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GY6 Scooter Wire Harness
Includes the wire harness! This battery consists of 2 12 volt battery packs with a rating of 5 Ah (Amp Hour)/20 HR (Hour) and is compatible with the Razor e100 & e125 Electric Scooters (versions 16+), Razor e150 Electric Scooters (version 6+), Razor e175 (version 1+), and Razor eSpark Scooters
Universal fits most brands and models 6.5" 8" or 10" hoverboard Package included: 1x Power Button and 1x Charging Port
Includes the wire ends to attach to batteries. Simply cut the old wire harness off your old Razor battery set (usually soldered on), strip the wires back about 1/2", use a plier to crimp the new terminal connectors (included) and attach to battery. Also includes rubber protectors to slide over