Comments about SUP-Now Dog Paddleboard Traction Pad with 3M Adhesive

SUP-Now Dog Paddleboard Traction Pad with 3M Adhesive
DIAMOND GROOVE: There is a reason that paddleboards come with diamond groove traction pads. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the design helps make a great grip.
WATER RESISTANT: Nothing is worse than a soggy traction pad. Not only will it weigh down your board, but if you are using this for a dog, he/she probably will not enjoy sitting on a water logged pad.
3M ADHESIVE: This Puppy Traction Pad is built to last. Using 3M adhesive, you'll get the best stick to your board.
23" X 18": Big enough for even large dogs. You can also easily cut the pad to get the perfect fit on your board.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We only sell products that we use and love. If you are not happy, simply return the pad for a full refund.

Comments about SUP-Now Dog Paddleboard Traction Pad with 3M Adhesive
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Comments :
Product was nicer quality than I expected. I have not put it on my board yet because my dog is stupid and I really don't trust her with geese right now.

This works great for my Paddleboard to help with my 90 lb rottie having more space.

Glad I purchased this pad and could not be any happier. I really like the 4 separate strips and are able to widen or narrow as needed. It is great quality and very easy to install. Guarantee your dog will appreciate and enjoy your those paddles out there with you.

Great product for a fair price. My dog loves it!

Can't wait to take my dogs out with me рџ?Љ

Quick delivery. Nice traction pad. Easy to use.

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