSUP from Ten Toes is our introductory touring board. At 12' long, it isn't our most aggressive board, but it's still a great choice for racing and long distance riding. The kayak-inspired pointed nose is perfect for displacing water with minimal resistance. Its long narrow shape is