Comments about Morey Mach Tube Rail 9TR

Morey Mach Tube Rail 9TR
PHUZION CORE: Quality high density EPS Core Coe, heat laminated ideal for entry level bodyboards
CRESCENT TAIL: Functional shape that helps lock body into position for superior control
COIL LEASE: Durable wrist leash, plug system will keep you securely connected to your board
TOP SKIN: IXL deck Is 4mm - 8LB irradiated cross link polyethylene; unique bonding properties of IXL form impenetrable seal with Core
BOTTOM SKIN: HDPE - strong high density that adds stiffness, increases speed while retaining flexibility

Comments about Morey Mach Tube Rail 9TR
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Kids used them no problem, they weigh about 70 lbs. Not sure how they would be for an adult. Costco has them for 25 bucks each.

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The Morey Mach 7 42 Bodyboard features a Dow Core high density closed cell polyethylene core, 8 Lb TC8 polyethylene top skin deck, HDPE High Density Polyethylene slick bodyboard bottom with channels, a power rod stringer that gives the board solid reinforced strength, a crescent tail bodyboard
Core: PE Core Deck: TC8 Slick: HDPE Mesh: No Stringers: Single Power Rod Stringer Channels: Yes Features: Crescent Tail, Tail piece Available in 41" 42" & 43"