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Proto Slider Wheel 110mm Black/Black
The Proto Integrattron Headset was designed for use with integrated scooter decks. Unlike standard headsets, integrated scooter headsets DO NOT require a press for installation. Integrated scooter headsets simply slide into the integrated headtube cups on the deck. Integrated decks and headsets
It’s been a long time coming but our dude Jake Sorensen has finally risen to the Pro Ranks! Thanks to the help & guidance of the OG heads over at Hella Grip, Jake has been molded into one of the most well rounded skilled riders that scootering has ever seen. For Jake’s Signature “Slumped"
The Proto Matt McKeen Lightbringer Baby SCS is a standard SCS clamp and can only be used with standard outer diameter bars. The bottom half of the Baby SCS compresses your forks and the top half compresses your bars, making it one of the most effective scooter compression systems. When using an SCS
PROTO Zack Martin "Wasted" Signature wheel. Gripper wheels are some of the fastest wheels on the market. PROTO Wheels are made in the USA and have an anodized core for durability. Featuring BUFF Core Technology to reduce dehubbing. All PROTO Scooter Wheels come with bearing removal slots for taking
Proto Gripper Wheels are 110mm scooter wheels. Scooter wheels come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100mm to 125mm. The larger the wheel, the faster it is. 100mm wheels are typically entry level wheels while 125mm are geared towards the pros who need speed for big air tricks. Gripper Wheels are
Innovative Positive Feed Shelf provides a minimal friction, gravity feed solution allowing you to achieve high rates of fire while drastically reducing paint jams. 200 Round capacity, enlarged clear spring lid for easy loading and quick paint level checks.The patent pending Proto Primo Loader is
DYE’s Proto Rize MaXXed is packed with features normally only found on high end markers. The Precision True Bore Proto 2-piece 14” barrel, proven Hyper 3 reg, DYE UL on/off airport, DYE Lockdown cam lever feed neck, newly redesigned Proto solenoid, and new Rize Fusion bolt give the
We have the manufacture factory, making productions and selling by ourselves. So we can control the quality of our productions by ourselves for you. We’d like to receive your valuable suggestions for our products and make your idea come true. 830 tie points total. 200 in 2 power rails, 630 in a
ESTES Prop Guard Glow In The Dark Proto X
U1 cover, U1 belt & 2 kinds of Yo-kai medal;DX Yo-kai watch U proto type is NOT included;This is the upgrade kit for DX YO-KAI WATCH U PROTO TYPE